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>the future of warfare is essentially dropping rape femdom bots into enemy states to keep everybody occupied through lewd acts

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oh yeah don't forget

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>Offers up her own moonblood to Morrsleib

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>working on new game is slowly making me more productive in other things
It doesn't sound like much but it does feel good.

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How do I make this shit more competitive?

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I got the bundle an hour or so before your posted that. Too late now to back down.

To be fair i'm fairly new to all of this so maybe it won't be so bad, at the very least I could take some stuff from it, I like what this guy >>55438870 said earlier about the game being more about landing 1 or 2 critical blows instead of multiple chip damage blows, since it's appropiate for our settings.

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>the entirety of this post

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Oh my

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But what if the xenos develop a matris?

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>Alluring Tian Bard from the Jade Quarter

W-Why is she adventuring?

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>mfw Urgathoa is still "alive", and she's a Megacorporate Executress

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>Rory, Captain Slow, Sleep and Vult in one group
>Sappy, Wubu, RgPl and IKiD in another
>Wist runs two campaigns in parallel

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>Absurdly busty
>Sassy and sensual
Is Branwen a Draph? Is she hiding horns under that hat?

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So... Are you telling me if I know I'm an autistic sperg with character conversations, I should just drop my Charisma to 7 and "act" like they're awkward?

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>mfw everyone always insists on finishing inside but I personally love it when someone actually wants to finish on my character's back, butt or belly.

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>Rory is more than twice the height of Rinka
>Rory's dick is probably bigger than Rinka's torso

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>mfw you find a sword beneath Brinewall Castle
>mfw it's in a stone
>mfw a PC pulls it out
>mfw everyone gets a big fat ray of light that makes them royal blood
>mfw the sword has a name
>mfw it's called Kingmaker, and it grows as the kingdom does.

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>The runt's packin' some heat

Shayliss is going to be in for a very, very big surprise on their wedding night.

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>mfw I just realized Draph would probably be the ultimate conclusion of Culdranth's unintentional breeding program in the Demesne

Get on it, SE. Custom thicc non-draconic race!

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>Large-chested hard-working woman with provincial accent and farmer's tan
>Curses like a sailor, and drinks like one too - yet still loves her dresses

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You're assuming I'm smart, or in any way a crafter.

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>Where Seoni overdoses (normal doses?) on krokodil and dies of horrible flesh-rending death?

>Fanfic where Amiri becomes addicted to harlot sweets while adventuring in Belkzen.

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