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"Uh, hi?" I say awkwardly to the new hulking beast. "You must be tower."
"Eh, sort of." He dusts ash off his shoulders.


"So, uh, how do you feel?"

"Good." He replies. Flexing his arms and hands. "Better than I ever have before."

"G-great. Uh, do you remember what just happened? With Asai? And the monster."

"Vividly." He dusts off his own armor, as if he's searching for a spot.

"Hey." Mom seems to cautiously inspect him. "You're not tower. What changed? Why do you look different?"

The monster crosses his arms. "It's quite easy, Izumi." He raises them with one swift movement. "I'm not Tower."

"You're not?"

"You can call me by the name you know me as, 'Asai'."

I let this thought process for just a moment.
"You're Asai?! But, the monster. What happened to him?"

"He's in here, with me." He taps his chest. "Finally we're whole again, in a way I can appreciate.

"But-" I stammer, waving the little card in my hand, "The card! This card! You said it was a blueprint!"

"Masami, I have a secret." He does a little spin, "The card doesn't do anything. I was waiting for him to have a lapse in concentration so I could choose how I wanted the merger to go."

>Come on Mom, we're out of here.
>Use a card!
>Bully him!

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"Maeda, this is a strange thought but-"

"Asai wasn't expecting anyone on school grounds today, right? He doesn't know about your bracelet, does he?"
"I don't think so."

"So." I think of terrifying possibilties he could do with a school at his disposal. "What if there's something around here? What if he hid something here or is planning on kidnapping someone? He did it once."

"Well." Maeda looks around her, anxiously. "I don't see the harm in having a look."

This actually feels like a plan! I love it!

We split up to investigate the various parts of the school. Maeda takes the parts that I'm still not too familiar with like the cooking club (oh right! I was going to join them, but I forgot. Darn.) and the athletics fields. The athletics fields were mostly places I went to cry when I felt lonely at one time, now they're just places I don't visit at all due to bad memories.
I take the club rooms and the classrooms. Two things that I've had enough exposure to know when something was amiss.

The club rooms are mostly quiet, and completely vacant. I check the occult room, which is Kaori's favorite place to go sleep during class. Nothing in here except the several beds she keeps out in case someone does decide to join her strange club. I shut the door and proceed down the hallway to the boxing and martial arts clubroom, still nothing.
Then I start combing the classrooms. Most of them appear to be in working order, and I'm not seeing anything to be suspicious of.

Maybe I just wasted Maeda's time, I'm starting to feel a bit guilty about it.

Suddenly, my phone rings.

I pick it up, and before I can even say 'Hello', I'm met with a strange and ghastly voice.
"Masami.. The gym.. Can you come?"

I pull the phone away from my face and look at it.
No caller-id.

>"Okay! I'll be right there!"
>Calmly hang the phone up and try calling Maeda again
>Hang up the phone and call Ryouta
>Scheme and plan

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Oh no.
"OH NO!"

"W-w" Kaori seems stunned, but not as stunned as she is when I grab her and start shaking her!

"Masami! Stop! Calm down!"

I rush into the house and start searching! I look under the table, nothing! Then I try searching behind the couch, no one! Then I flip over the couch and look under it, there's nobody!

The house is empty! I'm all alone now! Asai must have taken them when we were busy with that stupid speech of his! There's no other way! This is his retaliation for me going to Fortune!

Oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no. Everything is awful forever!
"Not now! This is a crisis!"

She grumbles as I start checking room-by-room.

That's my greatest fear!
Nope, no one!

They're all gone!

I collapse into a heap on the floor, and Kaori rushes up behind me.
"Masami! Chill!"

"NO! All I had to do was not go to Fortune and I did it anyway even though Mom told me not to and she's goooooooooone!"

"Shut UP!"

Kaori and I look up from where we're collapsed on the carpet.
To see Emillion sticking his head out of a strange hole in the floor beneath the table.
"(Shut up and get inside!)"



A trap door, in our house.
I had no idea this was down here. It seems to be a relatively large room just below our own home.

There's some wooden furniture down here, including a set of chairs and another old table. Surrounding the room are all of my siblings, they seem tense and scared.
Especially Cirrus, she's clinging onto the secretary for dear life.

"What is going on?"
"Your mom told us to stay down here until she got back." Aiko meekly hides in the corner with her sister. "She said Asai is loose, and was going to stop him."

Wait, I was just there.

>Thread End

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"Kaori, we're going to try teleporting behind the building. Where none of the monstersw are."

"Okay, but what do we do when we're over there?"
"First thing's first: Make sure that Fortune HQ hasn't turned to Jello or something."
"I think that's silly, we should look at the monsters."

I turn my head slowly toward her and give her a deadpan stare.
"Do YOU want to go risk being spotted by a whole bunch of monsters far away from home?"

She thinks about those words for a second, and shivers.
"No, let's go check out the building."


We blink back into existence a few meters from the edge of the structure.
Strangely enough, there's no one back here.

"We gotta hurry." I tap Kaori on the shoulder.
"Eh? Why!?"

"If Asai didn't put any monsters back here when he has so many, that must mean he can see this place somehow."
"I-it doesn't mean that!"

Maybe I shouldn't have told her my thoughts. She just seems panicky now.

We approach the usually demure concrete of Fortune's exterior.
Already, we're noticing some things.

"The texture is completely wrong." Kaori notes as she reaches out to touch it.
I grab her hand before she does.

"Careful! You don't just touch things that look weird, do you?"
"..N-no, you're right."

Instead, she reaches into her pocket. Gently, she takes out a ballpoint pen.
She takes the pen and gently prods against the building's exterior.

Slowly, the wall bends inwards.
"I-is concrete supposed to be this soft?"
"I'm not a buider, so I don't know."


Without warning, the pen goes straight through the wall!
From the tiny hole it created, a powerful stream of air exerts itself.

"Uhh?! Fortune.. is full of air?" I fumble with my words.

"Masami.." Kaori is soft, "I can't believe it, your stupid crazy theory was right."
"Which one?"

"They took the building, and put a replica in it's place."

"But.. where's the building?"

She turns her head, and gives me a look that fills me with worry.

>Thread End

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I look through the deck at likely candidates who might be able to talk to me.

Belle is a card that I made, so I'm not sure how lively that one might be. That rules out the speed card, too. So that leaves Cirrus and Melissa.

I've had Cirrus longer, so taking a peek inside probably wouldn't hurt much. I'm amazed Cirrus hasn't changed before now.
I flip the card out and hold it in front of me. Closing my eyes, I concentrate.

"EEEEEEEEEEK!" I hear Kaori screech as my eyes snap open!
The once silvery shine of the other world is gone! What's in its place is the feathery cotton of clouds below our feet!
Even though it looks like we should be falling straight through them, we're instead standing perfectly firm on top of them!

"W-W-W-W-W-" Kaori buries her face into my back, squeezing me to the point of discomfort.
"K-Kaori, I can't breathe."

"Kaori! Calm down! You can't fall here, you-"

Before I can finish, she shifts her entire weight to my back and causes me to trip and fall over! I land with a soft thud against the down of the solid clouds.

"Masami, Masami, are we falling? Are we-"
"Kaori, we're fine, look, just open your eyes a little."

Her grip loosens.
"Y-yeah, I guess it's just, just an illusion."
"It's a very soft illusion."

"And you two are so warm!"

Wait, us two?
..Why do I feel another set of hands on my shoulder?

>Get up and run around in circles!
>Freeze up, don't.. move.. a muscle.
>Gulp and ask Kaori to repeat what she just said
>Safe place. Only safe place now.

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"You two stay here. Julie, keep an eye on her."
"Will do!"

Gently concentrating, I feel myself slip to the other world. Maybe it has some answers as to why Mom decided to hide inside of his orb, or even if it was her own doing at all.


That's weird.
Unlike the rest of the building, which is sort-of transparent, this room is almost pitch-black. I can't see anything.

That's when I remember earlier, when everyone was lost and confused on the upper floors. It was dark in this world too, back then. I thought I had solved this problem by beating that guy upstairs, but now it seems to have come back.
"MOM!" I yell into the darkness.

No answer.
"MOOOOM!" I yell again louder.

I hear some stirring in the darkness, and then a whisper.

I run directly at the voice-
Ouch ouch ow ow ow.
"That's really hot."

"Masami!? Where are you!?"
"Mom! Just.. stay still! Don't move! I'm going to go do something about this, right now!"


"She's in there!" I yell at Julie, and then grab her by the shoulders.
"Ow Ow, I get it!"

The lady at the table sighs and stands up.
"I hope you two brought another change of clothes."
With that, the fire sprinklers turn on, dousing the entire room in a torrent of water.

The ball of flame mildly flickers from the shower. Julie raises her blade.
With a sweep, a blue curtain falls over the orb!

It's struggling, but isn't quite completely gone just yet.

>Try something!
>Rush in and grab Mom with the speed card!
>Use the shadow card to grab her!
>Try something else?!
>Cry and scream!

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Julie and I calmly explain what we think is going on with Fortune right now. Asai is playing mind games with us individually, while keeping the lights of the building off. The layout of Fortune is still the same, it's just we're getting confused by his tricks.

So we decide to form a long chain. All of us hold hands with two other people to ensure no one gets lost, then we follow behind Julie.

There has to be eight people in here, now. Let's see,
Julie, Kaori, Aiko, Maeda, the principal, Emillion, myself of course.
Am I forgetting anyone? I think Ryouta was strong-armed into helping Anna outside the bubble. She's just a little girl after all. She shouldn't be roped into this. Aiko's Mom volunteered to stay outside as well, she's trying to find a way to contact Mom through something called 'telepathy'.

I don't really know what that is.

"Pay attention." Julie elbows me.
She's right, all of us need to pay attention. The building is dark, and there's no telling what is lurking in the shadows.

Julie continues down the winding corridors and staircases that are completely invisible to all of us. Several times it looks like we're walking straight into a wall and simply pass through it.

"I think I'm getting motion sickness." Maeda! No! Not now!
"Just close your eyes." Julie is quick to respond.

That's good advice, it makes me wonder if I shouldn't do that too.

We slowly continue behind Julie as we travel down several flights of stairs and find ourselves wandering yet another hallway.
"What? What happened!?"
"This wall! It just moved!

The wall, it moved!?
"She's right!" Julie gasps, "The walls are moving!"

"Hang on." the principal silences everyone.
That's when we notice, the walls aren't moving anymore.

"They're moving as we walk." He whispers, "It's like they can see us."

>Turn around!
>Use a card!
>How else can you think of out of this situation!?

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How even.
How are you even.

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I can't stop thinking about her, there have been too many coincidences today.

The school, the monsters, Fortune, the fact that they're attacking there of all places, the fact that some of them are turning into humans, the fact that the JESTER of all monsters attacked me outside this very mansion, Haruko disappearing.
Haruko disappearing..
"I think I need to check on Mom."
"Eh? Masami? Are you sure?" Kaori seems increasingly worried.

"Yes." I can feel the pressure that has been building up in my forehead start to throb again. "I'm sure. I need to be certain before I rush into Fortune."

Kaori takes out her phone and checks the messages. "Masami, The principal already went to Fortune with the others. I'll ride with Aiko and go there with the box. I'll be able to quell them myself if Aimi is helping me."

I look up at her, I can't believe she's volunteering to take this on herself.
"Eh? You sure?"
"I'm certain Masami." Kaori wraps her arms around me, "Go make sure Mom is safe, for me."

I feel SO HAPPY. I can still feel the intense worry from Haruko disappearing, but if I can at least make sure Mom is safe, that will be a huge burden off my mind.
"T-Thank you so much Sis!"
"It's fine, Masami. Go on, we have to get these kids out of here."

I sprint toward the door while Aimi, Aiko's mother, picks up the still-crying girl. Aiko tries picking up Emillion, but is pushed away with a pout.


I forgot just how far away the mansion was from home. It's not an incredible leap, but Kaori should be pulling up to Fortune HQ at this point.
I want to be there to help her! I don't want to spend the whole time back at home because I got worried!

Maybe she was right, maybe I was just worried over nothing.

I land in the driveway and hop toward the front door.
Except the front door is laying in the driveway.

>Go inside and hurt everything in there!
>Call out to someone!
>Through the window, dynamic entrance!
>Pick a card?

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"I think we're ready." I stand up and check my cards in my pocket.
"Who's going with us?" Kaori says, looking at the assembled group.

"All of us!" Aiko speaks up, "We didn't come along to just watch you do everything dangerous!"

The principal sighs, "I didn't want any of you to come along at all. But-"

He looks toward the mansion. The silhouettes that were perched on the roof are now gone.
"-But I understand that you would just come without me if I didn't bring you along."

The principal takes a step toward the mansion. "We shouldn't put this off any longer, we don't want to be around when it gets dark. Let's go."

All of us slowly make our way down the overgrown path.


"I don't like this." Kaori says, standing outside the door to the mansion.
"I haven't liked this!" I reply. Everything just feels so cold and distant here. I know I've only been here once before, and I caused a lot of property damage when I was here. It just feels so strange when there's nothing around.

"Let me go first." The principal steps in front with his sword drawn.
"I just think that-"

The front door opens and a hulking beast steps out, there's a good thirty feet between him and us. At least he had the decency to come through the door instead of trying to jump on us from the roof or something. He leaves the door behind him hanging open like he isn't expecting to be out here very long.

He's straight and to the point,
"I won't even pretend to not know why you are here."

He cracks his knuckles.

>Use a card?
>Talk to him?
>Fight him!
>Retreat and regroup!

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"Come on, pick up!"

I'm standing in Fortune's parking lot right now. Constantly hammering the little tile on my phone.
She's not picking up, and I really don't want to go inside Fortune right now. The front door is blown open, and dozens of pieces of office furniture are practically spilling out. Not to mention the occasional sound of metal-on-metal that the building seems to be belching out.

I look across the parking lot and-
There is Mom's car, parked across two spaces with the driver side door still open.

No, oh no.

>In through the front door!
>Go through the roof entrance!
>W-wait, let's not get too hasty, I probably need help
>>From someone, but who?
>>My friends?
>>The Principal?
>No no no! I'm doing this by myself!

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Slowly I make my way to the pavilion, being sure to check the surrounding field for any enemies laying in wait. Everythig seems perfectly normal aside from the three figures stuck in a stone-cold stance.
I really don't like where this is going. They aren't even acknowledge me as I approach them. Maybe they are the enemy? No no, that's silly to think. It's probably just some kids who don't know what is going on. I should tell them to go to the gym and wait there for someone to come back.

That's when I step into the pavilion and notice that the statues standing along the inside are actually my friends.
"M-MAEDA?" I yell at the stonefaced figure who refuses to omve an inch. She seems stuck halfway between standing up.
I rush to the other side of the table and shake her, nothing. Maeda's eyes seem to stare off into nothing.

I look around the table, Aiko, Ryouta! Ryouta seems to be trying to assume a combat stance, and is Aiko trying to crawl under the table?

"W-what happened here!?"

Off in the distance, I can hear the rumbling once more.

>Stay here and try to fix this! No one messes with my friends!
>Follow the rumbling. That thing could be rampaging across campus!
>T-this is too scary! Go find someone else!
>Try moving them somewhere

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Did Kaori just ask ME for a strategy!?
"I don't know! Why are you asking me?!"

The look on her face is priceless, but also oddly disconcerting.
"W-well, I guess the gym? Because that's where everyone goes when there is a problem?"
Kaori pats my shoulder, "See? You can make plans just fine!"

Somehow I don't believe her.

We slowly make our way across campus and finally arrive at the gym. Much to our dismay, the door appears to be hanging open.

"Masami, this could be a trap."
"I know, but we can't really turn back now."
That's a lie, we could turn back at any time.
I just don't want to leave my friends alone when everything is as creepy as it is.

I walk in front of Kaori as we slowly creep into the gym. All the lights are out, and the stage is brightly lit up. Everything except the stage is practically invisible in the inky blackness, we take a few more steps onto the jet-black floor as-


A mighty bash strikes across the back of my head. The sound of wood breaking and clattering against the floor fills the otherwise completely silent auditorium.


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One last place I want to check before I leave: The Labs.
I was shown the labs several times the last time I was here. Plus, the hallway leading there seems to be completely vacant.

I walk up to the guard post that sits just outside the hallway leading to the labs.
..And he's not even here, huh. Maybe they really don't care about guarding this hallway all that much considering all their employees are monsters that know what goes on in there anyway.

Walking down the hallway, I'm presented with the main door into the lab. Naturally, it's locked tight with a several-digit combination needed to enter.

Except there's one entrance that's not locked. The door to the observation deck appears to be hanging open. Maybe someone ran out of it and forgot to shut the door?
No time to think about it! I push the door open and rush in.

Rushing up the hallway and up to the lab, I suddenly notice that there's someone else in the lab proper.
While I'm standing on the observation balcony, there's a guy in a white lab coat that appears to be performing some kind of ritual in the lab.

It's hard to focus and see who it is in the blinding white light, but it's definitely a person that's doing it. I can barely tell what he's doing, but he's spinning some kind of card around in the air with a kind of unseen force.
That's scary!

He suddenly stops, and slowly, his head turns toward where I'm watching him from!

>Run away!
>No no! S-surely it's a mistake!

>Roll a 1d20 while you answer, I'll take all of them this time!

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Okay, Something is definitely wrong here.

Kaori pays it no mind, walking right over to the dinner table and sitting down. She unwraps one of the biscuits and starts eating.
"Kaori!" I scold her.

"Mm?" She says, mouth full, "What's wrong?"
"Don't you think something is kind of wrong here? You just unwrapped your breakfast, it's like it came from a fast-food joint!"

She looks at her food, and then at her hash browns, also wrapped.
"Oh yeah. That is kind of strange."

Then she resumes eating.
How am I supposed to believe that she will be okay if this is how she reacts to weird things?!
I'm going to go see why Mom's door is closed.

Gently, I walk over to Mom's bedroom door and slide it open.
As I suspected, Mom is still sleeping in bed. Her long hair sprawls out from under the covers and over her pillows.

So now I know something is definitely wrong.
I can hear my sister exclaim from the other room,"Wow! Pancakes! Never had these for breakfast before!"

I, on the other hand, only grow more suspicious by the second. Who would give us a mystery breakfast, but not bother waking any of us up?

Slowly I creep to the front door and slide it open, peeking my head out into the yard.
Nothing here. Kaori has stopped eating and started eying me as I carefully walk across the room to the back door.
Sliding it open, I'm met with just the garden and the small pond out back. There's a large statue standing in front of the pond, and a gentle breeze that ruffles the leaves of the garden.

Wait, I don't remember a large statue being out here!

"Hi." The statue says nonchalantly.
>Freak out
>Don't freak out
>Get Kaori
>Threaten it!
>Wait, wait, handle this like a calm and responsible young girl.
>Step outside and don't make a sound like anything is wrong.

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