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>He's complaining about it being too early
>while also bitching about the other thread being too early
>clearly he is a furfag, as only a furfag would disagree with me!
No, you're just a retard who needs to get shot, along with the furfag OP.

I'm getting damned tired of all these shitty OPs. No other general is ascancerous as us when it comes to posting new OPs at the right time. Seriously, this whole generalneeds to be purged,or at least banned for a month,since none of you chucklefuckscan be fucking trusted.

seriously, every faggot who has made either a wereb thread or a thread before page 8 needs to be round up and lynched. yall faggots need to hand and then have your bodies shot 10 times and then burned, because all of you faggots are a waste of oxygen that the world would be better on without. seriously fuck evetrytsingle one of tyuou stupid fucks I fucking hate you all go kill yourselves!!!

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fartfags belong in bodybags

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Anon, stop it and calm the fuck down you rabid moron.

We spent the whole thread ignoring the faggots and not giving them (You)s. All your sperging is doing is vindicating the sitposters and turning yourself into just as big of a shitposter.

Seriously, you need to stop posting, and spend a week off of 4chanfor your own health, this type of angry blogposting just makes you look like an autistic furry. Stop it you moron, and I say this as the guy who originally posted >>54022956 and >>54016913

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So what you're saynig is you have the attention spand of an 8-year old? Most of us are a bit more mature and intellectual than that, and if something wierd happens its generaly considered good writing t at least attempt to explain why it happened, even with magic.

Say the reason why X thing works is because of some magic. Okay, that's fair enough, but how is the magic just making things work? Is it a kind of spell? A Ward? Protection from a deity? What is the magic actually doing to makeit work?

If the magic is workig purely because "lol its majik dun haf t expran it XD" Then why does the story exist to begin with? If magic can break logic and everything, why doesn't Gandalf just snap his fingers and teleport the One Ring into Mt Doom? Or dunno just tn the ring into a jar of natty peanut-butter and eat it? Since we're operating under "lol its magic" then there would be no reason why he couldn't just do this, meaning there would be no point to LotR actually happening

In order to have a cohesive story and narrative that doesn't collapse in on itself the moment you actually start thinking, you need some rules and background logic to build around, which is doubly so for any fantasy setting that prominently features magic since you need to actually have a way of explaining how and why magic does what it does. When done smartly, magic can be an excellent tool that allows you to build a vibrant world more fantastical and vibrant than ours, but when mishandled and abused as a convenience, then the whole thing just turns into eitherschoolyard children going "Nuh-uh, I'm the super and your dead!" make believe games, or a poorly butchered Monty Python sketch that was made by a fan who had no idea what he was doing. The setting stops being an actual fantasy setting and instead becomes a shitty parody of itself, much in the same vein as when tv and things make shitty spoofs about Dragon Ball Z, or becomes just an unfunny slog like a Seltzer and Friedburg movie.

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>Les Mis in God Tier
>Huxley in Low
>Tolkien, Twain, and Mockingbird in Shit Tier
Huh, is this what feeling triggered is like?

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>You're the "I wanna be a lady using occcult" guy from /x/, aren't you?
What the fuck? Good lord no, I don't even go to /x/! Why the hell would I ever go to a board of insane paranoid tinfoil-hatmancers who believe in real imaginary hug friends, when I have /tg/ instead? Plus I very much like have a penis and muttonchops thank you very much.

Seriously, where the fuck did that fucking non-sequitur come from? No, seriously, what in the bloody hell possessed you to even think that as a thing?

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>9 pb

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How in the ever living fuck are these NPCs getting all these abilities without access to either Casters or Caster-Equivelent monsters that are casting spells? How does the Gunslinger have 50 Dex? I thought you said there were only Monsters so as to avoid Charm Person, so where did the Gunslinger come from? All classes at high enough level can end a single enemy easily if they win Initiative, so what difference does it make with the Gunslinger? How the fuck do all these monsters have magical effects so close to an AMField? Where did they get an Adamantine wall that sticks a comparable distance in the ground? Who is generating the AMField?

This sounds a lot like either another post-20 Wizard is purposefully dicking with the players, a God (which is essentiall a caster by function) is dicking with them, or the GM has build a contrived scenario built around dicking casters over via bullshit fiat, but also at the same time dicks over the martials just as bad.

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I wonder if they'll start to try to make 4 more threads just to argue and spite each other as well

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Y'know, I'm not a big fan of many of the spherecasting archetypes for many of the classes in Expanded Options. They honestly feel kinda dull and boring, and I don't like having to deal with more pools of points than I need to, especially since I already have to worry about spell points.

Anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

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Because you're in them

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