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My school life has returned to mostly the same as it was. I was off from school for a short time, while the authorities investigated the town and ensured everyone that it was safe to return to their jobs.

It's really only my first week or so back, but it's like everyone can't stop talking about it. It's tiresome! I've been waiting so long to not have to talk about it, and suddenly everyone at school is busy making up new theories and stories as to what REALLY happened that day. Alien invasion is the most popular theory right now.

I'm glad it's my day off and I don't have to think about anything like that. Instead, I can spend the entire day just relaxing. Maybe I'll go watch a movie, or maybe I could-

"Masami." I hear a mildly irritated voice from the girl wearing the golden halo next to me. Lightly, she blushes.

"You're staring again." Kaori frowns, her eyes still closed.

>N-No I'm not!
>Pretend to be asleep!
>I was staring.
>M-Maybe a little.
>Grab her and cuddle!

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"I don't know." I admit to my sister, "I really don't know."

She sighs and pulls me close. "I knew you didn't, Masami."
"It's just-" I keep trying to express my conflicted thoughts, "I want to heal him, but I just don't know how."

Kaori squeezes me tighter into her chest.
"How do I heal someone like that?" I gently pull away from Kaori. "How do I get through to him? What haven't I tried yet? What needs to be done? Why won't he just leave us alone?!"

"Masami, I know it's hard."
"Mmph, it feels like it shouldn't be." I cross my arms. Kaori gently lays down next to me with her hands behind her head.

"Asai has always lived his life this way, never committing to anything. Is it any surprise that he acts this way even in the face of what could be his last days?"

"..I guess. But-"

Maybe Kaori knows something that I don't.

"Kaori, how would you heal Asai?"

Kaori thinks about this question for a few moments.
"Would 'healing him' count for 'starting over from scratch'?"
"I wouldn't think so."

Now she seems puzzled.
"T-tell me about that, anyway." I try to at least be open-minded.

"Asai's currently a monster, right? That means there's a card inside of him."

I stare at her as if I'm not sure where she's going with this.

"Like with the other monsters, get the card and just hope it becomes a sister some day."

"That would kill Asai as we know him, wouldn't it?"
"I'm not sure,."

"A-any other ideas?"

"Well, you could try turning him into a human again. He's a monster, he's in that house, he's not turning human."
"So what does that mean? What do I do?"
"It means he is missing something. Some kind of emotion, or feeling. If you can find that, maybe there is still hope for him."

>How? how do I make him feel an emotion?
>Well, thanks Kaori. I'll keep that in mind.
>Good night.
>Any other ideas? These are pretty good.
>Would someone specific have to make him feel that emotion?
>Would another card work on fulfilling that?

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Kaori shifts around in my arms several times, each time she grumbles.
I can tell she's not sleeping very easily. Well, she IS asleep right now. So I guess she's trying to get to double-sleep? I'm not sure.
"Hey." I run my hand through her hair, "Don't force yourself to sleep, we can just talk if you want."

She grumbles, before rolling over.
"Okay, what do you want to talk about?"
"About what's bothering you so much. You usually don't have any problems sleeping. I've seen you fall asleep standing up before."
"H-hey! When did you see that?!"

I sigh, "My point is, something is really bothering you and I want to know what it is."
"I'm just.. upset, is all."

"Is this about earlier?"
"Maybe a little.."

I hug her a little tigher, hugs solve everything.
"Kaori, we came back, we got Aiko, what is wrong?"
"It's not just that, Masami. It's going away somewhere dangerous, it's the uncertainty of not being able to find you. I was really, really worried; and you just pretended like nothing happened when you got back."

She tugs on my shirt, "That makes me really upset, you know. Everything with Fortune isn't helping, either."

"I know, I'm worried about it too."

Kaori sits up, "I thought you said that you were certain this was going to work!"

>"That's just what I was telling myself."
>"N-no, it will totally work!"
>"That was a lie to make Aiko feel better."
>"I don't know. The whole thing seems kinda silly."

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"Well, to start. Let's not do anything that might be too much. You know. I don't want to strain you."

That's what I'm going to say. I'm not going to tell her that I'm afraid of jumping out of my own skin like the first time she 'showed' me her powers.

"I think that's a good idea." Julie smiles.

She stands up, and slowly starts to focus.
A blue aura, the same aura I've always known Julie for, sprays from her fingertips. It envelopes the papers and starts flipping through them rapidly.

"That's great, Julie!" I smile.
"It's not much but-"
"No! Really. That's more than enough."

"But I didn't even get to show you all my powers."
"Well, um, okay."

Why do I feel myself trembling slightly?

Gently, Julie reaches for her glass of water and taps it. Then she moves her hand away.
The cup of water, it's starting to float off the table.
"T-that's great too!" I clap my hands together, "I don't see why you think these powers are scary!"
"I'm not done yet."

Now is the part that I really didn't want her to do.
She reaches up to her face, and with a gentle tug, pulls her entire face off.

Then, oh this is the part I haven't seen before. She puts it inside of the water.
Her face is in the water now. It's looking back at me.
"S-so, what do you think?"

Oh no, the sound came from the water.
My hands instinctively clamp over my mouth to keep from screaming. She fishes her face out of the water.
"I knew you would hate it."

"I don't hate it!" I exclaim, "It's just... surprising that's all."

She frowns, "I found that I could do the same with my whole head. What kind of power is that, who would want to remove their head?"
I grab her hand, "Julie, let's talk to Mom about this in the morning. Will you?"

Julie hesitates, but softly squeaks, "Yes. We'll do that."

We head down the hallway and turn off the lights. Inside, our sisters are already fast asleep.

Also, Kaori has torn off all of her clothes. We'll need to talk to Mom about that, too.

>Thread End

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Thanks to everyone who participated today!

Let me know what you thought.

I'm really tired. I hope I can get some good sleep soon.

Questions welcome before I go to bed

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We spend another hour or so training. With some concentration and luck, I'm almost able to combine the powers of two cards at will!
Almost, it doesn't seem to work reliably. The shadowy card I have seems to be most suited for it, but some of the other cards seem to work together under some kind of strange logic.
Like the jump card and the fly card, they seem to work together. So does Julie and Belle, I can get Belle's armor with Julie's sword.
I wonder why it works that way?

For some reason, Mom only comes back just as we're finishing up our training. I wonder what she spent so much time doing?

All of us decide to sleep at the school so we're ready for the morning. We don't get much rest, but it's more than enough to face the looming threat before us.
But before I fall asleep, there's something I feel I need to do.

"Kaori? Are you awake?"
"mm, Masami, I'm having problems sleeping."

She's not the only one, I can practically feel the butterflies trying to escape from my stomach.

I scoot a little closer to her and grab a hold of her hand. Gently, I pull her into a hug.
"Thanks for being such a good big sis."
"I'm not that good. I'm the reason you're tangled in this mess."

That's true, but- um.
"But no matter what happens Kaori, you're still my big sister. I love you."
"..That sounds so weird." She whispers while scooting a bit further away from me.
"What does?"

"It's just.. I couldn't ever picture you saying that to me a week ago. How did you get so comfortable with it so quickly?"
That's a good question, BUT!
"I guess it's just something I've always wanted." I grab her into another hug again while she's not expecting it.
"..Thanks.. I love you too, Sister."

With that, we both drift off to sleep together.


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