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It HAD vampires.

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What's a God to an unbeliever...

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McNeill is well on his way to being Fedora Prime. Getting his works signed by Richard Dawkins and then going onto white knight m'lady Sarkeesian. I wonder if the reason he left Games Workshop was to take up the way of the katana?

On a more serious note fuck anyone who equates criticism with harassment. You don't get special privileges that exempt you from having your ideas challenged because you took a uni course on Marxist feminism.

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Where are the katanas, neckbeards?

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Heh, nuthin' personel, kid.

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*tips katana*
I'd like to see them try

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>You are not on the right side of history.

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>all tabletop games are inspired by anime

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>No need for being tough, being right is enough.
PFFFFFFFFFFTTTT HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA jesus christ man I'm trying to listen to Sunn O))) here you're making me giggle in the middle of drone metal topkek

>I am superior, ofcourse. I was right. He is wrong.
Holy mcfucking insecure ahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha

I'm pretty sure that if you have to constantly remind yourself that you are right and he isn't, you probably aren't right.

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Grixis delver
Bant D&T
>Metagame thoughts
fuck tron

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Fedoras being fedoras

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>While you were building metal boxes I studied the Venom
>While you were engaged in forming army lists I practiced the Dark Lance
>While you spent months painting your army I used the Scourge
>Now that the daemons are here you're all unprepared. Except for me
>For I studied the Drukhari

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Sending to dating agencies pick of himself with his sword collection.

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>t. studied the blade

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>Slick style, cool hair, other stuff I guess
>You only see a lot of hate for everything xenos on here because /tg/ has a high proportion of autists who can't comprehend anything other than a box with wheels or legs being interesting

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How can vampires even compete?

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>I don't like spaghetti

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>I want a choice that gets rid of ignorant retards like you.

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>people are still unironically openly atheist on the internet

Don't you have Reddit for this sort of thing?

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>something else
Swords count as clothing, right?

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Randfag is the fedora-neckbeard who keeps going on about his objectivism on this board. He's the one who is just going on and on about people being "looters" and degenerates, which goes along with his very limited worldview. He believes that the entire world is seperated into two different groups, "The Makers" and "The Takers", of which all of morality is entirely binary and based solely around these two groups.

He's also not really contributing much to this thread except by trying to claim that The Emperor somehow also follows the extremely selfish mindset of Objectivism, when it's very clear from the books and established lore that he follows some heavily corrupted form of Collectivism mixed with Humanitarianism. The Emperor believed in the absolute good of humanity, and their driving need to claim every star in the night sky as their collective birthright. Ayn Rand would have had it as only the ones who create goods should inherit the universe, and all others should wallow in self-pitty, arrogance, and collective parasitism.

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