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Oh yay, another lame setting devoted entirely to just fucking monster girls. That sure is original and intresting.

I mean, seriously, is there really any use to make a new one? Just use One of the many pre-existing ones, since anything we come up with here will be probably worse

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I'm quitting, then. You're just one guy, it doesn't matter if you have more territory.

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Rolled 84, 2 = 86 (2d100)

>Name: Communist PRIME
>Color: Black with Yellow Communist sickle and hammer emblem on the front
>Race: Warforged ( Note: I want to be as tall as Liberty Prime which is like 20 or 30 feet but that's pretty tall so I'll just say 10 feet.)
>Fluff: _Prime Directive: Remove all American Threat… America is a temporary setback on the road to Communism.

>Health: Good
>Money: $5
>Belongings: Clothes, Rucksack
>Level: 0
>Fame/Infamy: (You EARN this in game)
>Combat Skill: Skills or Equip that pertain to combat
>Misc Skill: (Skills or Equip that don't pertain to combat)
>Places of Power: BallinGrad(Armed); [Guerilla Tactics]; [Iron Mines]
>Bonus: [Eye see what you mean] Start with Combat Skill: [+10 Eyelaser][SteelSkinned] Non calculated fluff bonus which will help keep you healthy and resist stuff thanks to being a robot[Communism is non negotiable!] Non calculated fluff PENTALTY to certain NPC interactions. Actually, almost anyone who cares about politics who isn't a Red will probably try to shoot you on sight. But you do know [Red Revolution Network] which you can find safehouses and help.[Nat100 BallingGrad] - Its people have Balls of Steel, and so is it's walls made of the same metal.
>Location: BallingGrad
1;guns 4/12
2;red network specialist 1/5
Let them have guns if they want, but we must continue our effort here

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Not even close.

imagine this: you get to an old tribal civ, shoot a couple lighting, get your temple and everyone does what you say. Cool right? yes.

But now, time passes, some asshole starts their organized religion, which you have to *gently* (as to not bring about paranoia) squash to keep them in order and relatively sane.

More civs appear, some don't believe me and we go to war, they get REKT and have their asses converted into mantra. My guys develop a "god's on our side" retarded mentality.

Even with public heart to heart "guys really, knock it off, I had to do all that crap to convince your ancestors, you are smarter than the fanatics". Fanatics anyway.

Finally get all earth. Trying to get the most mantra for the batteries. Next hundreds of years all the education I tried to put in order is screwed up because I used magic from the beginning. Not even able to explain since it all works on different dimension physics.

All of my planet is a bunch of retrograde, fanatic twits I can't even have a decent conversation with. Not even on disguise.

>Fuck this im out.

It worked before, it works now.

>I use my power and secret tech to feign a battle with evil outer space gods
>Convince them all that I need a magical life support to survive AND prevent the Big bad's from invading.
>Replace myself with a mindless clone.

>Jump the fuck out

Mfw. At least I got my mantra....

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