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Ok so if my players don't dilly-dally tomorrow should see the end of their current arc of the campaign aboard a flying city, and transition into a more wilderness-survival where they're lost in an area of the world based off of Siberia; they will defeat a boss which will cause them to have to leave the city. However, I'm torn between the following two options:

1) *Part* of the city breaks off and crash lands in the wilderness; imagine if New York was a flying city and Manhattan just dropped out, but the other four boroughs kept going. The players would be the some of few survivors, feel immense guilt over the loss of life and have few resources to help them survive and protect those who didn't die.

2) The entire city makes a crash landing with minimal loss of life, but the entire city is stranded in the woods and at the mercy of its creatures. The leaders of the city correctly identify the players as the cause of the crash, and they are hunted by the city's military, causing them to go on the run and deeper into the woods.

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>Hey guys, want to play a game of D&D
>Yeah, sounds good.
>I'm in.
>Alright, well I was thinking of you saving the kingdom from a great evil. A powerful lich lies behind his army of the undead, summoning a dark power to raise all the dead and wipe the land clean of mortal life. So... what do you think?

Regular players:
>Cool! Sounds fun!
>We are actually genuinely interested
>Plays the campaign, defeats the Lich

Those players:
>Cool! Sounds fun!
>We're agreeing but only because we don't actually care about any of that, we just want to sandbox
>Completely ignores main plot in favour of doing their own thing

>I have other thoughts about what kind of story I'd like. Insert your bullshit you want instead.
>GM: I don't like this idea, I'm not going to do it.
>You're on /tg/ because no one likes to play with someone like you who loves to take the game off the rails so you can play at something else entirely

Maybe try a game with this DM.

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You improve in several ways:

1) Practice: The More you GM the more you understand what players will expect.

2) Be familiar with the rules. You don't have to know everything, but know the vitals. Keep a few stat-blocks for enemies written down or memorized. Pathfinder does this well in that they give you a general guide of how monster cr's are calculated.

3) Understand "yes and..." This is vital. "yes and.." means playing off what your characters know. I never knew that urine was processed into a medieval detergent until one of my players bought it up. I included a stop by one of these medieval detergent shops several weeks later, perhaps the most fun I've had with piss and chamber-pots.

4)Steal. I had a class in college on Central Asia. I had a lot of those notes lying around. I then used them to make my first home-brew setting.

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Silly /tg/, where else would your groups autist be but behind the screen?

But for real tho, yeah, I have aspergers and I'm stuck as the forever DM because no one else wants to learn shitloads of information to DM. Kinda makes me sad I can't just play as a PC, but the groups I roll with always want me to DM.

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Not seeing a problem here

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It's just one encounter not a whole campaign.

I'm going to start it off with some shade minions who were previously absorded to burn off (hopefully) some of the PC's resources. If the PC actually fails and dies well then they deserve it. I'm thinking the encounter can be set in an arena with numerous columns and a single bright light source. The shadows cast by the columns will provide cover for the shades so I can get a "STAY IN THE LIGHT!" kinda feel.

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>wasting money on his hobbits

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Dare you enter our Magical Realm?

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/tg/ have you ever had a moment were your DM welcomed you to there magical realm and everyone was down?

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So! In last thread I commented on how I was interested in GMing for an eRPG game. I'm still thinking things through but I've already set up the basics!

Barebones for now so I'd need some people to test it with, either 1on1 or a group; willing to put up with changes and a "system" that's subject to changing.

I've also never GMd online, despite having done so a lot of times IRL in the past. So we'll need to figure that out too.

I figure text based is obviously the best choice here, over voice-chat for obvious reasons!

Anyway, contact me at my skype: Magical.Realm.

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That’s very difficult to answer numerically. I usually have some versatile challenges (statblocks etc.) or small items (incl. descriptions) that I can plop down anywhere, but the only purpose that serves is to give me some time to think.

This is backed up by huge folders of maps and images to crib descriptions from, both of which are sorted and tagged for my convenience.

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Confounding all logic a dragon and a beholder have managed to breed. How fucked is your fantasy campaign setting? How powerful could the offspring become? Who would raise it? I've been thinking about this a lot and my mind is still fucked up.

What if the dragon was Metallic? Chromatic?

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>Will, Andi, Georgia and Butters let Bob GM a game
>Bob's face when

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That is some magical-realm-tier cybERPunk stuff right there.

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SH here. Trying to work on R-PSY.
Perhaps I should stick to the shock fic.

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DnD 3.5 and 4e, willing to try pathfinder
Timezone: PST Availability: most nights/evening except Saturday
email in the email field. skype is s0m4__ with two underscores. I was like fourteen when I signed up, shut up. preferred contact is email
I've been gaming off and on for about four years now but I still consider myself a newbie to RPGs. I like roleplaying and thinking up of fun things to do in games but I just haven't had an outlet. I have most of the source material for 3e and 3.5e and I'm willing to do homework.

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>A Hydra giving some chick the D

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>Cheesy in 6th
I mean, sure, if you run a ton of Warbands maybe.

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Nah, I'm fine. Majority rules.

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