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Good question:

would he rape a woman who was raped in back story and now had SERIOUS issues ever being intimate again. even if he came off as That Guy and she stayed the fuck away, she's good looking....Would Rance still go for it if it was not the coy 'no' but the screaming "OMG NO!!! NO!!!!!" psycho defense type?
if he did, i call bullshit on heart of gold, because she'd be a deeply sobbing cringe-drama broken wreck afterward....nothing lighthearted about that...

if yes, Rance is a nigger

Also, do female characters who died very early inthe story count? one of mine (very average girl) was gear of death'ed in 2nd session WoD,
...another was a really bro guy who got genderbent into ( i shit you not) a female winged squirrel. immediately afterward, he turned to his very badass combat girlfriend, and they shared a moment of horror at what the amazing man had become.
she then challenged him to a duel, which he accepted. was beheaded in combat literally 2 minutes after the bend (because FUCK gm magical realm bullshit, death is acceptable)

If yes, i think Rance is bullshit, because those deaths were final.

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> Start the Duel

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I'm okay with calling out mistakes. The fewer the better.

Besides, if these guys can get it right...

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