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[x] Send all three in. You don't need any help up here and that way everyone in there has a better chance of survival.

"Ok, here's the plan then." You state, thinking about the options. "I want all three of you going in. We don't have too much time, you've got to move fast. But I won't kill it till you're all clear, understood?"

"Of course, my love." Konstantina responds. "Our mission is to disable the shields?"

"And recover the witches inside if at all possible." You add.

"Hmm. My butcher is being kind to our lessers. This is an unknown side of you, my darling." She says, sounding contemplative. "I am unsure if I like it. However, we will do this. Perhaps it will change my mind."

"Ok." You order. "Form up behind me, I'll punch a hole in it, then you'll go in from there, clear?"

"Understood." Konstantina responds.

"Here's the only areas I think are safe to hit, Frank." Merlin says, shooting you a block of data that rapidly transforms itself to three target markers on the sheild itself. "The rearmost one is probably the safest to hit and insert from, but it will take them the longest. The center one should be the closest to the witches, I think, but you'll have to be really careful with the shot. The one on the front will also knock out the turret up there, but that could cause the ammunition under it to cook off."

[] Breech the aft end of the Sheild. It's the safest bet.
[] Breech the middle- time is an issue.
[] Breech the forward compartments, under the guns. The risk is worth it.

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[x] We'll go with Rachel, I haven't seen Merlin in a while.

"I think we'll go along with Rachel." You say, after a second. "We haven't seen Merlin in a while, and maybe we'll be able to get some flight time."

She nods. "Well, we won't be leaving for a little while yet, but we'll see you when you get back."

You nod, watching as the girls put on their shoes and stand up, their candy bars deposited back in their room for safekeeping. "Ready to go?" You ask, and they both nod, following you and Slider out into the drive, where your vehicle waits- in this case, a sedan the house keeps on hand for residents. You slip into the driver's seat before Rachel can and head out, putting effort into driving on the correct side of the road- be damned stupid to die in a car wreck after all you've gotten through.

About an hour later you pull up to the gate at RAF Northolt, showing your IDs at the gate and being waived through by the British MP on duty there with a smart salute.

Slider has to point you towards the building housing most of the rest of the squadron, where a corporal on duty salutes when you show him your ID. "VF three?" He asks. "Oh, US Navy. Right, sorry sir. Most of them signed out already, I think."

"Where to?" Rachel asks.

He shrugs. "Nonspecific pass, ma'am, they could be anywhere in London."

"Hmm. What about lieutenant senior grade Samantha Wells?" she says. "She'd said something about coming here-"

"Off in hangar six, ma'am." He says, checking through his logs. "She's with a- ah. Uh, sho... sa? Sakamoto."

"Sounds about right." Rachel says, looking over at you. "Frank, if you just wanna go catch up with them, I've got to stop by the admin center and see if there's any update to our orders, then I'll come over."

[] Sounds like a plan, we'll meet you there.
[] We'll just stick with you for now, I think.

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[x] Well, I mean, it's obvious, I'll have to take responsibility.

You shrug. "I mean, it's pretty obvious to me, I'll take responsibility."

Slider gives you that look again. "Duh, we knew that already." She says. "Not like you'd have gotten away anyway. We mean what do we plan to do about, you know, living arrangements."

Katya nods. "I am sure the coven will be more than happy to be providing something." She says. "But it is also meaning we are in their debt, at least for a time."

"It's not like we're in bad shape with money." Ice points out. "Especially right now, we've got money if we want get a place somewhere, maybe out in the country some?"

"Too early to be talking about that anyway." Slider points out. "What we need to be worried about is what if we're not sent home soon, and you've gotta head back to the states inactive before we go home, what we're going to do with the girls, especially Anya, and how we want to announce this."

"Announce it?" You ask.

Ice nods. "The covens like to be notified about things like this." She says. "Weddings, pregnancies, that kind of thing. It's not like we have to, but it's considered being polite."

"Announcing your personal affairs is polite?" You ask.

"Sure, when you're tracked like we are." Slider says. "I mean, we're not treated like livestock, but-"

"But the covens can be intrusive if they want to be." Ice says, speaking over Slider. You get the feeling it's a conversation they've had before. "It's usually not a big deal, but..."

"But you're the last Romanov, and I'm... me." You say, searching for the right word to describe yourself.

She nods. "Exactly. The coven doesn't know about the Romanov part-"

"Yet." Slider interjects. Ice nods again.


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[x] ..... but?

You stand there for a minute, expecting her to finish the sentence.

Eventually, you decide she's not going to without some prompting. "But?" You ask.

"Well, I-" She looks around again. "That is, I mean, I'm not really a servant a-and I shouldn't be using the room- "

You laugh. "Is that what you're worried about?"

"If anyone found out-" She says.

You laugh again. "If anyone says anything we'll take care of it. Don't worry about that kind of thing, Wendy. We'll handle it if it comes up, ok? You're always welcome to stay with us." You pause. "Well, at least with me. Ok?"

She nods, looking a little more at ease.

You yawn again. "Ok, I'm going to bed. You're welcome to stay, but-"

She shakes her head. "No, I won't bother you anymore. Thank you for everything though. It's..." She hesitates. "It's nice to have met people like you and miss Tabitha."

You smile. "We're glad to have met you too. Now go get some sleep, ok?"

She nods, closing the door as she heads down the hall.

You poke your head into the girl's bedroom to find them both sleeping already, Stasya clutching a poncho liner that, you assume, is yours, while Lilya's got her arms wrapped around her pillow, her head resting straight on the mattress.


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> How do you want to explain this one?

You struggle with a lot of explanations you could give her, but finally settle on the simplest- and truest- of them.

"Because they appreciate what we're doing for them as members of the armed forces." You say. "And a lot of people consider me a hero."

Stasya doesn't answer, instead, you think, just looking at everyone all of them on their feet. You can't do much more than wave, Rachel graciously letting you have your hand back to do so. You shake a few hands after Stasya gets off her perch, and Slider takes the seat to their side, leaving a spot empty for you. Across the table, perhaps by design, is the same guy in biker leathers that originally stood up. You assume the older-looking heavyset woman next to him is his old lady. You nod to them without sitting down.

You don't sit just yet, instead walking behind Rachel and putting your hands on her shoulders. She brings one hand across her chest to put on top of your right hand as you lean forward. "I'll go get Anya." you say. "Keep an eye on the girls?"

"I can go get her, if you want." she says. "Maybe let you sit and chat a bit? People are gonna wanna talk to you more than me."

[] Good point, go ahead.
[] Nah, sit, eat. I'll only be a minute.

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[x] You're right. We'll go check in and then come back after we've had a chance to try to eat.

You nod. "Yeah, you're right. We'll go check in then come back after we've had a chance to try and eat."

"That's probably the best idea." Dr. Reed says. "Look, if anything happens and we need you here, we'll be able to get hold of you quickly enough. But," She continues, thinking for a second "That's unlikely. Once her soviet implants are out, it should be a simple matter to kill the infection and heal her up. And we know what we're dealing with, thanks to your daughters, so getting the implant out should be a cinch."

"I'm noticing a lot of should bes and probablies." You observe drily.

She shrugs. "Nothing is certain, especially in medicine. Now, I really need to go. Come back in a couple hours, the desk will let you in."

She turns and sweeps into the operating room without another word, leaving you standing there with Rachel and the girls suddenly.

"C'mon girls. Grab your dad and let's go see about a place to sleep and some food." She says, prompting Stasya to slip her hand into yours while Rachel hoists Lilya to her perch on your shoulders.

You're on the way out the front when Slider freezes at the sound of a woman's voice.

"Rachel?" She asks. "Rachel, is that you?"

You both turn to find a middle-aged woman, accompanied by a younger kid in a cast and a middle-aged looking man approaching. "Rachel! It is you! Oh, my baby!" The woman exclaims, dropping her over-large purse and running up to embrace the witch.

"Hi, mom." Slider says after a second, returning the hug.

You nod to the man, who you assume is Slider's dad.

[] We'll wait outside and let you catch up with your family, Slider.
[] I'd always wondered what your folks would be like.

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[x] We'll head to Torun. We'll be fine.

“We'll head for Torun.” You say, turning the fighter onto the correct heading for home. “We'll be fine.”

“I'll try to get some of the systems to reboot.” Merlin says. “But the damage is pretty bad.”

The airspace is a mess- as you pass by Minsk, you can see all the aircraft trying to land, practically lining up on approach. Of course, with radios out, you can't contact them- or anyone else- but you're glad to see that there's still plenty of people left up here.

Still, the trip back is nerve-wracking. Merlin never really does get anything but the short range sensors to reboot- the radar is probably physically fired, though your LADAR comes back up after about ten minutes. Datalink is down, of course, and without it, your comprehensive picture of the airspace. The entire way back your shoulderblades itch, expecting a missile or a dreadnaught maser beam.

When Torun finally crawls into sight, you can't see any other aircraft around it, though that doesn't mean much. You line up almost by memory, for once glad when your wheels kiss pavement.

You don't taxi all the way into the hangar, instead stopping on the apron- where Wendy stands, looking at your fighter.

Merlin goes through an abbreviated shutdown checklist, while Wendy walks over and helps with the nose ladder. Finally, you unplug from VDNI, suddenly noticing the world's a lot more.. dull, for some reason, though it seems less fuzzy around the edges.

“Sir Bishop.” Wendy greets you with a hug, one you return wearily. “We weren't sure-”

“Close, but not quite.” You say with a tired smile. “Does everyone know I'm down yet?”

She nods, helping Merlin down from the fighter. “I notified them myself.” She says, pointing to the hangar phone. “You are to go straight to the house, and if you argue with me, I am to make sure you go straight there by any means at my disposal.” She says the last with a grin


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[x] I guess the girls and myself will go talk with everyone, see if anyone's got any problems with the arrangement.

“I was thinking the girls and me would go talk to everyone and see if anyone's got any problems with... this.” You say, helping Lilya load her plate up, then doing the same for Stasya.

“They better not.” Slider says. “Considering half of them suggested it.”

“Really?” You ask, pouring a glass of the juice- orange, but it's from the crappy concentrate, not the good stuff you're used to.

She nods. “Yeah, Patty most of all of them. She doesn't approve, I want you to tell me.”

“Wouldn't it be easier to just, like, feed her to the sharks or something?” You ask.

“The twins, or real sharks?” Tabby says- the first you can really remember her joining in on the banter.

“Real sharks.” You say.

Slider nods. “Probably, but I wouldn't like it as much.”

You nod. “Sure. How about you?”

“Office. Just about have the paperwork caught up.” Ice says. “Slider and Katya said they were going to handle some shopping for our room.”

“Our room?” You ask.

“All of ours.” Ice says, nodding. “I guess you can move in full time if you want, since you'll probably be there all the time.”

You laugh- then stop when you realize she meant that. “Yeah, I guess I could. What about Merlin?”


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[x] Let the girls know, the sooner we tell them the better.

“We should probably let the girls know.” You say, your senses slowly returning to you- you're not married, not yet, you think, but it's still a bit overwhelming. Especially considering it's already becoming kind of clear that you're not in charge, here.

Which, honestly, is kind of terrifying.

Katya nods, though she tugs you into a deep, prolonged kiss. “That,” She says, finally letting go, “I have been waiting for.”

“You're better at that than we are.” Ice says. “And you'll have to share.”

“As I have said, there is, how it is said. Plenty of me to go around.” Katya says, with a grin.

“You hope.” you say, grinning over at her. “So who's coming with?”

“Coming with?” Ice says. “haha, fat chance, mister. We do still have things to do-”

“No we do not.” Katya says. “But I think Rachel should accompany him to fetch Stasya and Lilya. They are liking her the most, she has spent the most time with them.”

Slider shrugs. “I don't mind kids. Sure, I'll go along.”

“And you will be of holding hands.” Katya says, her voice making it clear it's kind of an order. A half-order, anyway. Slider blushes a little. “This is part of many benefits. Perhaps Frank will be showing you more later this evening?” The blush gets a shade or two deeper. “Or perhaps I will, if he will not.”

Slider just nods, standing up from her spot on the chair near Ice's desk. “Wanna go?” She holds out a hand to help you off the futon.

“Yeah, let's get out of here. Ice will have to fend for herself.” You say, taking the offered hand- and getting shoved into Slider from behind by Katya.


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[x] "Honestly, I think they just want a family and we're the closest they've gotten to it." (Modified)

You shrug. "Honestly, I think they just want a family." You say, noting how the colonel grins at Ice- and how Ice blushes hard enough you figure you could get a sidewinder lock on her. "I mean, you've seen how close they are with me and Merlin, or how they follow Wendy around when they're not with one of us-"

"How's that going, by the way?" Colonel Wilkins asks. "Her service jacket from the RAF wasn't that impressive."

You snort. "The RAF was shortchanging her because she's a Maloney. She's got her shit together, colonel. Hung with me against a pair of headhunter teams all the way. Burnt up a pair of strikers doing it. I'll fly with her any day."

"I'd wondered if that had anything to do with it." Colonel Wilkins says, nodding. She looks back over at Ice- who's only just starting to recover- then back at you. "So is there anything we should know about them? From you, I mean, we know all the stuff the CIA could dig up."

You nod. "Yeah. Be careful with your rank around them."

"I'm sorry?" She says.

You shrug. "They don't react well to the phrase 'the colonel' or anything like that. I'm not sure how they'd handle a direct introduction, you know, but apparently the guy in charge of their program was a real piece of work."

"So, what?" Colonel Wilkins asks. "Just don't refer to anyone as the colonel around them?"

You nod. "That might be for the best, at least until we can get them to understand not all colonels are completely evil and out to make them suffer." You say the last part with a grin.


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[x] Give her an hour or so, she'll be ok. You have anything for us, or should we go bother the rest of the unit?

You chuckle. “Give her an hour or so, she'll be ok.”

“Duh. You're saying that like I haven't known her almost twice as long as you.” Slider says.

You laugh. “So do you have anything for us, or should we go bother the rest of the unit?” You ask.

She shakes her head. “Nothing right now, we'll get you up to speed before ops tomorrow.”

You nod. “Sounds like a winner. Nothing I need to know in case of a scramble?”

“Nah, nothing we can't brief in the air.” She responds. “Here, hold up, I wanna come along for this. Besides, she's going to need some recovery time. The poor girl. You have to be more gentle, Frank.”

The girls both look at you like you're crazy when you laugh at that.

Lilya gets to ride this time, while Stasya keeps you between Slider and herself- probably on purpose, but she's less blatant about it than she used to be, at least a little.

“So what made you decide to adopt them?” Slider asks. “I mean, I don't wanna dig, but we're both curious.”

“We both?” You ask. “How'd you get that from her turning purple and being stricken suddenly mute?”

“Do I have to keep reminding you how long I've known Ice, asshat?” She responds. “I mean, you don't haveta answer if you don't want to, I guess, but she's gonna ask later, ya know?”

[] We can talk about it later.
[] Write in!

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[x] Yes, you have to. Go shower, we'll be out here when you finish.

“Yes.” You command, though gently. At least, you hope it's gently. “Go shower, I'll be here when you get out, so will Samantha. Ok?”

They hesitate, but eventually slide off the bed, with Lilya showering in your bathroom and Stasya using the one in their room. They both hurry, taking pretty short showers, all told. They're back out before you even get up to get your own hygiene kit, and they both look at you when they see you digging in your bag for your sweatpants and a t-shirt to wear to bed.

“Just looking for my pajamas.” you say, holding them up for the girls to see- they simply re-occupy your bed and watch you as you step into the bathroom.

You don't take long in the shower, just being sure to shave before you get done. You step out to find the TV still off, the two of them having occupied your bed pretty quickly.

“Girls.” You say, upon seeing this. They both look at you. “You can't sleep in my bed.”

“Why not?” Staysa asks.

“It's not-” You cut yourself off- you don't need the headache of trying to explain it all to them. “Nevermind. I'll sleep in the other room.”

They look at each other, then at you. “Why?” Stasya asks.

“Because you're in my bed?” You say, though that doesn't help the looks of confusion on their faces. “Don't worry about it, ok? Go to sleep, I'll see you in the morning.”


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Okay, post things that you'd do to undeniable best girl, Slider.

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[x] Continue on course, drop the witches. We'll want them up for a missile defense.

“Alright boss, time to earn your combat pay.” You warn, selecting weapons group 3- labeled on your MFD as POD and hitting the release.

You can't see Ice drop, but you watch Slider's pod as it's kicked free of the twin's jet a second later. The sleek shape drops into the slipsteream and bites, orienting down before it splits into quarters, the shell peeling away. Slider rolls her head around and re-orients herself, her striker's wings rotating forward and down into their flight position as their jets cycle up. She turns the free dive into a zoom climb, rocketing up above you before settling back down above the jetliner's cockpit. Ice joins her a second later.

“Flashy.” You remark, somewhat drily.

“Do you know how boring that was with these two up there trying to out-lewd the other?” Slider asks. “Next time Ice rides with them.”

“But Slidey!”

“And I swear to god next time you call me that I will kill you and do unspeakable things to your corpse.” She warns.

“The migs behind us just went active.” Merlin warns. “They're tracking the liner, they've issued warnings.”

“My American friend, we appear to have guests.” Captain Pajari warns, less than a second later. “They have demanded we reduce speed and turn around. I am telling them we are having major mechanical issues, but I do not think they will believe me long.”

His worry is borne out a second later. “Missiles!” Merlin warns. “The lead aircraft has launched a pair of them!”

“I've got them.” Slider says, sounding almost bored. “You wanna deal with the rest of those guys?”

[] I want them in closer, Slider. Not yet.
[] We've got them. You just take care of the Jumbo.

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[x] Nah, You and Slider sound like the backup we want.

You shake your head. “No, You and slider sound fine.” You say, holding up a warning finger at the twins. “We'll load AMRAAMS in the dorsal bays, and take agiles in the nacelle bays, that should work out ok. Can we double it?”

Merlin nods. “W-well, kind of. We have four sets f-for the small bays.” She says. “S-so we can double all of the missiles w-we're carrying, or we can let the t-twins carry a pair and double up some of theirs.”

“Alright, that's fine, how about fuel?” You ask, planning to sort that out later.

“We'll be ok on internal tanks for crete provided we don't have to use the blowers too much.” Clarissa says. “I just did the math. We'll be light, but we'll be fine.”

“As long as we can make the med, we can always tank off of them.” Alyssa points out. “I'm sure they'll send up an intruder or something if we need one. They might even launch to help us out over Turkey, but that'll just be their fighters, maybe a witch or two.”

Clarissa nods. “Yeah, Mar's down there, I'm sure she'll love to come see us and rub in our faces how she had to bail us out.”

“Mar's just jealous she's not here.” Alyssa says. “Good thing for Frank, too.”

“H-how do we want to divide the holding equipment?” Merlin asks, keeping the subject on the mission. “A-and who is riding with who?”

[] Double AMRAAMS, both you and the twins will carry a set.
[] Double AGILES, both you and the twins will carry a set.
[] Put them all on our plane.
[] Put them all on their plane.


[] Slider rides with us
[]Ice rides with us

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[x] I need to talk with Ice first, sorry Merlin.

You shake your head. “I need to talk with Ice first, sorry Merlin.”

She nods. “It's O-ok. We'll probably be h-here if you need me though.”

“Sounds good.” You say, standing up and heading back upstairs to actually put on clothes- you suspect showing up to Ice's office in a robe and your skivvies would be frowned upon, regardless of the dress code of your squadronmates.

So dressed, you head over to the Admin building, noting the changes around the base. With the shift of the Polish and German units here to another base, their air defense troops have similarly left, and the US Army has stepped in to fill the gap. A partiot battery has taken up residence nearby, and a pair of towed 20mm vulcans are parked in sandbagged emplacements near the admin compound, their crews lounging against them.

You nod to them as you walk in the building, tracing the steps inside to Ice's office.

The outer office, where her borrowed secretaries used to sit, is now occupied by a lone Airman, sitting behind the desk and apparently trying to make sense of the old filing system. “Mornin, sir.” He says.

“Morning.” you respond. “You get assigned to us?”

He nods. “Temporary thing, I guess you're supposed to be getting office staff of your own soon.” He says. “The commander's out right now, though, if you need to see her.”

“I did.” You say, “but it's not major. Yet. Any idea where she is?”

He shakes his head. “No sir, but Lieutenant commander Kerner's in her office, if you wanna ask her.”

[] yeah, I'll do that. Thanks.
[] Ah, she's probably down on the flightline, I'll go look for her there.
[] It's not that major, I'll come back later. (What would you rather do instead? Write-in.)

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Could you do Slider from SW89? Her trying to get away from the MC's giant pet dog if possible.

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[x] Hell no. Now I'm interested, let's see what this girl can do.

“Hell no.” You respond, looking around and finding Natalya again- she's coming around two other mountains to try and cut you off. Shame for her you won't be there. “Now I'm interested, let's see what this girl can do.”

Merlin, for her part, doesn't respond. Hard to tell sometimes if she approves or not, but even if she doesn't you're pretty sure she won't complain.

Natalya comes around the mountain, clearly expecting to be abeam of you and in good firing position- instead, she's almost dead ahead of you and in immediate danger of running afoul of your cannons. Hit the trigger as she changes direction in an almost perfect nintey degree angle straight up, rocketing out of your gunsight and into the clear air over the mountains.

You've seen witches pull stunts like that before- kind of, though her change of direction was a lot more sudden and pronounced than you're used to. Witches being ultramanuverable isn't new, but you're wondering if this girl is going to put a new definition to it.

You pull the fighter into a climb behind her- only to watch her jerk to the side, like a puppet being yanked on it's string. She's still climbing, though you can't work around to get a shot, and plow into a cloud bank a second later. She stands out clear as day on Merlin's sensors though, the magic she's pumping out lighting her up like a flare to the suite.

Breaking into the clear amongst the towering columns of clouds, You catch Natalya looping around one- she doesn't know you can track her.

[] Ok, I've seen enough. Let's call it here.
[] Ice will just have to deal. See how the matrons like this one!

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[x] Any ideas where either of them are?

“Any ideas where either of them are?” You ask, standing up. Merlin, you notice, stands up too.

“Well, powers likes to lurk around the bath, so you could check there. Slider-”

“Hey, wasn't she right here?” You ask, looking around.

“She slithered off when the matrons walked out. Go check the kitchen.”

“Ah-ha, is that a snake joke? You showing a sense of humor?” You ask, grinning.

Ice, for her part, manages to maintain a dead stare. “I have no idea what you're talking about.” She says. “And the sooner you scare them up, the better. Ten days is a lot of time, but we're heading straight to the hottest part of this whole war, and I'd like for us to not go in as blind as we are.”

You nod again. “Good as done, boss.”

“And keep Samantha with you!” She says, as you open the door to walk out. “At least that way we're still following the letter of the rules about having a witch with you at all times.”

“Aye, boss. Anything else? Should I skip all the way around the castle?” You ask.

“Actually, yes. That sounds good. Ancient witch tradition or something-” She says, then laughs and shakes her head. “What? You make jokes about my sense of humor, then I show some and you look at me like I've lost my mind.”

“Riiiiight. Back in a bit.” You say, stepping out.

Merlin, looks up at you as the door closes. “Where should we start, Frank?”

[] Let's get Powers first. I have a feeling if she is by the baths, she's gonna get in trouble.
[] Kitchen. If Slider's down there, it's payback for the chicken last night.

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This'll be the last update on this thread, we'll be moving to a second after this!


[x] It'd have to be another witch, and she'd have to be damn amazing to fill Merlin's shoes.

You shrug, careful to keep your voice low enough Merlin doesn't overhear. “If she decided to go back to the states- and I honestly don't think she would, but if she did,” You say, half turning. “Then they'd have to find another witch like her to replace her.”

Ice laughs, bitterness evident in it. “That simple, huh?” She says. “Frank, we don't even know what Merlin's like, and she's right here. Finding another like her? Forget it.”

“I don't know, Boss. I really don't.” You say. “Merlin's pretty damn amazing, honestly. Katya's good in her own right, and you saw what happened in California anyway.”

“What if-” Ice says, then pauses. “What if we tried talking to Merlin. About what she does.”

“Isn't that what they're doing?” You ask.

Ice shakes her head. “No. well, yes.” She says, after a second. “But I mean, how she does it. How she's able to work with you like she does.”

You frown. “But they're already doing that-”

She shakes her head again. “They're not. Frank, that's the thing. They're convinced it's almost all her, it's just luck of the draw that put a male talent in with her. She says it's all you. Slider and I think it's a combination. We've been working with Rosalie on the theory.”

“So you'd talk to Merlin about being a RIO for me?” You ask.

She nods. “If she went back to the states, one of us would have to. I think Slider would hate it, but it would depend on how much of a... uh. A connection she'd need with you to do it. Merlin practically worships you, so...”

1/3 (might be 4, not sure)

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[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

“Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do,” You say, holding up a finger when she nods- “What's this about Me and Merlin, now?”

Slider runs a hand back through her hair and shits down with a weak tumf in the chair behind the desk, and motions for you to sit, too. “Alright, look. Way it was explained to me is like this.” She starts, leaning forward and sitting a juice box- one of those nasty 'energy drinks' the witches use in the air- on the table.

“This is you, ok?” She says, then pauses. “Well, hang on.” She stabs the little plastic straw into the box, then nods. “Ok, now it's you.” She grins when you cock an eyebrow at her.

“So we're taught that all people, have this kind of energy inside them.” She continues. “not everyone can use it, those of us that can are witches. Well, and whatever you want to call male talents, since there's no one standard. Gnome sounds stupid to me.”

You nod, following.

“Ok, so. This is, according to a lot of matrons who've spent a lot longer than me studying the shit, important. This energy is bound to our life somehow, in that it's inexhaustable. Typically a witch who runs out is just so tired she can't function, right? Takes a little while, lot of sleep and chow to get better, but no big deal. Happens to all of us, hell, we're forced to our limit at the academy just so we know where it is.” She flicks the box with her forefinger. “If they were our box, here, you could take like, a drink or two, then nothing, but it'd all come back over time. No problem, right?”

“Ok...” You say, nodding.


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[x] “You saw us, Ice. Did it ever look, for just a second, like they had anything like a chance in hell?”

“You saw us, Ice.” You say, maybe a touch more forcefully than you mean. “Did it ever look, even for just a second, like they had anything like a chance in hell?”

“Frank, we couldn't see- you were evading masers, gunfire, and missiles by inches, if that. We all thought you were getting shot apart.” She says. “That you came through it without a scratch-”

“Is down to Merlin and I making a pretty damn good team and being aware of what we were doing.” You respond. “Not to mention the rest of you keeping the rest of them away from us. It's no fluke, Ice. We know what we can do.”

“I'm still singing off on these.” She says, indicating the papers after a short silence. “We'll work out the specifics later.”

You shrug. “If you want to. I think the credit for Berlin belongs to Jean-luc and his tankers, though.”

“Funny, he said almost the same thing you did.” She responds. “Rosalie tells me he's stated repeatedly he knew his tanks and crews could do what he was asking, no problem, but without you, they'd have been slaughtered by those dreadnaughts.”


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Muh tovarishch

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[x] Well, it was no Berlin, but she wasn't that easy to handle.

You frown, having not thought about it before. You don't really think about it, usually, you just do it- like Ice said, it's instinctual, not conscious. “Well, it was no Berlin, but she wasn't that easy to handle.” You say, still frowning, trying to put it into words that make sense. “Maybe about as hard as I was over Tanana, maybe a bit more? It's hard for me to say, really.”

Ice pauses at the mention of Tanana, but nods. “So, not the hardest you've ever tried, but you did have to try?”

You nod with a shrug. “I guess so? She's one of the best I've run into, but she's still not on par with dreadnaughts and a cloud of fighters.”

Ice nods. “That make sense. You looked rough after the flight against Young, but you looked...”

She pauses, then shakes her head. “You looked dead after Berlin. You stopped breathing a couple times, you know that?”

“I had no idea.” You respond, and she nods, her eyes staring somewhere beyond your table.

“We thought you weren't going to make it for a few hours.” She says, simply, then shakes her head again, as if to clear it. “That's why I think there's something to the theory that whatever your talent is, it's flawed. The harder you push, the harder it tries to kill you.”


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