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>What are some ways you could justify and implement such weapons in a fantasy setting?
The same way that they did in RL. It may not be quite as retarded as you'd like, but it works incredibly well.

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>tfw no bayonet rules
Why do scifi and fantasy games always completely ignore bayonets and then go on and fellate retarded "muh Drizzt" dual wielding fantasies?

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They'll be in good cover if they're prone.

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Hm, very well.
>Alice gestures for 32 to follow her then heads back inside, to the entrance of a well guarded room.
>Upon stopping at the door, Alice briefly converses with a guard who nods and heads inside, returning swiftly with a rifle which he passes to Alice, who turns around to show it to Eta.

Pic related but more Las-y and significantly more ornate.

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