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You know what? Fuck it. It's the only thing we have so I'm gonna say it's still canon.

>Humans are divided into various factions, each that have taken technology in vastly different ways
>For example, one faction seeks to merge human with machine, and has focused on a military force that preserves its soldiers by downloading their minds and copying it into multiple bodies as fodder, all the while keeping the original mind as a backup template to upload to more vat-grown blank soldiers.
>While another seeks to see how far evolution can go, by examining aliens, and integrating useful genetic traits into volunteers to create a genetic supersoldier.

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Personal shields don't actually exist, though many armies often employ a 'redirector' a devices that detects incoming projectiles and energy bursts and simply changes their direction. The thing is, a redirector only stops things going at high velocity because it's all very taxing on a redirector's power supply. The swinging of a sword or melee weapon, even the firing of arrows, is still slow enough for a redirector to ignore.

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