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Change approach.
Are for the wilderness.
The same.

These folks have good eyes and good skills but they are meant for tracking base beasts through wild terrain, not an intelligent villain in a developed area that sees regular traffic, upkeep, and so on.

>Serial Killer
means there are multiple instances of murder to consider, several bodies to examine to discern the killer's methods. If they were at all invasive (Choking, Stabbing, Cutting, Bludgeoning) it will tell about their physicality to begin narrowing the band of potential suspects. If the method was indirect, it will tell you about what the killer has access to; poisons points you to the apothecary to see who has been purchasing strange things, or back to the scouts and trackers to ask who might be found where the poison's natural sources can be found. Carpentry traps direct you to those who have access to working construction tools, and the expertise needed to understand Good carpentry so as to facilitate Dangerous carpentry. Indirect invasive methods (Archery, Marksmanship, Projectiles, etc) give you line of effect and angle of fire to look into where the projectiles were launched from and aid in giving details from there.

Essentially, the party is going to use their goddamn brains.

Or magic if you wanna be lame about it, but any serial killer past a certain point has counter effects to deny these.

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Hows about some good fantasy nathan drake

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Outfit resembling this picture if you could. Thank you


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Probably reach down to pet the kittens, but then continue on.

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This guy isn't that young, but I'll start with him anyway

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