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You look at the wizard, who nods. “[MY DESIGNATION IS 'MOKARIN', AND I AM NOT A WIZARD.] I'm also not old enough to understand any of the references I'm sure you just made. I am, however, an artificial being.” She points at Miku and Nee-chan. “Those are my parents, their names are Mother and Father. Father is the female with the red hair and the lewdness, and Mother is the innocent-but-somewhat-ditzy female with the ridiculously-long turquoise hair.”

You nod at her. You always expected Nee-chan to get some poor, helpless girl pregnant with a robot baby some day. At least she seems to be taking responsibility.

What do you do, now?
>Go to sleep, your work here is mostly done.
>Inquire about Fate's dealing with aliens.
>Inquire about Fate's imaginary friend.
>Ask Mokarin what being a robot is like.
>Ask Mokarin why she has a staff if she isn't a spellcaster. Did she take some bizarre prestige class or something? Is she proficient with it?
>Commence shipping Fate and Mokarin. It's only a matter of time before the sexy robot-cyborg love blossoms, and you've gotta keep on top of these things. Just like with Sakurako-chan and Himawari-san.
>Do something else, maybe even something that makes sense? (Write-in!)

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You will the lights to turn on in your secluded workshop, and, naturally, they comply.

It's spacious, as any workshop ought to be, owing to its previous status as a 'walk-in closet'.

Apparently, most people think of idols as being stuck up, rich, and highly interested in fashion or shoes or... something.

What a bunch of weirdos.

You gesture to the central workbench, where your latest and most amazing project currently resides.

She sits on the table, kicking her legs a little as she fingers her weapon- a staff-like energy weapon capable of immense destruction... in the right hands. She looks over at you, inspecting you- and, more likely, Akane- with her remarkably warm and lifelike eyes.

“How're ya feelin' there, kiddo? You decide on a name yet?”

The response comes in the form of a loud, monotone, and generally classic robot voice- which is exactly what you were going for, given you based this particular voice off of the Cylons (the original ones, of course). [ALL PRIMARY SYSTEMS NOMINAL. COMBAT FUNCTION SIMULATIONS CURRENTLY UNDERWAY. ESTIMATED TIME TO COMPLETION: SEVEN MINUTES TWENTY-THREE SECONDS. FLIGHT CAPABILITIES HAVE BEEN ASSESSED AND RATED AT A TWO POINT FOUR SEVEN OUT OF TEN ON A STANDARD NUMERIC GRADING SCALE.]

There's a pause as it contemplates the second question.

It answers in a gentler, less robotic voice. “... You are the equivalent to my mother, correct?”

You blink.

“Uh... yeah, I guess...?” You don't like where this is going.

“It is human custom for the mother to name her child, is it not?”

Akane snickers.

The girl seems to come to some sort of revelation from Akane's laughter, because she says, “Oh, I understand,” hops off of the table, and approaches you and your red-headed love interest.

“You are both female. Standard protocols and procedures may not apply.” She looks back and forth between the two of you.

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