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It's never going away Anon.

>I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Frosted Shreddies suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something stupid has happened.

Kai Leng is a Cereal killer and generally considered the most pointless character ever to appear on a screen.

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Yeah, there's a difference between hating a villiain, and hating the way a villain is treated. I could write essays on why Kai Leng was the worst thing to happen to Mass Effect short of the ending, but so many people have already done it that I don't think I need to.

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>Cereal Killer

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>Reach Eldar mission
>''ur strategies suck but luck is on your side stupid monkey teehee''
>While Ravensburg is congratulating me the Eldar Prince interrupts him and tells me that stupid mon-keighs suck and that we will meet again, when he chooses

This elf butthurt IS SO GOOD

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But then we miss out the objectively best and most badass character ever

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How can you hate such a unique and excellently written boss that is so super mature and serious and with such complex morality?

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God, Kai 'cereal killer' Leng was abysmal. Easily the second worst part of the game for sure. And yes, this is an actual segment from an actual book. IIRC he pisses on one of Anderson's potted plants afterwards too because he's so totally hardcore.

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sorry, forgot pic

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Of course, if your main reason is due to hostile aliens, then you're likely to run into a situation where swords and other bladed cutting weapons are seen as military-only, while something else becomes the go-to civilian weapon. A military explanation works partially, but it doesn't explain everything.

Really, in order to make close-combat weapons viable as a primary option between equals, you need to find a way to eliminate the advantage of range. Either have people wear decay-inducing shields that render projectiles ineffective, or give the people using swords some sort of way to compensate. Maybe the people who prefer to use swords get some kind of expensive procedure done to improve their reaction times, or they have repulsors implanted into their feet so that they can close distances more quickly.

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At least it's not Kai Leng.

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He can't be as bad as Kai Leng

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