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The closest experience to playing with a neckbeard was with my flatmate. He's fine to live with, but he's the sort of person you cannot take to social situations because he creeps out all the women there and gets atrociously drunk in an attempt to show off.

Anyway, we play 5e together with a few of my other friends. His characters always have interesting concepts, but are ruined by thousands of words of useless backstory (far too much for a level one character) and the fact he plays EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ONE as himself. Same demeanor. Same manner of speech. Same moral attitudes.

It's a shame because he's a considerate player, knows the rules well, doesn't argue and doesn't fuck around with the rest of the party. It's just that the rest of the party are better people and better players.

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It was words.

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I don't know if he has been certified autistic but he shows many of the signs.

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