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A team is four of those unfortunates and well, that's it. You set them out into hell and the rest is left up to your imagination. It's half-baked autism but maybe it's worth some faint amusement.

I'm sure you can choose a different team for each level. But having them stagger to the finish line one level of hell after the other sounds way more fun

>Android (hacked)

Gambler, huh?

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Pirate Base Clones Samus A LOT, Oh Shit, Stranded Marines

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All fan stuff as far as I know. Sakamoto said said in a Q&A that when Samus absorbed the SA-X, she "restored her genetic condition" and went back to the "perfect condition of Samus" and stuff along those lines. It was reference to how Samus could use the Ice Beam at the end despite it being incompatible with her Metroid physiology, so I'm not sure how to read it in a way other than Samus not having Metroid DNA anymore.

It's still possible for a future game to keep the Metroid DNA, but Sakamoto has to go before it happens.

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Well she's a marauding pirate lord. She'd need to set a very strict example about how she feels about Federation scum like him in front of her best. Some chump trying to appeal to her humanity, and even worse, her femininity, when he's at the end of her barrel and surrounded by his own dead troops? Thinking it'll actually WORK?

No, that kind of idiocy has to be put in its place personally. So it's made crystal clear that even if the day ever came she was no longer loyal to the Pirates, she would never ever be loyal to the Federation.

Where were they when her parents were cut down? Nowhere to be found.

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