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I love EDH but I'm tired of the fucking spergs that plague the format

Most of the people are really nice and normal but yesterday I had the massive unpleasure of playing with ThatGuy and honestly I need a break

Is Standard better? Is Modern better?

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So my best friend has decided to DM.

He has this world of warcraft inspired campaign that he was really excited about running, but it seems like he just doesn't give a shit once it got to the nitty gritty.

He always says "who cares" when i ask questions about the world. He did some random add lib "april fools" session where our characters were forced out of our current quest(destroy magic baloons that are in this town- his home brew to level us up) and basically derailed any narrative momentum. Our "april fools" prank was all our characters were forced into a pocket dimension where they had to solve riddles. and if we didn't solve them then we had to draw from the deck of illusions and fight what was picked. it took 3 hours and our players felt so disconnected and frustrated, with our novice friends we are introducing to dnd pelting me with pms like "is this standard?"

now this weekend he "doesn't feel like playing" and next weekend is easter where he "cant" play there either. But he has this big boner about being DM and really wants to tell this story, so he won't let others step in.

what do

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Wow thanks for making a new thread and not adding anything in the title to search for it in the catalog.

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... goddammit, I keep forgetting!

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You have a mini-fortress under your feet, though it's just a long tunnel you plowed through the pavement from the Planeptune Basilicom. You don't think it will be very much help.

Right now, the only OTHER thing standing between you and a painful death is CPU Purple Heart. To beat a dead analogy to death, she's another load-bearing noble, and it turns out all /her/ equipment is made of iron (while CPU Black Heart's is all steel).

You can barely keep up with their movements, let alone the damn anime-style fighting. All you can make out is high-speed insanity as the goddesses flit around in dazzling displays of light and motion, two vaguely girl-shaped blurs rebounding against each others' swords as they try to fucking fancy-spin each other to death. Even so, you've kinda got a handle on CPU Purple Heart's style, and you don't know how much longer she can hold on for.

Good thing that big sis Estelle's approaching fast.


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Everyone is always talking about secret tech, but the secret tech I want to know is how you guys keep up with your triggers.

Anyone have a system or something I can use to help me? I missed so many triggers earlier tonight and I got quite mad. I can keep it under wraps, but inside I was furious at myself. I know one problem is I need to stop smoking weed during the game, but the pipe is going around and its hard to not.

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>nude elves

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>that fat fuck ate her cake

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I'm going to interrupt this shit-fest for something that's been bothering me; You picked INT and WIS as your dump stats. You don't get to solve the problems and make sincerely thoughtful remarks. You don't get to pad out your character's failings with your own strengths. You don't get to defeat the fucking purpose of stats and roleplay. Fuck off.

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>Hafts can be durable.
Of course. But this isn't about durability (which should be a given for a primarch's weapon.) It's about the fact that, while parrying you can't stab a person, and it is very difficult to put yourself in a position TO stab a person.

Where as with a saber you can stab, lock the person's blade/axe/bullshit, the thrust into their face. Furthermore, though spears are thick their defensive area (if hit directly) is relatively small. It would either take a fluke, or a purposeful strike for someone to actually hit the damn thing. Meanwhile the other poor idiot is trying to avoid getting stabbed/chopped/cleaved or whatever

>Citing Game of Thrones Combat
I am legitimately raging right now. That fight was a flashy tv example of an experienced duelist fighting a muscle bound thug, and dying because he was a drunk idiot.

It is not an example of actual combat in any sense beyond the fictional.

The viper was pirouetting across the arena like an italian fairy while captain steroid wildly gesticulated after him. The reality is different, it would have been much less flashy, and much more controlled.

>Defensive weapon
Again I reiterate this should just give you re-rolls for your armor and invulnerable saves.

>Increase attacks?
By 1 I think. That way he has six on the charge, which is bretty gud.

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>Cutting the Lions


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