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Primaris or GTFO with them literally who cares minis

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both are equally as related except one is unfunny and forced by discord trannies and the other one is funny and organic.

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Stop trying to shame me with your virtue signaling garbage.

I don't want an ugly ass woman that looks like a guy and that's fat as fuck, sorry. Not even going to touch it with a 10 ft. pole. I am 100% of what i want out of a mini and this wasn't it.

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but there is no lotr/gw general

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>Abaddon hasa withstood the pressure of the gods for 10K years.

I can't wait for Guilliman to kill abby the snowflake

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100% for research only
I'm dumb i need the colours names, i remember one of them was baneblade brown

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no it's not

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> he doesn't understand the amount of soul those minis have.

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i'm glad i can't smell you trough the computer

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