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It's a nearly twenty year old theory in Japan that was disproven by the Miracle end in Rance IX

That said Gele does say that he reminds her of Gi. But that doesn't get expanded on because Rance doesn't want hot girls talking about other guys when he has his dick in them.

Rance has nothing to do with Ludo. He's a bug in the system that was never eliminated.

The English wiki is pretty shit

This is the actual non-joke family tree

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Rance has Sill use contraceptive magic all the time and before he got her used contraception himself.

The only unwanted pregnancy here is with Feliss - which unquestionably was rape due to Feliss being his bound devil slave who cannot disobey his command.
Despite fucking her during her estrus he did not intend to impregnate her however since he was unaware that the situation he was in nullified his contraceptive magic.

Pastel's child was also rape but he raped her in the middle of an impregnation ceremony so the child wasn't unwanted.

The other pregnancies were all desired by the mother (well Magic didn't want a child now but she wants to marry Rance and have his kids one day). And Teru basically raped Rance to get pregnant

Saving mankind and protecting people aren't real goals. They're just stuff he does whilst trying to score with hot women and young girls who will grow up into hot women.

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