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I accept your concession.

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>japan deserved to get BTFO
>that's pretending they're victims

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>The multiplayer is fucking shit.

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retard take

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...So, you're going to hold people, who didn't commit the crimes you charged them with responsible for their ancestors, just because your masters said so?

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Toxic faggots like you are why people are shit on this board. Neck yourself and leave OP and his trash opinions alone. It's clearly a bait thread and you fell for it, retard

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>Thinking and having to read rules hurt brain, condense for me!
I'm sorry you have such a hard time with it all.

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One of my players, through doing exactly this, managed to disassemble an entire cult dedicated to the bbeg because she kept giving them spells like Enhance Ability and Bless while sleeping with them. When the cultist would return to the compound, the divine energy would be detected and they would be killed. Eventually, by complete accident (and a roll on my part), she slept with the head of the cult. This led to the whole thing disassembling from the top. When I told her this when the campaign ended, all she said was "I could tell by your reaction I had messed something up but I didn't think it was that bad"

tl;dr female player annihilated the bbeg's cult through the power of trickery domain pussy

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Imagine, calling weaksauce eurofag game "Football."

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Says the one who calls everyone who disagrees with him a shill

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Lmao, keep projecting fag. And im here to stay so seethe and cope all you want

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>I have no counterargument so I'll just insult them instead

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>trying this hard to be oppressed
lol, no wonder you voted for Arch

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They've done that already.

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Gender is a spectrum, Gav probably just has they/them friends. It's probably a bit extraneous for him to mention if you have like, a wiki page, but its really not a big deal.

The way you guys sperg out at even the smallest thing like this though shows that 4chan will always be more cringe than even the most Sarkesian 'sjw'

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>muh manspreading

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>reasonable Guard players are traitors now.
Oh lord. Literal autism.

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>What does that mean if not inspired by?
I've stated that but I can see you're upset and only have the ability to accuse someone of min maxing. Also in the given context of "they do add a lot to the game...." it is easy to interpret it as such. Please continue ranting how I must be nothing but a min maxer and disregarding what I explained in the previous post.

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