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"Kaori! Can I speak to Maeda in private for just a minute!"
"Uhh." She seems confused, "Sure?"
"Yeah, that's fine." Maeda seems equally confused.


D-don't look at me that way, Julie! This is a great idea!

I drag Maeda by the hand away from the group, and turn away so Kaori can't hear me.
"Maeda! I need some advice from someone more mature. W-what would you do if s-someone you knew liked a boy, but didn't know what the next step was?"

Maeda's eyes gaze into mine, and I can almost see the gears turning.
"Ohmygod Masami, do you have a boy you like?!"
"What?! N-No! Why would you think that?!"

She grabs my hand, and shakes it up and down!
"There's a boy you like! Isn't there?!"
"There isn't! I'm just saying: if I DID like a boy, what would be the next step for me? What would I do if someone else liked a boy, but wasn't telling me?"

There's practically stars in her eyes, and I hear faint giggling behind me.
"..It is a boy, isn't it?" Maeda states, very slowly.

>This is a huge misunderstanding!
>Forget I said anything!
>Outright ask if Kaori likes a boy
>Yell at the twins!

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