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Nooooo the imperium is fascist just worship the god that will torture you for eternity in the warp and make you serve as a foot soldier in an ocean of boiling blood while working for an eternal survival-of-the-fittest weak-must-feel-the-strong hierarchy!

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going to start a chaos soup army, dubs decides the color scheme of the chaos marines. Traitor guard will be the New Terran Rangers, of course.

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The most important thing is to realize that not every world, in fact, most worlds, do not strictly fit into the "*-world" classification. You don't have to be strictly a Hive World, Agri-World, Forge World, etc.

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Although prone to a higher rate of failure, self-sustaining Chaos civilisations can exist in 40k as is, if a little volitile. There's lots of Chaos worlds out there, some are just planets which haven't been touched by the light of the Imperium or have been living under the rules of Chaos forces long enough for it to become the norm.

The fact that the scenario says that the power of the warp is weaker fr us just means its effects on our ways of life will be that much weaker.

Life mostly just goes on as is, but with weekly blood taxes, national orgy exhibitions, Rotting meat as a prized global commodity and people sending their kids off to school wearing bird skulls.

(Is the conclusion that was generally accepted in the last thread for a chaos civilization)

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A bunch of chaos worshippers crammed into a particularly large ship fall through the warp and end somehow they themselves into an uninhabited planet halfway across the universe, (strangely the warp is just as potent out here as it was back home) With nobody around but them, its time to do as the amish did and colonize.

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