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Estelle picks up before the first ring even goes through, sounding like she's not sure whether to be relieved or panicky. "Urist!? This is Urist, right? Please tell me you're okay!" she squawks.

... Armok help you, you've missed her big dumb peppy voice.

"Urist?? Are you there!?"

You clear your throat. Sorry, oneechan. Didn't mean to make her worry.

A laugh bubbles out from the Dragon Warrior's throat. "Oh my god, I thought we'd lost you forever," she gushes. "I mean, we saw you get sucked into the void, and it's... it's just..."

Estelle's voice hitches, and she's silent for a moment. Shifting your feet, you wait awkwardly for her to compose herself, but not before wiping a sleeve across your eyes as well. You're fine, you growl curtly. You're... y'know. You're all just fine. You and Shovel. And Mojang's-

"DID SOMEONE SAY MOJANG!?" Vert cuts in, the sheer desperate volume of her voice making you jerk back from the phone.

"A-Ah, Lady Vert!" Estelle stammers, sounding... mildly terrified.

Huh. Okay, she's with Vert?

"Ahahah... well, it's a legendarily long story," the Dragon Warrior chuckles nervously. "Between this and that-"


You wince again. Yeah, she's fine! She's just fine. Vert heaves a deep sigh of relief as you keep going: you found Mojang in the hyperdimensional void, gave her those meds, and she's made a full recovery. Hell, you're all gathered in the fortress you have there.

"Hello," a THIRD voice cuts in, sounding surprised. This one you don't recog- wait, no. It's familiar, it's painstakingly familiar, but you can't quite figure out- "Query: you built a fortress there?"

And then between the phrasing and the sound of her voice, it clicks. Holy shit, it's Rokko, except her voice is- for one thing, it's clear as a fucking bell: melodious, cute yet brooking no nonsense, and there's no static or anything. For another, it's not a constant flat deadpan: Rokko sounds /alive/.


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