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After a brief stint at the house (carefully tucking the cameo's box away in the bottom of your pack, concealed by the rest of your gear) you set off to find yourself a lordling.

You check the bars first. When that fails to turn up results (Rosa actually looking a little worried—she hasn't seen him since the explosion, is he alright?) you quit the lowered streets of the common man and take to the lanes of the noble's quarter. The guards watch you, some with pleasant familiarity, some with all but outright hostile suspicion. You pay neither any mind as you wander. Lady Glorietta's house is still recovering from the damage. As you stroll past you catch sight of her sitting in the ballroom, shattered glass still strewn across the dancefloor, drinking a glass of wine.

Eventually, realizing that you're not likely to find him on this level, you take to the rooftops.

The city is alive and alight with hearthfire and song as you bound from roof to roof, leaving trailing streamers of snow-bright light in your wake. Nocturne's embrace billows out behind you like the wings of a crow as you steal across the city, your ears perked to catch the sounds of ringing steel or--

Or clinking mail.

You find him atop the walls in the eastern section of the city. His moon-mail, reflected to a mirror polish, nearly glows alight in the gaze of his beloved lady patron. His winged cape rustles quietly in the night air as you approach, and he cocks his head to one side in acknowledgment of your presence.

“Busy night?” You ask him, drawing the hood back from your face.

He shakes his head. “Not thus far. Recent events seem to have scared the petty criminals from the streets for a night. The guard is out in force, after all.”

> Sounds like you ought to take a night off.
> Why aren't you down there with the guard, then?
> I just wanted to thank you for your help.
> Does Jun know?
> Write-in

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