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"You are complete scum." Asai runs his fingers along the beast's exterior, "And a Coward. And an Idiot. You wanted to damn BOTH of us to live under someone's thumb for our entire lives just because you're too much of a-" I didn't catch that word, I think it's English? sss- pu- sss. Something.

"So." Asai walks past him and leans against the wall. "Since you still can't get over the notion of hurting a part of yourself, I guess you're going to remain there, and I'll remain here. Just be sure to keep using magic for me, okay?"


>Stop! You're hurting my ears!
>Okay you two, that's enough!
>try to think of a way to get the monster to hurt Asai.
>Try to think of a way to make the two unite
>Big monster! Stop this! Stop falling for his mind games!
>Use a card.

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"Just.. Try it!"

"I refuse."

Why is everyone so difficult?

"Is it because you two are split up, is that why you're like this?!"

"No." The building murmurs.
"Yes." Asai grins.


"What do you mean 'No, Yes'. What's going on?"

The building shifts its monsterly weight to look straight at Asai, "Clarify what you just said."
"I said," Asai hasn't dropped the grin yet. "That we're like this because we split up."

If the monster could blink, I would imagine that he just did several times.
"I didn't know that."
"No you did not."

"How did you keep that from me?" The building seems, perplexed.

"That's a secret." Asai waves him off.
"Why did you keep that from me?"

"The truth is," Asai props his feet up on the table. Yuck! That's where we're going to eat someday! "The chairman split us up because I mouthed off to him, but that wasn't the only reason. I managed to make a deal with him behind your back, took some trickery to hide a thought from myself. I ran this new 'Fortune' company I had in mind, and served him unquestioningly in exchange for an 'upgrade'. He agreed, and split us down lines I defined. That's why I'm the CEO, and you became a building."


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The guest bedroom!?

Does he mean the bedroom with all the matching sheets and furniture that you picked out to feel welcoming!? THAT GUEST BEDROOM!?

"Y-You're bluffing! No one would attack the guest bedroom!"
"I'm not, and he is. Like I said, he's hard to control once he gets in one of those 'moods'."

"I'd love to, but he's really angry. I tried talking to him before all of this came about, but you know how hard it is to talk to angry people."

This is the worst!

"I'll be right back you really big jerk! You better think of a way to stop him when I get back!"

With that, I flip back out of the other world.


It takes some concentration, but I'm able to shrink the massive card down to something a little more managable. It even fits in my pocket now!
I don't know why, but shrinking it was MUCH HARDER than expanding it. Maybe it's because of the monster, contained on the inside?

Either ways, I step into the living room. Asai is still sitting at the dining room table, a smug grin on his face.

"There you are, he got bored with the guest bedroom, so now he's moved to one of the smaller rec rooms."

"Wish I could!"

Yeah 'wish you could', jerk.

I dash upstairs to see everything in chaos! It's a disaster!
Jars are tipped over, tables pushed, rugs upturned! I glance inside the guest bedroom to find it in shambles.

Oh this just makes me so mad!

"LOOK HERE YOU!" I burst into the rec room, just in time to see it tearing the fluff out of one of the pillows. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU THINK THIS IS BUT YOU WILL OBEY THE RULES WHEN YOU'RE IN THIS HOUSE!"

It looks like a more sleek version of the building. I can easily believe this to be the closest to a 'human' form that it has. Only, it's a mere couple feet taller than I am now.

With all his force, he turns around and throws the pillow right at me. It smacks my face with the kind of force I would expect from a punch!



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That jerk.

He knew exactly what he meant when he said 'just find out' earlier.

He knew this would happen.

"Haruko, I need you to get Mom home. Now. Fly if you have to."
"Right! Mir, give me a hand with that!"


Suddenly, there's a voice almost RIGHT NEXT TO MY EAR.
"(I'll try.)"
How long was she standing there!? Was she here the whole time?

"Kaori, Julie, grab onto my hand. I might need your help talking to a certain someone."
"I have just the words for him, too." Kaori has a sinister tone to her voice.


"HEY YOU!" I slam my palms onto the table. "Just mind explaining to me what is going on?"

"Oh you're back!" He snaps his attention from whatever weird thing he has on his mind. "Did you get to see him?"

"I don't know who this 'other' is you're talking about, but you better start talking right now. "
"Yeah, and start talking fast, because I've been feeling angry ever since you put that coat on me." Kaori seems to be holding some kind of.. invisible weapon. What the heck, Kaori?

Asai seems to look around the room, quickly realizing that he's outnumbered.
He then smirks, and leans back in his chair.

"Have you ever seen any old cartoons? When a person is about to make a decision, sometimes a little angel and a little devil appear on their shoulder."

Kaori is just about to grab him by the collar before he continues.
"-You see Masami, you were wrong all along in assuming that only I am Asai. This 'Asai' thing I've been doing, it's more like a partnership between all the parts of the monster known as 'Tower'. I like to think of myself as Tower's better half. The part that keeps the other sides at bay, away from your family."

He looks out the window, "It's such a shame I can't be out there to convince them otherwise, now."

>I don't believe you
>You better start making more sense, quick!
>Even if I did, I'm not letting you out of here.
>So make it stop! Do it do it do it!
>Hit him once, just to be sure.

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"OH NO!" Haruko starts to leave the top of the clocktower.
Quickly, I put out my arm and hold her still.

"(No! Not now! This is Mom's plan. She doesn't look worried yet, does she?)"

She opts to calm down, instead slowly creeping toward me and wrapping her arms around me.
"(..you better not be wrong.)"
"(It's fine, it's fine.)"

It's Mom after all, besides those times she was wrong, when has she ever been wrong before?

"I said, put the building back." Mom gives the order one more time.
"Mmm." Asai seems disappointed. "So, that's the end of that, right?"


You know, for someone who has things under control; she isn't acting very calm.

"I appreciate the gift, but-"
Asai, without even stopping to think about what he's about to do, takes his entire forearm off and plops the bracelet into his own severed hand.

Then he puts it back on his arm like nothing ever happened.

I think I'm going to be sick, even though I've seen Julie do something like this several times.

He spins the 'control bracelet' on his finger.
"You can have this back." He tosses it back to Izumi.

She doesn't catch it, it clatters on the ground. Her eyes are wide.

"Forget it!" The principal drops his facade and instantly appears next to Asai.
His fist goes straight through Asai!

"Yeah! That-"
Haruko cuts herself off.

Asai melts into dust, and nearby another seems to emerge straight from the ground!
The principal is glowing, within an instant he spins around and vaporizes Asai.

What is that sound?

Behind us, something just stood up.
"Good view, huh?" Asai says, from right behind us. "It's nice to sit back and enjoy."

In the park, from the dust on the sidewalk, three more Asais pop straight from the Earth!

Three more!

"Mm, I wonder what they'll do, wonder what they'll do." Asai sits right next to both of us.

>Try using the card on him!
>Drop down and help fight!

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How did he-
But. I'm not even in the real-

I look up, toward Fortune's tower. M-maybe it has something to do with that!?
I don't know! And the phone is still buzzing!

What do I do? What do I do!? What do I-

There's one ring left before it goes to voicemail, in a nervous fit I accidentally hit the 'Accept' button.

"WHAT IS IT!" I start to yell, but then I quiet my voice down.
"What do you want?!"

"Hi Priestess."

That's it? He tried to kill me yesterday and now he's just 'Hello Priestess! Wonderful weather today! Why not enjoy some tea'?!
That makes me even madder than if he had a snarky one-liner!
I WISH he had a snarky one-liner than just acting like we're best friends!

"..Say again?"

Eek! I accidentally said that last part out loud! This isn't going well at all!
"I mean!" Okay, I can save this! "Why are you calling me?! I don't have time for banter!"

Asai goes quiet for a minute,
"I was calling about yesterday. Do you remember what we talked about?"
"You mean when you tried to crush me with a building!?"
"Before that. About trying to live in human society."

"..Where are you going with this?"
"I heard from the grapevine that Marie had kidnapped your best friend."

Asai sighs, "I was calling to ask if you wanted help in finding her. I have a lead."

>NO! Hang up.
>I trust you LESS than I trust Marie!
>Just hang up.
>..I'm listening
>Wait what are you getting from this?

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The paramedics put the Chairman onto a stretcher.

But I just smile and nod!

I'm Asai-
Ooh! Ooh! How about 'Itsukuma Asai!' Ha! That has such a lovely ring to it!
I should put that on my business cards, and see what Empress thinks!

"oooohhhhhh." A rather gruff moan emits from the battered body.

"Something wrong, Sir?"
"Y-." It starts to say, before returning to a whisper.

"you knew this would happen, didn't you?" He says, feeling his hand for a certain something that seems to be missing.

"Looking for something, Chairman?"
"w-where is it?"

"I think Priestess has it." I reply, trying to keep a straight face.

I look over to the jester, and he looks like he's going to explode with laughter. He's the coolest guy in the building!

"listen... asai... i'll be out of action for a while so-"
"Of course, Chairman! You'll get all the best treatment Fortune can afford. And when you're released, we'll put you into rehab at the finest clinic-"

"no that's not it at all Asai. take it from empress and her wards. desummon them and bring me the sigil"

An 'Order'?

"Say, Chairman, how much do you really need it?"
"i.. must have it." He replies in a lower-than-whisper. "i will return.. in a few weeks. so-"

"Excuse me, Doc?" I say to the men who just walked into the room. "Can you list off his injuries?"

Their banal medical descriptions, it's like the gifts I got for Christmas!

I look back toward him, "So you won't be 'returning' to anything. Except a wheelchair, that is. In the meantime, Fortune will need a new Chairman."

"asai.. you can't be serious... you will obey. that is an ORDER!"

"Yes yes! Obey orders! That is my job, and my mission! But in the meantime, I'll take the heavy weight of the crown off your shoulders."
He tries to say something, but the paramedics take him away.

Masami, you don't realize it but you've made your old man very proud today. You are the best daughter a father could have.

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