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It gets really, really nasty if you stack it with other stuff.

-Scar Dead (Medaka Box): So let's say you're a Deldar and you try to go to your happy place when your sins start crawling on your back. Except no, that's not happening-because now every fuckup, every wound and debillitation and hurt is starting to open up again-and this being 40K, that's a lot of wounds.

-Herald (SMT): But that's okay, you still have your happy place right? Not anymore you don't. Now you're being compelled to emphasise with your pain. Also, the sensations of your sins are actually being manifested against you now; so even if you're a masochist it's quite likely the sheer humiliation is going to prevent you from enjoying the experience.

-Embodiment of Evil+Titan's Blood (God of War): Okay, maybe now's the time to turn over a new leaf. Except no, you can't when you're being immersed in gaseous clouds of noxious evil even as you're being smacked around by attacks that worsen with increased amounts of evil.

-A Ragged Wound (Franken Fran) and Halted Time (Valkyrie Profile): But your physiology is stuffed full of combat drugs and stuff so you'll recuperate eventually right? Nope, now you'll need honest-to-goodness magical surgery-has to be magical AND surgery-to make the pain go away.

-A Song for the Hopeless+Learn to Fly High (Binbougami-ga) and Magoi Manipulation OR Master Magician (Magi): Maybe you have a trick up your sleeve. Well, it's not going to work now. Your powers are going haywire, and your wounds are destined to occur. There's no getting off this ride.

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Because The House always wins.

Drawbacks: When gods go to war, Evil Counterpart (1500)

Drop-In, Age 37

Job Offer (Free)
Watchful (Free)
Cause and Effect (1400)
Ghost (1200)
Social Media Money (600)
The Machine: Samaritan (0)

Oh, great. IT's back. The crawling chaos is out and about, walking to and fro in the Earth and...signing up to a rival agency. Sure. Why not.

Apparently the scorched earth protocals would result in "unacceptable collateral damage" nevermind the likely effects of an Outer God approaching humanity, so we'll have to play this one low-key. For now. Fingerkings in the mail, motorways carefully directed to form occult sigils, allies from other worlds disguised as regular human beans-and other spy stuff.

The silver lining-this is exactly the kind of political atmosphere that needs firm guiding hand. Better an Orwellian nightmare than a Lovecraftian one, right? A few upgrades to the Samaritan (lunar photonic crystals, AIM generators, Shard installation, wraithbone networking etc) and we can get this counter-conspiracy started! It'll be like True Detective but if the detectives had gravitational beam emitters and the cultists were unambiguously eldritch.


...well...technically, a disrupted, chaotic society IS something that would further Nyarlathotep's designs on the world. So, we're kinda obliged to actually root out all the corruption and/or force its' perpetuators to invest in public works, gradually reshaping the industrial-military complex into something that actually helps people as a whole. You know. For order.

We're still vetoing the perpetual friendship engine's deployment, though.

Also, to Ravenloftanon-would it be correct to assume taking When gods go to war with the Samaritan as your Machine would lead to the other Machine deeming you a threat? And that drawback aside, could you take The Machine twice to own both machines?

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Not that anon, but amongst other things? Since a Page of Void knows things through building an identity out of them, abilities that are dependant on or extensions of one's identity would probably undergo.../interesting/ changes.

For one thing, you'd simply have A LOT more fuel to power Soulfire with. Never mind what the ramifications of partly altering its' fuel source would be. Especially if said fuel source includes an opponent's machines, homeland, ideals and possibly the opponent itself.

For another, if one had the ability known as You Do Not Exist from Gunnerkrigg Court one could vastly increase the breadth of how extreme one could change form by identifying more exotic forms as part and parcel of their identity.

There's also the issue that one would likely have great influence through comprehension-assimilation over entities that do not, strictly speaking, exist properly. This doesn't sound great on paper but then you'd be surprised at how many people fall prey to Fingerkings or Hivers or Goetic demons every day.

If one had a style of alchemy that produced resources from nothing, like Minecraft's Equivalent Exchange, a style of magic that gives form to what has been analysed, such as Type-Moon's Projection or the relevant HSDW equivalent it might be possible to synthesise materials unimaginable in normal circumstances.

Being trapped in an identity-sublimating effect such as Instrumentality or the Infinite Tsukuyomi would be much less hazerdous, as through identifying with the effect one can understand and reject it.

As sympathic magic is partly based on the abstract relationship between people and their things, identifying in abstract with /everything/ would grant a LOT of metaphysical leverage to doing basically anything with it. Most likely more in the way of defence. It would be quite difficult to make a voodoo doll out of someone who is, in some way, an abstract extension of the world you live in.

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>Space is full of unimaginable horrors.
>Micrometeors or miniature black holes or gamma ray bursts could kill you at any time, and there's nothing you can do about it. Do you really want to risk dying cold and alone in the endless void, knowing your remains will never see home again? Knowing your family won't even have a grave to visit? Knowing you are beyond the reach of anyone who could even possibly care in those final moments?

Personally we find all of that incredibly romantic and nostalgic, but hey-each to their own, you know?

>So you get into this issue that it's clearly them covering their ass having come up with the visual first and then scrambling to make a feasible-sounding idea for what they are.

This is ME technology in a nutshell, really. Remember that explanation about how Reapers actually shoot superluminally accelerated molten metal, but how by ME3 their weapons pretty much behave like pew-pew lasers?

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Drawbacks: I Need More Time! (100 years), Solar Flares, How The Hell Did He Get Up There? (1300)

Scientist (1200)

Visit Exotic Alien Worlds, And Study Them (Free)
This Is Eating Into My Space Time (1100)
There IS A Method To Madness! (900)
Extraordinary Thought Requires Extraordinary Surroundings (600)
In A Junkyard, with a Box of Scraps (0)
This Is, Actually, Rocket Science (Free)
Some Old Friends (Free)
Espirit de Kerbal (Free)
Emblems (Free)

Wait so-that's it? Really? You guys...just want to go to space? Not even, as quickly as possible? You don't have any ulterior motives, you just wanna get all up in that airless void?

Alright, we can do that! Look, we just threw together some spaceships out of carboard, nerf foam, some bubblewrap and some masking tape. Mind the Drunken Tillar, it modulates the vehicles' takeoff so it's just the right about of rickity without being /too/ smooth or too violent to the point of crashlanding.

Also don't open the engine room. It's TOTALLY just Kerbal science and not a nullspace containing a miniaturised gravity furnace that warps space in order to enable a cardboard spaceship to move without fuel. Incidentally the ships comes with a tractor beam for safely pulling your buddies in from orbit.

The chrome surfaces are TOTALLY just spray paint and not Necron inertialess drive technology rendered so efficient it just needs necrodermis to do its' thing.

And the communication channels TOTALLY do not run on literal wishful thinking! Although if they did, we'd point out that faith is a very efficient information medium!

Anyway, we'll just be over here in the junkyard, with the fabrications unit. Do not make eye contact with the fabrications unit. The fabrications unit is homicidally curious about organic lifeforms.

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From what little I know of both, I think Soul Calibur because it's the one with multiple swords powerful enough to threaten the world.

Um, let's see...Time, Stasis, Iron, (demigod via descent from Eliatrope of) Life, (demigod twice over, high priest and host to two primordial personifications of) Light, Evil (specialising in fear, despair and domination), Fire (if Asgardians are counted), Harvests (technicality because of the nature of the Darkhallow and how far we pushed Kemmelerian necromancy), Fire (if you count MCU Asgardian), Stasis (if you count Lord of Light's colonists), (Fivefold angel amalgamation and reincarnated demon overlord appointed as the absolute judge of) Law, Comcast, Doors, (Rider of) Taxation, Mantra, The Winds of Magic (initially Death before also becoming the Incarnate of High Magic), (inheritor of the reincarnated mantle formerly owned by an archangel governing) Winter, Misfortune and Void.

Nope. Not a God of Thunder. We rely on science, psionics and magic for that.

Well, /maybe/ you could make an argument based on some of the Divine Spirits sacrificed to empower our Noble Phantasm but-really, that's the NP, not us surely. But on the other hand, the NP manifests as our Sorcery Trait so-it's kinda iffy?

Bad things.

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Well, technically we don't have either in our natural state if we don't want to manifest it from our aggregate spiritual gestalt. And when we do, it tends to take the form of biomechanical blends rather than raw flesh and blood. Which tends to be inefficient by itself.

But no, you're not alone. Sometimes we do donate universal bodily fluids to Fran, because the results are scientifically fascinating as well as a great icebreaker at parties.

And to be fair, none of them have gone as catastrophically wrong as Pandascape yet.

You're...going to wrestle them and release them back to their natural habitat while filming a documentary about vampires in order to raise awareness for wildlife conservation?

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Oh, you did R-type too? Nice!

If you had the knowledge of how to build the spaceship that shoots weather at people, a means of attuning technology as a conduit for psychic powers, Alpha psyker pyromancy and Viator of Nullspace could you rig up the weapons systems to shoot localised warpstorms? Or would they come out as more really, really weird supernatural weather?

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Whelp. Time to jump Les Miserables.

Drawbacks: I Dreamed a Dream, In My Life, Fifty Valjeans: Correspondence, Better in Japan (1500)

Servant of the State, Age 30 (1350)

The Arrest (Free)
Intervention (1250)
Black (1050)
Suicide Soliloquey (950)
Castle on a Cloud (750)
Wedding Chorale (500)
The Bargain (0)

So here we are, in what is allegedly 19th century france. But in practice, is a cavalcade of insanity with vaguely Victorian trappings in a world gone mad. Men speak the language of the stars, divided between those who would see the Liberation of N-er, the French Revolution come to pass, and those who serve the Traitor E-wait no, the king of France in maintaining law and order.

Attack names will be called.

Poses will be struck.

Random things will start bursting into flame as everyone from Jean Valjean to Javert suddenly belt out arias in the language of hungry star gods.

And we're just over here in the corner, trying to prevent what Is and Is Not going completely pear-shaped because all the urchins have learned to cast lightning bolt.

Quick, try to levitate something with your mind. You may have just been triggered


By the way, how do Genesis Frogs work after the jump? How does one even go about creating a frog that is a universe? Presumably they're smaller universes than most, right?

>> No.46966935 [View]


That's quite beside the point, assuming you can traverse one end of the universe to the other in a reasonable amount of time it would be much safer to open a set of Portal-style wormholes between the worlds and their destination before gently shoving them through. If you just tug it on a chain and somehow prevent the planets from tearing apart you still have to realign it in orbit properly so that it doesn't crash into existing planets/planetoids, end up too far/too near the sun for sentient life to survive and calibrate the orbits so days and so on can work properly.

If you mean doing the choking, KOTOR (#13)

If you mean being choked, Dragon's Dogma (#18)

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"Anon, aren't you going to try and win the game like the other classes?"


"Well, what are you doing all day then? Are you just going to do nothing forever?"

"Yes. That's the job"

"I don't understand you sometimes"

"Don't worry about it. Doing nothing is best left to the professionals"

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>what libraries have made it into your books

FTFY, Preserve the Land from Legend of Mana is one helluva drug. And we'd enjoyed reading since before the chain. These days, it's a good way to build up a good reserve for L-Space navigation in places where books are harder to pick up.

More seriously, a surprising number of autobiographies sifted from the collective unconsciousness and refined into books by the Arcanist's library. A broad selection of mythological lore and eldritch tomes, some of them almost sentient from being written by us. A lot of fiction; all our truly important nonfiction science stuff is backed up on more secure storage than books. And some extremely nasty living memes, spell-hives and predatory infohazards, reserved for when biological warfare is too gauche.

Drawbacks: Goddamn Volcanoes (1200)

Path of the Shaman

Kite Maker (900)
Masonry (800)
Totem Maker (500)
Village Movement (400)
Animal Herder (250)
Plant Cultivation (100)
Leader (50)
Pathfinder (0)

Oh. Oh dear, these techniques are certainly more primitive than what we prefer to work with. Never fear, we've enough experience with magitech that we're sure we can rig these ups into something less...primal. Kites can be satellites! Totems can be telephone poles!

Most importantly, our modified City of Heaven seeds can be geothermal energy caps.

But really, other than that? This is a nice, peaceful world. Maybe we'll learn to talk to those Breaths in another fashion, but really we have a stressful calling. And sometimes, it's comfy to just kick back on a surfboard, float gently out to sea and go where the tide takes-


>> No.46625969 [View]

-Arfoire: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Inner Peace (600), Wuxi Finger Hold (400), Chi warrior (100), Tahlia Leap (0)
-Asami: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Wuxi Finger Hold (600), Chi Warrior (300), Inner Peace (100), Chao Wa Punch Kick (0)
-Elodie: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Inner Peace (600), Wuxi Finger Hold (400), Chi warrior (100), Tahlia Leap (0)
-Blaise: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Wuxi Finger Hold (600), Chi Warrior (300), Inner Peace (100), Chao Wa Punch Kick (0)
-Miyako: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Inner Peace (600), Wuxi Finger Hold (400), Chi warrior (100), Tahlia Leap (0)
-Amane: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Inner Peace (600), Wuxi Finger Hold (400), Chi warrior (100), Tahlia Leap (0)
-Camilla: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Wuxi Finger Hold (600), Chi Warrior (300), Inner Peace (100), Chao Wa Punch Kick (0)
-Elise: Way of the Dragon Warrior, Iron Body Style (Free), Wuxi Finger Hold (600), Chi Warrior (300), Inner Peace (100), Chao Wa Punch Kick (0)

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Drawbacks: Conquest Ending, 2 Tsundere 4 U, Say Neptune. Now say Pleneptune (1800)

Rolled Leanbox

CPU: Comcast (1600). "Aww, still a dude? I was wondering what you'd be like as a chick, man. No homo"

Oh god, you're still here.


Why. Why are you still here.

"The nice lady who runs your-ahem-bizarre adventure said I could tag along a while longer because of the meta nature of this reality! Isn't this going to be fun!?"

Go away.

"Just for that, I'm telling everyone you're actually the hentai industry. Which is kinda an improvement on what you are, don't you think? Toodles!"


...well, shit.

A God Protects (Free). "Wow. Talk about false advertising"
No Attacking While I’m Transforming! (1500). "Whoa WHOA hold your horse Tuxedo Mask, you don't seriously think anyone would get in the way of YOUR final form do you?"

Doesn't hurt to be careful. Also, go away.

Leadership (1300). "Our glorious overlord! May his customer service quality not plague our lands! May he actually release a few good games!"

Hard Drive Divinity (1000). "You know, I'm trying to think of a good reason to transform into a little boy, but all I'm coming up with is ways to assassinate the Pope"

Virus (400). "Wait-HA! You haven't been here 5 minutes and you've already caught something?!"



Shut up.

No 4th Wall (350). AND GO AWAY. "Nu-uh, it's not just YOUR 4th wall you know! We're practically roomies now!"
Genre Switch (300). Change of subject, NOW. "No dice"
Combos (200). "Alright then, not challenging YOU to Mortal Kombat any time soon. Mortal combat's still good to go, of course"
Canon Companion: Arfoire (0).



How did you even-no, don't want to know. But we can explain.


>> No.46370410 [View]

Drawbacks: Bonus Boss Barrage, Name of an Angel, Body of a Demon, Get That Jumper! (1600)

Drop-In, Age 23

Familiar Face (Free)
Angel's Favor (1500)
Music soothed the savage Demon (1200)
Mind Over Body (1100)
Stylish Outifit (Free)
Lyrics Sheet (1000)
Bonus Boss Mantra: Celestial Ray (0)


Where are we? What's going on? Who's that sleeping in our egg-pod? Also we're totally keeping that egg-pod, it's not like Sera's going to be using right? Probably reeks a bit depending on how long we've been in there for.

The most important question of all, unfortunately, is: Why is this mysterious woman giving her our undivided, malign attention? Depressingly, this isn't even the first time it's happened.

Anyway, from what we understand basically this whole Junkyard is the Matrix, except it's a crazy quasi-real Matrix created from signals transmitted from the Earth to the Sun or something like that so it actually is real or...something. The point being-everything is digitised but apparently real-ish and Sera is basically Neo but amnesiac.

Going in blind and all we're just gonna lone wolf it in Sera's vague direction, collecting our Mantra from the holy beasts. At the same time-there's more than one way to break out of a mainframe, especially since our greater self hosts some un-digitisation technology. We'll get to Will of the Usering the boarders of this simulator, hack a backdoor somewhere, grab everyone who isn't a backstabbing cunt or afflicted with psycho-munchies and break out of here before Angel catches on.

It won't be that easy. Things never go that smooth. But dammit, it's has to be a better plan than waiting for the demon hungry games to play out.

>fighting the Demifiend



Well, you're certainly a braver Jumper than we are. Morbidly curious but-what kind of perks are you relying on to protect yourself from/build up an immunity to/meaningfully damage that deicidal tattoo enthusiast other than the ones in the jump?

>> No.46325726 [View]

>Necromantic plants

Wait, someone else in the multiverse also practices applied necrobotany? Capital! These Golgari will make for excellant allies/fellow horticultural hobbiests!

>> No.46220691 [View]

Some Devil Survivor questions:

1. Is the King of Bel's power derived from spiritual strength or is it more a mystic status awarded to whoever killed all the Bel demons?

2. Just to check-for future jumps, Amane doesn't keep Remiel hosted because of the whole companion thing right?

3. Exactly how significant is the authority vested by Conquer Your Demon compared to that of Bels and Whistles, and to that of the award at the end of Morning Star? How big a deal would having all 3 together make you in future demon communities?

4. Reading across other sources there seem to be some conflicting opinions over whether becoming the Messiah unlocks new Bel powers or not; do your powers become more holyish or stay the same?

5. For future jumps, since there's wide disparity between what counts as a "demon" from setting to setting, if one were to try to apply the Demon Summoning Server technology outside SMT's context would it be a safe bet that it'd be compatible with spiritual beings?

We went with Time, personally. What about tanks? Magical girls that summon magical tanks to drive as part of their transformation-either individual tiny tanks or one big, collectively piloted tank if they all pool their energy together.

>> No.46090087 [View]

Drawbacks: It “sucks” to be Jumper, Budget Burden Capitalism Ho! (1600)

Rolled The Lab


Learning is fun? (Free)
Graphic Violence (1500)
It’s science, it explains shit (1300)
Jumper Nye the Science Anon (1000)
Lab Coat (Free)
Global Simulation (900)
The World According to Jumper (500)
Gotta find him a friend (300)
Look for the helpers (100)
I’d like you to meet a friend… (0)

So. On the one hand, we have to somehow figure out how to devise a somewhat entertaining science curriculum that children can understand, and which WE deem a sufficiently educational curriculum. On the other hand, we get the opportunity to feed on the despair and misery of adults! We get a free meal and they get a brief reprieve from the agony of mortal existence before they have to go back to their daily lives, everyone wins!

The main gimmick in our show will be how to use stasis for family-friendly projects. 200% environmentally friendly perpetual energy reactors, pots that respawn food at the quantum level, DIY subspaces-that sort of thing.

There’s one thing we absolutely won’t do: Mollycoddle the little snots. We’ve traveled many worlds, and we’re not going to lie to them and tell them everything will be alright. We’re not even going to tell them that they can change the world for the better because we have empirical evidence-and eyewitness testimonies-to show that statistically people tend to repeat the same cycles of violence that led them through life in the first place. We’re just going to tell everything like it is, and occasionally bring in people like Madoka and Harry Dresden for the sake of having an opposition to challenge our point of view and let viewers make up their own minds.

Apparently Warframe's are pretty good? There's also Blame!, RWBY and MGNQ. And Raildex has some very specific and exotic power armours.

>> No.46059795 [View]

It's a magical artifact woven from the fabric of the astral realm by cosmic beings to crystalise all their might and wisdom-effectively the concept of a technological singularity embodied in an glowy oblong.

In the hands of a man, it can bring prosperity to the world and open gates into strongholds hidden in normally inaccessible realms of existence.

In the hands of a god, it can destroy all life in a realm.

The most impressive feats performed were by a) their young God-King and b) a mad genius with a perfect memory and an artifact of pure Wakfu implied to drastically amplify his powers and (more than) compensate for a missing arm. If you haven't already, watch through to S2 for the most glorious shounen portal fight ever animated.

It's hard to explain without spoilers but-interplanetary portals, rapid creation of portals enough to reflect attacks from all directions, MASSIVE portals larger than buildings between not-Hell and the world, portal-based flight fast enough to break through timestops-and with the aid of said artifact, portals used to imprison an reincarnating immortal in a void between worlds.

>> No.45981648 [View]

>Merry Minions (Darkstalkers): Spiders
>IFTMH variant (Dogs of War): Spiders made of psychic energy
>Your Own Little World+King In Your Head (Gunnerkrigg Court): World based on Cloudbank, and the Process minions often taken the form of robo-spiders
>Archaos (Age of Ice)
>Spider god form with Inspire, Enrapture and Terrorise (Primal Rage)
>Aspect of Chakravartin perk tree (Asura's Wrath)

Being a spider is awesome. You sit around in your pimped out world wide web all day, listening to the news your minions bring you while stray bugs occasionally land in said web. Which you then bite with poison and wrap up for later.

>> No.45947774 [View]

>selunite symbiote Lunar Knight

Was...was that a Le Voyage dans la Lune reference? Because if so, a bazillion internet high fives.

Anyway, just to spitball some more ideas-

-Some sort of giant cannon for launching people into space
-Old spiritual space-shaman mentor figure, whether a companion or part of a scenario
-The flying saucers from Ugg's optional scenario have their home planet revealed
-Not-Klaatu and not-Gor as companions/part of a scenario
-Advanced alien magitech that somehow uses magnetic fields to both attract things from orbit and turn insects into huge monsters
-One drawback involves Body Snatchers/pod people
-Evil ostensibly-alien-but-suspiciously-human queen tyrant
-Perk for having faith in SCIENCE!, which makes SCIENCE! work better because of SCIENCE! and the promise of the atom or something
-Kaiju involvement, poss. as a drawback, due to being a metaphor for nuclear war
-Diplomatic mission to Mars, where the Martians both have tech that defies current understanding and surprisingly barbaric culture-and a lot of suspicion towards Earth's interest

>> No.44517792 [View]

So basically...

You're acting through a cybernetic proxy in order to conceal the reality that you're this incredibly powerful force of nature that's willing to crush any resistance to your design, but otherwise remains dormant so long as certain societal norms are upheld and invests heavily in robotics. And the predominant civilisation you preside over could be described, loosely speaking, as beastmen.

We're still proud of you!

A pop-up ad requesting $199.99 to unlock the rest of the game's DLC, including the artbook, the score and a Patreon-sponsored video of the game developers acting as medieval jesters.

And an Error 404 message.

>> No.44493902 [View]

...this is a really, really bad idea, and you are inviting more misfortune on yourself than we did upon jumping Ravenloft. We presume you know the price you'd pay for such ignominy. I approve

Invoking fear at the mention of your name
Consume and digest (eventually) anything mundane. Still gotta chew that shit, and strong shit's gonna give you indigestion for a good long time
Curse people with nightmares. Nightmares that can make them obsessed with rot, decay and cold...or with your identity
If you know the name of someone and they know your name, you can become a living curse on their life. Rot food in their mouth. Tarnish their blades. As long as you maintain the Glamour payment every hour, you're a spirit of hunger eating away at everything they hold dear. When they have nothing left, you become them
I'm not sure about this one, actually. Expect spectacular entropic effects, though

Wild Card

>> No.44415039 [View]

There is one exception to Ihiko's "crushes everything else" rule, and it is...the power itself. As in-he was defeated by being tricked into posessing someone who made him use his own power on himself, basically Balefiring reality such that everything and everyone he'd destroyed was restored, and also altering the power such that it was no longer absolute (maybe) when the dude sort of respawned (he's kind of a ghost).

The person who subverted his power as his "host" was the original Real Eater owner.

At least we don't have the worst guess for "possible Jump-Chan identity" now.

Unless somehow Haruhi Suzumiya and Medaka are somehow the same person at different points of space and time.


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