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Wheres the line for Giant vs Just really tall?
And what height should they be if intended to live along Height challenged beings?

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They're a lot tougher than human mercs.

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Three to four times my own height is my real limit, so about 25 feet for the tallest ones, 15 for the normal giants. Otherwise you have problems feeding them.

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Oh, sorry: There are more Humans than Giants. I'm not gonna spit out any specifics, because I don't have any in mind and that's not the 'point' per-say, but even during their WORST situations the Humans out numbers giants by 5/1...at their "best" the usually outnumber them 15/1

> their feet won't have enough surface area to keep them from sinking into soft terrain.

I did not know that. That is a very important thing to know.

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