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Again, don't get players from the college anime club, and avoid Pathfinder Society. It's not a sexes-thing it's about anime trash.

I post a picture without anime in it so you can see that I am not anime trash

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>If it makes you feel any better, it'll be a lot faster than BC2.
That makes me feel significantly better, and yet does absolutely nothing to cool down my internal hype!

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I like staring at cute pictures when I scroll through the thread so I post pictures of Kanna, Akari, and other characters I find adorable.
Makes sense, though I imagine a dedicated enough combo could eventually shorten that time to within a ten year time period...though by the time a Jumper hits that point a reality-warping wish granting device is probably the tip of the ice berg. It's more like activating console commands when it boils down to it. Thank you Daedalus for clearing that up and thank you Anon for mentioning that.

I'll make a note of something to that effect when or if I ever update it again.

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Oh boy, more writefagging!

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Decade was fun to write at the time mostly because it felt like a shared journey on the thread after a while. It's still a big mess with a lot of things done I'd do differently today, but I've never quite made a chain that got as much momentum and investment from me and the audience as that one. Still, I don't want to just recreate it, especially since my attitude is a bit different from then. Maybe lightning can strike twice and I'll make a long chain I'm happy with sometime in the neat future? Eeeh.

I don't bother with diminishing returns just so it's less math for me, but I do tend to ignore rules or bits of jumps I don't like while also inserting limitations or 'glitches' from Jumper abusing the system too hard. There's also a bit more drama if they're trying to stealth for a reason beyond amusement or unexpected surprises, but then that having an impact boils down to how much they actually care about the setting.

One houserule I've learned to love is that even without Jumper interference, butterflies tend to flap their wings and subtly derail the plot, forcing them to pay some attention and maybe help out without the safety net of plot armor and canon going as scheduled. Also forces me the writer to actually follow a synopsis or read the damn thing. It's actually a lot of fun and I'm trying to make a Heartless-like enemy for the chain that doesn't just eternally escalate with the Jumper.

Fun is fun, after all.

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Nice quints!

As for your question, I'd say sure why not, and it's probably permanent. Of course, your chain your rules.

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>generally played paladins ever since I started playing 2e in 2004
>spent the past ten years DMing 3e and 5e when it came out, rarely playing
>one of my players tells us that he wants to fill in one of our campaign slots that just opened up
>I was DMing that campaign so can now play

What's the most fun paladin oath? I'm thinking about doing Oath of the Ancients, potentially.

Already have my backstory figured out. All that remains is to pick the Oath.

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>Don't look at me, I'm just the cat.
All those months of work were entirely worth simply because I got to read that.
>Essentially a Holy Lich like creature with golden dials forever counting behind its head for a Halo and a disjointed mask devoid of features in front for a face, containing its light. Wrists and ankles stand separate by rings of light mimicking its Halo in a state of temporal interlude; ever ready to act.
I fucking love that imagery.
>This world is on the road to ruin, and I will not allow its light to be extinguished. I will rid this world of its crutches and lead it to its true destiny. Life will flourish in this universe. Nor will light fade from it. For I am not afraid to become God to force my salvation upon it.
Many will call this edge or autism.
I call it amazing.
Why bother rewriting it when you've already done a better job than I could?
All these good builds...
This is why I make these things.
>You're the only waifu author I genuinely like, ZBG
He replies to the least waifu CYOA I've made thus far.
Nah, he's not slimy enough.
You'll understand when it comes out.
>Honestly, I would steer away from things like that.
Eh, I just thought it'd be a nice little cross over joke.

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>Adventure Time plus a Sword and Sorcery-type Jump.
I am HYPE for this to get written up.

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These are all fucking fantastic! Thanks everyone!

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Thank you for all your hard work, sempai!

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Update: Scorpio done.
Only one more girl to go.
If I can hammer out Pisces today I'll finally be able to post the very first completed CYOA I've ever done.
Wish me luck.

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>does Leo enter in the "will possibly kill in the war" set?
Yes. But she's highly susceptible to your influence and that of the battlefield. So you could argue for either camp.
I love the ways you guys are coming up with plans and strategies. Makes me glad I included the Elixirs.

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That is really cute and all, but what if she finds out?

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>[Citadel Hive ship] – 100%

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I wish whoever made this would give us the last page of >>47803447

Also, this sounds interesting and different enough than the one already in this thread! Do it!

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A 98 to bring us back.

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I don't recall any gambling. Unless you mean the whole using criminals plot point.

I love that show and plan on shamelessly stealing its plot for a cyberpunk game I plan on running for some friends.

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We did it!

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Search the body, check what he was doing on the computer.

>This on the fly art

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