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"No, no, stop. You'll be with me the whole time. When I leave, you're leaving with me. Okay? It will only be for a few minutes."
She glares at me, worry combined with fear.

"You promise?"
"Pinky promise!"

The clown-girl doesn't seem convinced.

I'm starting to lose my patience with her.
"What happened in there that bothered you so much, anyway?!"
"I don't know what you mean." She runs a towel through her hair.
"I left you alone one moment, and you were fine! You were taunting me even! Then thirty minutes later, you were in tears like you were abandoned. What happened in those thirty minutes?

"I just-" She stops.
Then her eyes seem to scan the room-sized shower you two are in.
"I just don't like very big spaces. It's why I like the garbage box. It's small, and I feel safe there."

"Do you just, not feel safe anywhere else?"

That's depressing.
I reach over and give her a hug, and she squirms against my grip like I'm violently assaulting her.
"What are you doing?!"
"This is called a hug."
"And why are you doing it to me?"

That's even more depressing!
"Stop saying depressing things."
"I don't know what that means, let go."

I let go of her, but maintain eye contact.
"Listen, I know you were probably treated poorly, but I'm going to help you with that."
"I don't want help."
"No, but I want to help you. Let's go talk to the first source of your problems, and maybe you can get whats on your mind off." You extend your hand to her.

She reluctantly takes your hand. You lead her outside to find Mom sitting on a bench. She agrees that the clown-girl's stench is much more managable at this point.

With a sigh of relief, she also takes your hand. With a quick thought, you're off to visit the evil man in the card.


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How does this thing work!?

It doesn't slide up, it doesn't fold outward, it doesn't pull off.
What is this, anyway!?
It doesn't cover my whole face.

"Come ooon! Give me some kind of hint! How do I get this off!?"
"Err. Good question."

What does he mean by that!?
"Woow!" I hear a new voice. "That looks really cute on you, Masami!"
"Yeah! How did you do that? Is that a new card?" A second voice.

"Kaori! Maeda! Help get this thing off me! I can't see!"
"You want to take it off? But it looks so good on you."

Suddenly, I feel a light tugging on my sleeve.
"Besides, this coat looks so good on you!"
"With this dress, too! Did you make this?" I feel some tugging on something that I'm wearing.


"Wait! Look! She's wearing the bracelet."
"Ooh? What does that do?"
"It gave me a cute dress, too. But hers is pretty good!" Maeda happily nudges the device on my arm.

Wait! I think I figured it out, the mask lifts upward. I was trying to pull it off my face the whole time. Slowly, it rises.

"See? This suit is wonderful!"

I'm wearing a coat, a finely-made shirt, and a dress around my waist. I'm also wearings shorts, too? What are these, bicycle shorts? Also there's a mask on my face.

What is this?

"Get it offa me."
"But it's cute!"

The monster stands up to try and take the bracelet off, but I nudge him when he gets around to my side.
Woh, he's like paper. It's almost as if he weighs nothing at all.

"Hold on."
Ryouta tugs at my wrist, and the whole suit disappears. I'm back in my school uniform.

"So, what did you think?" Ryouta asks nervously.
"I liked it!" Kaori claps her hands together.

>Okay, enjoy playing dress-up. I need to think of a way to fight Asai.
>Can I see yours, Maeda?
>How about you, Kaori?
>How many of these can we make? How strong are they?

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"Mom! I'm sorry!"
Immediately I run over to her and hug her.
Why is it that everything I say is the wrong thing to say?

Mom gently tries to push me away, before accepting it.
"Masami, don't be sorry. I've long since moved on."
You're a terrible liar, Mom.

"I just don't want Kaori to make the same mistake I did."

That's a really huge leap of logic to make, Mom.
"Mooom, she's not going to hurt her father. I think you're overreacting."
"I'm.. not really worried about her. I'm worried about him."

"You mean Dad?"

The monster, pacing around the room, turns to me.
"Masami, I think it's time to go."
"Right!" I say as I spring to my feet. He walks out the door as I follow closely behind.
But before I do, I turn to Mom.

"..What are you going to do, Mom?"
".. I need to make a few calls. I'll try to catch up later. Please take care of yourself, Masami."

With that, I hop out the door. Letting my newly minted flight card take over, I take to the sky.


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