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>tee hee anon if you attack this player i will have you draw to cards!
>immediately attack you and go hellbent

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That's the fucking japan-exclusive one from the $50 paint set.
Please apologize to the model.

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lol nice try

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>im mostly into girls and traps
>but im totes a real grill XD
i dont think i can overestimate how much I believe you right now

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>That guy that only plays Elven females and Dragonborn males.

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On the topic on Finesse Longswords, how do people feel about them? Should you just refluff a Rapier into whatever you want, keeping it at 1d8?
Does it depend on how your players intend to use it?

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Great, I thought as much. That aura will help out immensely.

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>personal problems with divine related classes
>but playing a monk
>but considering fucking gestalting magus and core monk
You've got more than personal problems. You've got brain problems.

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Even trips won't save you from your newfaggotry. You should know where to look.

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>without capitalization or punction (i think you meant punctuation)
oh you!

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>shutting down 4 cards for 1 card at 1 CMC
>a 1 for 1
>when those cards are the backbone of the deck
you didn't have to out yourself as a retard this soon

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>players will be showing us memes in the middle of me trying to talk and shit

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>Different anon here.
>same post

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>ever being the right answer

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>Goblins are the ideal liberal minority, I'm sure they were shilled appropriately unless /tg/ finally found its balls.

Do you wanna lick some balls or something? You seem to have problems.

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>I'll divert the talk of lawful nations by talking about good and evil!

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>upper management
>knowing anything about people

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>I'll talk like I agree while trying to derail into SJW complaints
Nice try Beliezabub
Get out

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>mfw people don't know the difference between energy conveyance types and assume they're utterly insignificant

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