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>-Kar-Gatharr visits Lokk with a bottle of ‘Olympian slozo. They share it together before Lokk realizes this is a farewell visit. The power that Kar-Gatharr had taken into himself will be his end. Lokk is distraught at the prospect of losing his dear friend and protests Kar-Gatharr's decision. Kar-Gatharr explains himself by saying that he needs this power to match the Custodes, but there is another reason for it. Abaddon will win the Final War, but it must do according to the will of the gods. Victory must be won correctly; it must be done with faith. Abaddon doesn't honor the gods. If he wins the throne as he is now, seeing himself superior to the gods, then the gods will strike him down and subject mankind to living hell. For humanity to ascend to glory at the side of the Chaos Gods, Abaddon must be made to see the truth of Chaos. . It's the Word Bearers duty to ensure that Abaddon submits to Chaos and make his victory the right one.

If Abaddon doesn't give a fuck about Chaos, then why did they make him their ultimate chosen?

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Some bits from ADB's interview with AoS coach :

>-ADB always wanted to write a 40K love story. During a BL change up, they okayed him writing a Drukhari love story novel. However, because he was swamped with work and the fact that he worried about being laughed at, he postponed it indefinitely.

>-ADB once again talks about his attempt at Lorgar's life. After finishing Lorgar's arc in the HH, ADB wanted to kill him off. Unfortunately, GW said no to that.

-ADB's dream army for 40K is the Tyranids primarily because their lore appeals to him.

-ADB's favorite god in AoS is Malerion. He is fascinated by this shadowy and hateful deity and wonders what kind of cultures and civilization would worship him and interpret his existence.

-His favorite AoS character is a tie between Malerion and Morathi. He got caught off before he could explain why.

-His favorite character in 40K is Sigismund. But ADB said he isn't the one to pick favorites; he is always changing his mind.

-It mystifies the people working at GW why some fans consider Abaddon a joke. They don't know where the meme came from since the way they had written him presents him as the antichrist figure of the setting; the one prophesied to end the Imperium.

-ADB wrote the Black Legion to be something akin to historical fiction. In most historical fiction, the story is told from the perspective of the characters that orbit around the famous character. That's how it is in the Black Legion series. It's told from the perspective of people inside the sphere of Abaddon, whose lives are shaped and defined by his actions. ADB believes that we shouldn't get to see what's inside Abaddon's head.

-Sevatar is everything that ADB hates in a character. Basically, the tropes he represents rubs ADB the wrong way. So he had to figure a way to redeem him and shape him into a character that he cares and others care about

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We have been through this.

GW saw that the concept of Undivided was gamey. That it was too confusing for the fanbase because it made them think there was more to the Warp/Chaos than the Chaos Gods and the entities born of them.

So they decided to streamline things by diminishing the presence and screentime of Undivided concepts and beings in the lore. They kept it only for the most special characters.

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>Imperial propaganda will tell you that Abaddon the Despoiler failed in his first 12 Black Crusades, that each time he was driven back into the Eye of Terror with his tail between his legs. The truth is, it was all part of the plan. Each of them actually achieved a goal known only to Abaddon and, when combined, these “failures” would see the 13th Black Crusade destroy the Cadian Gate. This contributed to the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum, which changed the face of the galaxy forever. There’s a lesson to be learned here about being overconfident in apparent victory (and listening to Imperial propaganda).


All these years it was just Imperial propaganda?!

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So the new novel gives us to options for Abaddon's end game.

Either Abaddon wants to use the Great Rift in order to conquer the Imperium, or he wants to use it to destroy all of reality. Any guesses what he really wants?

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-The lack of worship won't stop you from falling to Chaos and being dominated by it.

---Kharn, Ahriman, Fabius, etc all of them are slaved to Chaos. There is no escape for them. Abaddon is the counter example to them. He is trying to achieve what his gene-father failed to do, without succumbing to Chaos. So far he is doing a good job at it.

---Abaddon saw what happened to Horus when he let Chaos in. The Chaos Gods gathered their might into a single vessel to achieve the one objective that united them which is destroying the Emperor. However, due to their natures they were destroying their vessel champion from inside out. They couldn't help themselves, Chaos always fights against itself. So Horus suffered as the Chaos Gods pulled on him from different directions.

Do you guys have any idea why Abby is so special?

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When Abaddon was about to finish off Kharn, a Bloodthirster and a daemon horde interpreted him.

Abaddon threatened the Bloodthirster that if he doesn't get what he wants, he is going to kill it. This shows that Abaddon was willing to fight a Greater Daemon and its horde + Kharn.

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current terminator lord
juiced biker
half-demon engine monstrosity

We Warmachine now.

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>That’s Abaddon. The Daemon Primarchs have phenomenal power, but are enslaved to the Gods. Abaddon refuses to be a slave. He’s free in a way the Daemon primarchs aren’t. That’s literally the core of his character, the point of his place in the lore. And he has forces that vastly eclipse the Daemon Primarchs’ own forces. He’s the one soul that has managed to unite the armies of Hell. Often temporarily, yeah. It’s Chaos, after all. But that’s what makes him unique. He can do what no one else can.

>Horus had half of the Imperium on his side, and died like a deluded punk. Abaddon started with nothing. He’s the ultimate underdog. The Sons of Horus, his Legion, were on the edge of extinction. Abaddon has built the biggest Legion from scratch, in literally hellish circumstances. He’s the only one that also manages to unite the others, in the banners of the Black Crusades. This is the centrepiece of his lore. It’s what his character is all about.

>The Black Legion Series really stands on the shoulders of giants, though. I benefited immensely from tracking down various 40K creators and ancient sources, and really getting the lowdown on who Abaddon is, why he’s that way, and – most importantly – who he was supposed to be in ways that maybe got lost in translation over the years, especially in terms of memes.

>Abaddon isn’t perfect. He has weaknesses, doubts, failings, flaws, and they’re all in the open. And I’m the last person to argue that he’s been presented perfectly in the past, trust me. But when the series is putting him in the context of why he’s such a big deal, it’s really a situation where Khayon is just kinda telling the plain truth. Which leads neatly into…

This is from the recent ADB interview that make out today. Can you stop your memes now?

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Not his fault that the Phalanx shattered the BSF. And he didn't job to Calgar.

He defeated Celestine.

For now.

So...you are basing things on you pretending to be retarded? Great!

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GW had repeatedly said that Abaddon is free from the Chaos Gods. He is not their slave. He has freewill.

Fabius was kinda similar....until he gave up his freedom for his children. Now he is a slave to darkness like any other

Abaddon didn't wish that fate for Fabius.

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Abaddon withdrew after his damaged ship made an emergency warp jump. The traitor legions took off soon after. The Ork and GSC threats were contained when their leaders were killed offscreen by Imperial assassins.

The Imperials won a Pyrrhic victory but the planet is going die anyway from the damage inflicted on it.

On the other side of the Nacumund Gauntlet, the second half of Abaddon's fleet led by the Planet Killer is going for Sangua Terra.

If Sangua Terra falls, then that would make the Imperial victory on Vigilus meaningless.

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ADB said in voxcast that Abaddon is perhaps above the Chaos Gods

Here is a huge collection of quotes by ADB about Abaddon in hem he says he is free.

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We have been toppling Pylons for 10K years. We have become quite efficient at it.

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It's simple.

Do you support justice and solider rights? Then you side with the legions.

If you side with tyranny and injustice, then you are a scumbag.

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It's from him perspective as a creator/fluffer of the setting. Take it or leave it.

The next wall of text by him on his Pateron is about Chaos Undivided and why it doesn't quite.

Finally we might get insights in why GW decided to low key scrap Undivided.

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Doesn't the new Custard story prove everything Abaddon said about solider/marine rights?

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>Uses the power of Chaos but he isn't corrupted or enslaved by it

How does he do it?

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