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"Because-" I try to come up with the perfect response to keep them from spreading rumors!

Then, something else catches my attention.

"Hey, wait! Why should we be encouraging her?"

"Because!" Julie seems all smiles, now. "A young girl's most important duty is to the heart!"
"That's right!" Haruko, for once, agrees with her twin. "It's the toughest battle, and Kaori's at the right age to be fighting it!"

"That doesn't mean we should be encouraging her!"

"Well, it's clearly already happened, so the best we can do is cheer from the sidelines!"
"Yeah! And think about it! She's the first in our family fighting that battle. So maybe she can give us advice when it's our turn."

No! This isn't right!

"That's the worst part, you two!" I complain, "She HASN'T done this before! W-what if the person is a no-good snake charmer?! Or, or-"

"What's the problem, Masami?" Julie seems bemused by my outburst. "Jealous?"
"No! Boys are icky!"

"Then-" Haruko has joined in, "-could it be something else? Are you being overprotective of your dear sister that you watch go to sleep every night?"


"It's just not right, okay?!" I cross my arms, and pout. "She's too young to be dating a boy. And she's too young to be keeping secrets about boys from us!"

"Oh, did you hear that Julie?"
"Mm, I think I did."

"Masami really DOES think Kaori is with a boy."
"Yes, she does."

"No! I-I'm not saying that!"

"Of course you are." Julie grins at me, "If you weren't, why are you so flustered? You really DO think she's keeping a boy behind your back!"
"No- that's-"

Now I'm REALLY mad!

"Even if she is, how would you even find this out?"

"Go ask Ryouta, then we'll at least know it's not him."

I don't get it, Haruko. Do we have to ask every boy in the city?

>No! My sister's affairs are private!
>L-let's go ask Ryouta.
>Maybe.. maybe I can spy on Kaori!
>Let's ask Maeda!
>I'm confused, let's ask someone with experience.

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