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Short enough so my Half-Orc can clock in them in the face. Fuck elves.

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Hey. I'm a complete newbie and don't really follow message/image boards, but for a little while a couple of years ago there were these threads where people in this board played a game where you controlled a clan of people in medieval times, and there were gods in a complicated mythology and dinosaurs. I can't even find out the name of the game, much less the log of the threads (if it exists). I'm old, if that's an excuse.

I can't tell why or how I got into it, since I'd never even played the game, but I followed through most of it and sadly couldn't be there at the very end.

So that's that, I'd like to know if is there any place where I can find the logs for those threads? I remember the logs were posted with every new thread, I'm just not sure if they persist to date.

Can you help me find the logs for the game of medieval clansmen with dinosaurs and angry gods?

The image is obligatory so I just picked up the first one I had

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>Once Upon a Time... Life
Muh childhood ; _ ;

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