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Has anyone heard anything from Blorp? His Twitter has been quiet since October.

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You squint at the damn thing. Mechanical whirring noises, low profile matching someone lying against the ground, yet large enough to rustle ineptly through leaves...

If you were a betting dwarf, you'd peg that as Rokko using her built-in camera to sneak in pictures of you.

Seriously, the one thing you'd learned about the Blue Bomber is that she has the worrying tendency to want to commemorate you making a total ass of yourself, under the flimsy excuse that you're "cute." You don't know WHY, and you don't know if she was like this when she was all lively and not-screwed-over (though you vaguely remember Blanc mentioning something to that effect).

... but you can't be 100% sure it's her.

Taking a deep breath, you back up until you're leaning against the entrance to your wood hut, ready to dart back inside at a moment's notice. And then you just- call out, listing out the following announcements:

- You aren't tasty.
- You aren't worth the trouble to kill, murder, loot, and burn, not necessarily in that order.
- You come in peace, though you have no fucking clue where you've actually come /to/.
- You're only looking for your friends
- If it was Rokko all along, you're gonna kick her ass so hard she'll be able to use her own head as an extra life.

You pause, waiting for an answer, or some reaction, or- /something/.

>Urist Twelfthbay calls out to the ???
ROLL d100! (dice+1d100 in the email field)
Taking the best of three!
DC: 70

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Honestly? The latter is much, much easier than the former. First things first, you gather up a small pile of stones and make the entrance tunnel that much narrower. Anyone intruders will have to file in one at a time, and you and your defenders'll be able to hold them off pretty easily.

After that, well... since all you've got is that drawbridge, you need a cheap, easy last line of defense. So a few rock mechanisms and the last few pieces of lumber later, you've got yourself two rows of the humble cage trap, capable of catching anything short of a horrific death-dealing megabeast or another adventurer.

Anything bigger and more drastic can come later. Time's-a-wasting, after all.

And it would REALLY, REALLY HELP if Neptune didn't stop suggesting ridiculously improbable traps, thank you very fucking much.

((Come ooon, there's nothing more classic than the endless pit or the wall of instakill spikes!)) the goddess whines.

You roll your eyes as you tromp back to the storeroom. You don't have ROOM for endless pits, and any pit less than endless would just get stupidly messy, you growl. And you don't have the means to create instakill spikes.

((Boo. You're no fun, Urist!))

Oh, you're PLENTY of !!fun!!. You park yourself in front of the big lode of Sharicite smack-dab in the middle of your storage area, shooing away a rat- it scurries into a crack in the wall. That's a good sign; as far as you can tell, no more ocean vermin means the ocean outside has receded.

For a few minutes, you squint at the gently pulsing rock, mildly relieved when you don't feel any sudden jolts or bursts of power or whatever. You take Neptune's silence as a sign that she's looking it over too.


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You look down at the furniture you've got sitting on the floor. The bed's already done, stonewoven blankets and sheets frozen solid. Meanwhile, the cabinet's almost deconstructed, well on its way to becoming a size and weight that lets it be easily carried by one dwarf. The storage space inside has collapsed into a singularity, ensuring that no one will accidentally put their belongings inside before it's to be moved.

You look back up at Doomgirl. Nope, not seeing it. Anyway, you're finished now. That invisible creature still here?

The marine twitches her head to one side, and then the other, looking like a particularly demented pigeon. After a moment, she shakes her head. "Yeah. It's gone from this room now. Fucking groovy. I'm not gonna ask why, so I'm hitting the hay now. Arrivederci, dwarf."

... wait, that's all she was in here for? If you hadn't swung by, was she really planning on just SITTING here the whole night, watching over this supposed monster!?

Doomgirl looks at you blankly. "Well, /duh/. Woulda started blowing shit up otherwise, and we're underwater. Got anymore bright questions?"

[ ] [LAST MEMORY] What's the last thing she remembers before getting warped into the hyperdimension? More to the point, what kinda stuff has she gotten involved in?
[ ] [ABILITIES] You've seen Doomgirl whip out guns, but that's all you know. What else can this adventurer do? What was all that talk about teleporting?
[ ] [OPINION] What's Doomgirl think about all this void-between-dimensions stuff and Arfoire? How about the Sharicite lode you've got in your fort?
[ ] [SLEEP] Yeah, let her go so you can take your long-overdue rest. Seriously, you've been up and awake for how many threads now?
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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>Anyway, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted-

You regret nothing, and you certainly don't regret trying to shoot the hell out of floating key fragment rocks that only promise to bring you nothing but trouble.

>- please touch the Sharicite, Urist.

The Sharicite. The gigantic floating lode of goddess-powering ore that's floating smack-dab in the middle of your entrance hall (which is the really the ONLY room in your fort, but shhh). And Histoire wants you to touch the damn thing.

Why YOU? Why not Mojang, or something?, you growl, ignoring your surrogate little sister's surprised glance. If this thing's gonna be some sort of power boost, won't it make sense to pump up the stronger of you two?

>It's your fortress, is it not? Look, there's not a lot of time left; I'm running out of energy, and there's far too much left for me to explain. (゚Д゚;)

There's far too much stuff here that's pinging your paranoia, that's for sure.

[ ] [TOUCH THE THING] Might as well humor Histoire, or at least get her to shut up. You know by first-hand experience that just touching Sharicite has no ill effects.
[ ] [CLARIFICATION] You've talked to Histoire before- or, well, you've DREAMT about talking to Histoire before, so why doesn't she recognize you?
[ ] [WAITASEC] How do you even know that you're talking to Histoire? Maybe it's an impostor. Or maybe this is some sorta shared hallucination. Either way, proof or bust.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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You risk a glance back at the dungeon entrance- not that you can see through the all-encompassing darkness shrouding the damn doorway. After a few heartbeats in which Ein does not materialize and butcher you into so much meat, you conclude that Ein won't be materializing and butchering you for a few minutes, if not more.

"C... come now, Urist," Shovel Knight stammers. "Surely the Warrior of Light would not be so angry with us as to go straight into overkill?"

Hopefully not. You, uh, you sort of summoned one of the most annoying type of bird you could think of, one that's virtually impossible to kill with ranged attacks and /literally/ impossible to kill with melee attacks alone. So by the time Ein finishes taking down those buzzards...

Shovel Knight shudders and sags against her shovel. "Say no more," she mutters in that archaic twang of hers, rallying magnificently; even as you watch, all that fear clinging to your ally seems to seep into the ground, leaving ironclad determination in its place. "Then we best get moving before she catches up."

You eye Shovel Knight as she climbs to her feet, even though you have to crane your neck once she straightens up to her full height. So... she's feeling okay, then? That brush with mortality back there-

"Never better! We have a quest ahead of us, Urist."

Not her quest, you insist, taking quick steps- almost a half-jog- just to keep up with her stride. Y'know, technically, you all only met a few fucking days ago.

"I know that, yes!"

No, seriously- Shovel Knight's strong as all hell for a goddamned rookie. She could go anywhere, do anything, take pretty much any Guild job she wants- so why's she following around a filthy little dwarf like yourself? Why's she willing to hurl herself in front of someone who could destroy the both of you with her hands tied behind her back?


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"Ah, my apologies! m(_ _)m" The blonde fairy stands up- even that doesn't seem to make her taller than your head- and bows politely. "Thank you for your assistance, Urist- my name is Histoire, and as for my role, I suppose you could call me the Oracle of Gamindustri. I did not mean to be rude, I was simply... surprised, that's all. I did not think we would be talking face-to-face so soon! (」゚ロ゚)」"

... you can't help but stare for a moment. Alright, leaving aside how she's doing that- that /thing/-

"What thing? (゚ペ)?"

- was she planning on meeting you in person or something? What's with the surprise?

"Hmm..." Histoire sits back down, dangling her legs over the edge of the book. "You're making quite a lot of ripples in this world, Urist. Even if you aren't aware of it, you've been at the center of a few incidents already! (;´д`)ゞ"

Hah. Right, pull the other one, it's got bells on. You're nothing but a broken-ass adventurer; she's better off looking for someone like Estelle, or Rokko, or one of the goddesses-

"Yes, I would normally agree," she interjects, nodding sagely and knocking your ego down a few dozen pegs. "And that is why I am keeping an eye on you, of course. This is all quite abnormal."

Neptune's nonsense accusations of you stealing her main character-ness pop into mind before you shake it off. Well, okay. If she's so chock-full of information, and if you've somehow got the power to affect a whole lot of weird shit, then how's about she share some of it with you, huh?


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You're not sure what to make of your new ally; back at the Fighting Frog, she'd accepted your invitation to join your party with surprising ease, and all you'd had to do was mention that you were journeying to Leanbox to fulfill a promise and check up on your friends, one of which might be held against her will-

"A quest, you say?" she'd asked back then. "To free your friend from captivity?"

Well, not quite from /captivity/, but you don't know what the hell's going on over there-

"Then you have my shovel!" Shovel Knight had cheered. "How could I ever turn down such a call for help? If I did, I would not be half the knight I was!"

But we can't promise any sort of goddamn compensation for possibly diving headfirst into a motherfucking war zone-!

"I have no need for compensation," she'd replied, and you had cursed her for a fool (Ai Masushita did as well, but she'd done it with a smile on her face. As expected of idols).

Now that you're watching Shovel Knight at work, though, you can see WHY she doesn't seem to care all that much about that sort of thing.

"Ah, another diamond! Fortune smiles upon us this day, my friends!" she says cheerfully, as if finding precious gems and jewels was an everyday occurrence for her. Given that she's found a few trillion dwarfbux worth of diamonds and rubies every other time she cracks open a rock with her shovel, though-


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Can I get Urist sleeping in a cute nightgown hugging a Daki of a stalagmite.

Pic of cute nightgown.

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Urist and White heart comparing heights. White Heart is taller

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Your first reaction is to curse Estelle for a fool, and- okay, you're not gonna lie, you give into that urge right away, pacing back and forth as you grumble under your breath. Estelle's an idiot for running straight out like that, without even so much as a goddamn /word/ to either of you, and an even bigger idiot for going in without stopping to use her goddamn /mind/-

The scraggy-haired swordswoman's wilting a little by the time you finish ranting, but she's still got that stubborn set to her jaw when you whirl on her again. You whip your arm up and point a finger straight at her face, and your voice is a /snarl/ when you ask her if she has any idea, any idea at all what the HELL you're gonna do.

"I'm sorry, Urist, but I've really gotta do this! If I don't, or if someone else gets their hands on Blanc first, then it's all-"

You're gonna steamroll over any of her goddamn objections and fix that goddamn glitch for her. Then, and only then, will you even THINK about letting her run off on her own. Got that?

Well, THAT'S enough to wipe that stubborn set off her face. Estelle's jaw drops open, ruining whatever other rejoinder she had lined up, and she stays like that just long enough for you to narrow your eyes suspiciously. Oh, for Armok's sake, she'd better not tell you what you THINK she's gonna tell you-


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Oh I'm super late

Can I get Urist from Hyperdimension Dwarf Fortress Quest with her braids tied around and under her chin, maybe a banner over her head that says It's a Dwarf life.

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>10+1 - Insufficient!

The spider-centaur shifts to deal with the new threat, and your crossbow bolt clangs dully off its leg, well above the big exposed joint. There are absolutely no curse words strong enough to adequately express your GODDAMN FUCKING ANGER AT-

Estelle squawks as she's sort of swatted out of the sky by a wildly-swinging spider leg, and she lands heavily against- well, okay, against the /wall/, somehow managing to hit it feet-first. And then she's off again, leading in with her shield, her trajectory straight as a missile. While that's happening, Rokko's latched herself onto the monster's back, looking like a tick clinging onto a normal-sized human, and she's grimly slicing away at the chitinous armor even as the spider-centaur wildly swings himself to and fro to shake her off.

Goddamn, shooting isn't- it's not /working/! You might hit your friends from here, now that they're all swarming over the monster! And why can't YOU jump around like a goddamn acrobat, anyway??

[ ] [GRAPPLE] Go for one of the legs! Try to hold the damn spider-centaur still, long enough for Estelle and Rokko to do some real damage!
[ ] [UNDERMINE] Dash underneath the spider-centaur and launch a barrage of bolts into its belly. You can't miss at that range, even if you, uh, might get a little squashed or skewered.
[ ] [LEAP] Try and channel the bullshit anime physics that you KNOW run through your veins (as much as you hate to admit it). If you're gonna be stuck as a little girl, you might as well /jump/ like one!
[ ] [SUMMON] Channel your inner abilities! You're stronger now (maybe), so you'll totally bring in something that'll even the odds (hopefully)!
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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>Walls roll!
>Success bonus: Fast Construction!

Walls. Fine. Walls are easy enough to handle, you've just... gotta take a buncha rocks, mold them by hand into the rough shapes you want to use, and then stick them into the ground and let nature take its course, i.e. they immediately become rock walls about one story tall, eternally impenetrable by any outside force whatsoever unless you decide to take them down by hand.

See? Easy as pie, and on top of that, you knocked it up masterfully fast. You have no fucking clue how non-dwarves are able to complicate building construction to such a ludicrous degree.

Rokko, at least, lets you work in silence (Estelle doesn't have a choice, being out like a light). You can feel the Blue Bomber's eyes on your back, although that's mostly because she turns her head to watch as you move around and you can hear her helmet scraping against the rock floor. You foresee another round of repairs in her eventual future.

Soon enough, you've got a nice set of walls in place, surrounding you and sealing you off from the outside worGODDAMMIT! Ceilings!

You bang your head against the unyielding rock with a muffled curse, ignoring the pain and, behind you, another scrape from Rokko's helmet. Need to build a fucking ceiling above your head! You can't DO that from the first floor! Okay, Mojang can build ceilings from one story down, but she's a wizard with dodgy physics, so you'll- you'll have to build a RAMP or something and STAND on a wall while you BUILD the ceiling and- and-

You sigh and get to work, frowning in consternation. This'll be tough.

>Urist Twelfthbay gets to work on a ceiling!
ROLL d20! (dice+1d20 in the email field)
Taking the best of three!
DC: 16 (+1 Construction bonus)

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Oh Blorp, you finally decided to run. How nice...

Anyway, the thing I said I was doing a couple threads back. Couldn't quite get the shading to be as good as the Neptunia girls but hopefully this is close to what you pictured.

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