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"No wait, stop."

I hold onto Haruko, she looks at me with worry.
"We need to see if the adults have any kind of plan. No swooping in and playing hero when they might have a plan of their own. Let's just watch and see how this goes."

"But- but." Haruko studders, "BUT MOM!"

"Stop, you're beginning to sound like me."

The worry goes away, and instead she looks insulted. Rude.

"Let's just stay up here, get to an overlook, and watch. I'm sure Mom has this."
Slowly, as to not attract much attention, we float in the direction of the small clock tower in the center of the park. It's not very wide, but we should be able to wait here with no worries.

We both land at the extremely narrow top, and then listen.


"Pleeeeeeeeease! I'm begging you!" Mom seems to stomp her foot in frustration. "This isn't funny anymore! Stop! If you wanted to make a point, you've made it!"

"Seriously, what do you want? Money? Gold?" Daichi, who is Ryouta and Maeda's dad, seems more annoyed than worried.

Mom suddenly seems even more upset.

"You don't even know what you want." Principal Kurota seems to have taken a different approach. "You're just doing this because you want to prove to yourself that you can. You have no goal here. You're only mission now is to preserve what little ego you have after a kid nearly kicked your ass."

Are these really the adults? I don't like these approaches, either!
Asai just smiles.

"Pleeeaase! Anything! Just.. Just put everything back the way it was, and we'll say it was a science experiment, but please put it back!"
"Izumi, you want to know what I want? Step forward."

Meekly, Mom cautiously takes a few steps toward him.

Suddenly, he disappears and reappears right next to her!
He grabs her hand, and raises it to his mouth, gross!

"I want you, Izumi."

I'm going to kill him.

>No! Restraint!
>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!
>Grab Haruko and shake her

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"Cirrus! Are you hurt!? Say something!"
"I-I'm fine right now. It's just very dark, and I can't see the big ball of fire anymore!"

"Cirrus! Where are you right now? Are you someplace safe?!"
"I don't know what 'safe' means! I'm just stuck in a room, and I can't get out, and I can't see the sky anymore!"

"That's enough of that."

Mom stops me, she calmly stands up and leans over the phone.
"Asai, I know the reason you have her. It's because you want something from me. Tell me. What is it?"

He adjusts his voice. I can tell that neither of us are going to like this.
"Don't come to Fortune today."
"You know we're not going to do that, right? At the very least, we're coming to pick Cirrus up."

"You can pick Cirrus up, when I decide that you can. Until then, don't come to Fortune today."
"How about this." Mom slams her hand on the table, "You can have me. I'll go sit in my stupid office in your stupid building. As long as you bring Cirrus back."

"That's a tempting offer which I have to decline, Izumi. I have other things to tend to today."
"Then at the very least!" She yells, "Let me come over, alone, and pick up Cirrus!"

"Fine. Alone, just you. Come pick up Cirrus, and take the week off."
"That's right."
"Come right now. Don't let anyone know you're coming. Especially that blonde-haired miko."

He must be talking about Maria.
"Fine, I'm coming over now. Bring her out."


The line is silent.

"rrARRRGGH." Mom falls back into her chair. "What do we do now!?"

>Just go pick up Cirrus, we don't have to keep our promise.
>You stay here, I'll go get Cirrus back.
>Hey, I wonder if I can just teleport in? It seems a little too easy.

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"So is this!" I yell at her. "Make your mother stop acting crazy!"
"I really can't!" Aiko tries pulling at Mom's arm once again, but she resists. "This is something she has been talking about for a long time, I just didn't think she would really do it!"

"Mom! It's okay! Look! Everything is fine. Everyone got out, you can come too!"
"Mrs. Hotaka!" I grab onto her other arm. "You shouldn't deal with Asai, he's a big jerk and you might catch something from him!"

She shakes both of us off and walks up to the principal.
"Marie! Stop! Everyone left already!"

She glows, and with a slap, sends the Principal flying.

"He's right you know." Asai gives the biggest grin ever. "If your plan was to trap all the monsters in here, you've done a surprisingly bad job."
"You're finished, Tower."
She starts to glow again as she approaches him.

"Mom! Stop!"

"If you think you can do it. Then just do it." Asai is still smiling.
Something is seriously wrong with this!

>Get everyone and run! Drag them if you have to!
>That includes Aiko's mother!
>Try using a card!
>Try calling for help!
>Try something else!?

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Hey, that sounds familiar, like someone has tried this before.
Wait, that's right. Someone HAS tried this before. It didn't end well, at all.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why we gave the Chairman the signet in the first place. It's because of someone trying something exactly like this some time ago.

"Don't you see Empress?" I wish he wouldn't call me that, "These clothes, these looks, this entire building!"
"All of it is just a front for the human world on the outside." He crosses his arms, turning to me. "We're not businessmen, we don't do office work or produce anything for humans. We're constructs! We're made from magic, by magic."

"I don't really see what-"
"AND THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE, EMPRESS!" the light goes out, another in the corner of the room flickers to life as he walks into it. "We shouldn't spend our lives hiding from the potential scorn of humanity. We're something amazing! We should wear our true names with pride, and joy! These false faces we put on to entertain the human world, when really it's the human world that should be entertaining us."

"That sounds really evil." I'm not sure where he's going with this still. "Didn't father try this?"
"You mean Emperor?"
"Yes, him! He hurt a lot of people trying to do just what you're saying! He turned everyone against each other, and he murdered his own master! What are you going to do differently than him!?"

"Well for one, I don't plan on failing." He stretches his arms, "But don't you agree the world would be better if we didn't have to hide our true selves? I owe this victory to you and Priestess as much as anyone else."

>"I really don't understand what you're talking about or why this is important to you."
>"I don't really care."
>"Is this why you made Fortune?"
>"I just joined Fortune because I wanted Masami."
>"This is stupid."
>"I'm going home."

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"..None of this answers why you were attacking schools."
He smiles, "Actually, Masami, I believe I already have."

No no, you don't get to be evasive about this question.
"You're a jerk, and I cannot possibly imagine what justification you have attacking children."

Laughing, he spins around in his chair again to face away from me,
"At one time, there was a method for drafting cards that didn't involve using a draftsman. It was a kind of old-fashioned method."
"There's a way to do it without hurting Mom? Why don't you do that!?"

"Oh but Masami, I have been."

He reaches into his desk and takes out a blank card. It has some scribbling and writing on it. But it feels like little more than a piece of paper.
"The accepted method before drafting came along was to slowly build up a connection inside of the card with something extremely powerful. Something that has its own innate power. At one time, people who were predisposed to magic would fight and train with the cards to build up that connection. Eventually, after enough fighting, the cards would grow their own magic connection and be ready for use."

He clears his throat, putting the blank card on his desk,
"It's hard to do because magic alignment is genetic and people who can naturally use some sort of power are few, however."
His face is displaying that wild grin again.
"I contacted some friends, used a few connections I had, and found some people who still had that kind of talent."

Behind me, I can hear some gradual talking coming from the door behind me.

Picking up the card, he fumbles it in his hand. "The choice is yours Masami, Why don't you try drafting your first card right here? It'll be fast, and easy."
I can feel Mom's grip tighten around me, she stands up to take the card. Which causes him to pull it away.
"I didn't ask for your assistance Empress, this is aimed solely at Masami."

>No, No thanks, You can eat that card.
>S-Sure, I'll give it a try.

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I compromise with myself, getting in a fight here is probably not a good idea with the other monsters standing around looking bored as they are. So I slam the door in his face, instead. The large, wooden frame making a distinct honk as it hits his nose. I would probably have cut him into confetti if he kept up. The man behind the desk simply sighs.
"I know Priestess, I hate him too. But you came here to talk with me, right? So clearly you must have something else in mind."

Mom speaks up, "Well, actually, um." She's folding at her hands.
"We both wanted to say something to you, y-you see-"
"I didn't ask for your opinion, Empress. I'll let you know if I do." She immediately shuts up.

Great, now I want to punch HIM too.

>Time to grill him
>Here's some sample questions
>"You bet I have questions for you, who am I? did you make me? and if so, why?"
>"Please tell me why you wanted to see me. I'm here, you're here, it's time to tell me."
>"Hey, don't speak that way to my mother."
>"Her name is Izumi, and she's the most important person in the room to me. So you're going to listen to what she has to say."
>"There's a good chance this is the last time I'm talking to you, so you better spit out what you wanted with me."

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