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... Armok help you, SHE'S still not over with Vert too, is she?

As if she can sense your shock, the Blue Bomber smoothly continues. "I'm in Lowee. As to your unspoken question, I'm directly patched into the communications network."


"You're speaking directly into my mind," she explains curtly, sounding amused.

Oh. Okay, so this is what Rokko sounds like to herself- probably even what she used to sound like. You shake it off and get to answering her freaking question- yeah, you built a fortress in the void. Or rather, your fortress came with you, and it's pretty damn good at keeping you and everyone else alive.

Rokko digests this for a moment. "Your chances of survival are looking much better. Also..." You thought you couldn't be taken aback anymore, but then there's that /warmth/ infusing her voice. "Welcome back, Urist."

You clear your throat. Y-Yeah, same to her. Er, no, wait-

"Be as it may, I agree with Rokko," Vert cuts in, sounding businesslike and all goddess-y again, as if her falling-to-pieces panic never existed in the first place. "It's good to hear that you're unharmed, and that you've found your way back to Gamindustri. However, if you have time, perhaps you can explain just what is going on up in the void...?"

Well... yeah, you suppose they deserve that much. You gather your thoughts and start going over everything that's happened to you since going into the void, beginning with finding Mojang, continuing with how you got your fortress, and so on and so forth.

As you talk, a part of you notes that, unsurprisingly, Ein isn't patched into this call. Now that Estelle's in on it, it's probably a terrible idea to have both of them patched in at the same time. Especially given how little you know about Ein's motivations at this point.

Anyway, how're you gonna end this call?


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With how this day’s going from bad to worse, you’re hardly surprised when you’re suddenly tackled out of the air, smashed into a nearby alleyway with enough force to jar your teeth.

A red mist clouds your vision- like HELL are you letting these fuckers take you down without a fight. Howling like a wild beast, you vault to your feet. You throw your forward momentum into your hammer, swinging like a particularly deadly golf club- the alleyway’s too damned narrow to allow for anything else- and you’re briefly rewarded by a panicked yell.

“Whoa! Easy there! It’s just me!”

Wait. What?

You slam your foot into the ground and /heave/, embedding your hammer into the wall instead of in the blonde’s face- not that you ever need to worry, not with this adventurer. The nimble robot girl easily dodges your attack, vaulting atop a dumpster and flicking her straw-yellow ponytail back over her shoulder. Lively blue eyes stare right back at you, twinkling with good-natured humor, and Rokko gives you a casual wave. “Reporting for duty, Lady Blanc. It's been far too long.”

It’s the Blue Bomber, the Super Fighting Robot of Lowee- well, Lowee /and/ Lastation (though you don’t hold that against her anymore), and holy fucking hell, you have NEVER been happier to see her in your entire life.

Rokko cracks a self-conscious grin, scratching the back of her head. "To be honest, I've been chasing these guys ever since they hit Lastation. And when I figured out which way they were going... well, I couldn't just stay away, right?"

(Cont. in 15-20 minutes!)

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Vert stands up, facing the doorway with a frown; in a small burst of pixelated fragments, her spear reappears. "Speaking of which, we appear to have visitors." At almost exactly the same moment, you hear Rokko's voice inside your head, quietly telling you that both she, Exey, and Shovel Knight are in position, ready to break open the bunker and wreck the fake Vert's shit-

Nobody attack or wreck ANYONE'S shit!, you all but shout. Vert's good! And those're your friends over there, so don't stab them inside out!!

... a few minutes later, the bunker is /definitely/ starting to feel crowded.

"Lady Vert," Shovel Knight exults, going down on one knee in front of the goddess. "I offer you my shovel. I regret that we had to meet in such troubled times, but-"

"Please, no need for such formality! Although I must admit that it IS quite nostalgic," Vert chuckles warmly.

"I've seen this before," Exey murmurs, conferring quietly with Ran-Ran. "While much of it IS exhaustion, we need something to purge whatever corruption still lingers in her code. The Basilicom is unreachable, but there might be something nearby-"

"A s-specific, medicine only f-found within. Certain ruins," Rokko grinds out in her usual deadpan. "That's the. Usual pattern. Correct?"

"(´・ω・`) Right on the money, says Ran-Ran," says... well, Ran-Ran. "It's suspiciously convenient!"

"Certain supplies do tend to spawn in the ruins around this area," adds Vert, having detached herself from Shovel Knight's conversation. "That's part of the reason why I chose this location as a backup in the first place."

That's the opening you've been hoping for (based Blue Bomber), so you jump right the fuck in. If Mojang needs her medicine to be able to move around, you'll gladly get right up in there and grab 'em for her.


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>[X] [WAKE UP]

You let Histoire fly up and away. Your self-preservation instinct tells you that, in your current state of mind, you'll probably accidentally /squeeze Histoire into a fucking pulp/ if you try to grab her, and gruesomely butchering oracles or history-recorders or whatever isn't a good way to live a long life here.

So instead, you channel all your terror, your frustration, and your WHY into ripping yourself out of the dream realm and into full wakefulness, using so much damn force that you flip yourself off the bed and onto the cold dirt floor.

"GUYS," you roar, leaping to your feet and slamming your fists against the neighboring bed- and it's empty, where the hell is Shovel Knight!? "GUYS," you try again, spinning and leaping onto the opposite bed and almost breaking your fucking kneecaps against Rokko's armor and aaaaaAAAAAA-

Rokko helps you back up off the floor without comment, although she blinks a few times, either getting the sleep out of her eyes or staring down at you. There's a moment of hesitation before she pipes up in her trademark electronic stutter. "Q-Query: is that the nightgo-"

YES. Yes, it's the nightgown that popped up in that stupid shared hallucination! But that's not fucking important! You found your friend and she's at the Basilicom and CPU Green Heart's there except it might be Arfoire who's over there too and she's gonna do something really goddamn stupid and-

"I-It's a. Very nice nightgow-"

Goddammit, FOCUS, Rokko! We're all going over there to make sure Mojang doesn't /die/! Right now!


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Technically, it's none of your goddamn business, but then again, you're also getting the hunch that Shovel Knight joined you on this little expedition because Rokko was with you. If it takes shoving the two of them together to /keep/ Shovel Knight fighting alongside you, then why the hell not?

... okay, so that's all just a flimsy justification for you wanting to shove the two of them together and 1) see Shovel Knight drop her spaghetti all over the fucking place, and/or 2) get a straight answer as to what's eating at her. Either way, you win.

You're REALLY tempted to yell out to Rokko as loud as you can- hell, you even get as far as sucking in a deep breath- but then you remember that you're either in enemy territory or a place where Gamindustri politics is about to get horrifyingly real, so you let it out as a sigh and tromp over to sit next to the Blue Bomber.

The robot doesn't turn to look at you or even acknowledge your existence, as she's still staring up at the moon with unblinking eyes. You take this as an invitation to cut straight to the point in your customary growl: so, Shovel Knight's got something she wants to talk about.

Okay, so that had an /effect/, but you weren't expecting Rokko to slouch down from her ramrod-straight posture like a puppet with her strings cut. "I-I see," she deadpans flatly, sounding a little weary. "Wondering why. I am, the w-way I am?"

... damn. Gets that sort of thing a lot, does she?

Rokko raises a hand and flexes it, staring at the battered armor- after all the fighting you've been through, her 'repaired' exterior's basically fallen apart back to its usual run-down state. "My current s-status is. Not w-widely known. Uncomfortable q-questions are expected."


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>[X] [ROKKO]
>[X] [VOICEMAIL] after tinkering!

With a lack of anything better to do, you really can't help but study Rokko. Thing is, the more you glance back over your shoulder at Rokko, the weirder her crossed-arms pose looks to you. As far as you can tell, she's not normally the type to worry about modesty or whatever (which is pretty damn refreshing, here in the hijinks-filled land of Gamindustri), so you're sure that she'd keep her poker face for everything up to and including her breastplate getting torn off.

For once, Therapist contains no answers.

>Caste: Adventurer
>Profession: Super Fighting Robot
>Squad: DLN-001
>Happiness: Content
>Thoughts: Battled monsters lately (x86), talked with friends lately (x2), faced down fears of mortality lately (x19), resorted to embarrassment-causing power (x3)...

It doesn't take particularly long for Rokko to give in- you're not really being stealthy in your inspection, especially not with how your braids whip back and forth every time you crane your neck to look at her. Probably since she knows that YOU know that something's up, the super fighting robot heaves a convincing (although static-laden) sigh, uncrosses her arms and-


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"I-I'm not going to throw uooOOARGH-" she groans. Thankfully, you're not vomited on. Instead, a few hundred more pounds of weight settles onto your shoulders, nearly pushing you into the ground- if you hadn't locked your knees and /strained/, you'd be fucked right now because GODDAMMIT Rokko, what the hell!?

"H-Helping," the Blue Bomber deadpans- she's got her armored hands on Estelle's shoulders, except when SHE leans, it's with all the force of a 400 pound gorilla in robotic armor. Rokko leaning on Estelle leaning on you is gonna murder your shoulders. "Skinship is. Important, in establishing g-good relations."

Skinship is gonna end up killing you if they don't stop leaning on you!! C'mon. Planning, what to do next, figuring out how to get out of here without /dying/-

[ ] [ESCAPE] Backtrack until you're in the right tunnel, and then focus on getting through this cave system as quickly as possible. You've got to get to Leanbox, after all, preferably before Estelle starts glitching!
[ ] [MEANDER] Continue what you'd planned before: casual exploration of as much of the cave system as you can. You're healed up, after all!
[ ] [PIPE MONSTERS] Remember those monsters that Keeper was trying to herd into a side tunnel? Try going there. You're curious despite yourself how that all turned out.
[ ] [ESTELLE] Quietly check up on Estelle using a combination of DF Therapist, DF Hack, and Bug Tracker. See if you can't pin down what might be coming her way.
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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... y'know, come to think of it, the last thing you remember was preparing to build a miniature fortress to stop the big slavering spider monster from melting the flesh off your bones and consuming you and your friends. Maybe it says something about your priorities that you thought to check up on them only /after/ looking around for booze?

Better late than never. You focus your mind, bringing Therapist to the forefront, and that increasingly familiar list pops up in front of your eyes as if by magic. As usual, the vast majority of names are either grayed out or so obscured as to be unreadable, so you home in on the two you're looking for.

Right off the bat, Estelle's out of range. That's REALLY worrisome for a whole lot of reasons, most of them starting and ending with "she ought to be comatose and half-dead." Rokko, though, is close enough for you to get a read on her, so you take a look-see and-

>Caste: Adventurer
>Profession: Super Fighting Robot
>Squad: DLN-001
>Happiness: Confused
>Thoughts: Armor missing, ERROR, wiring exposed, battle damage unaccounted for, ERROR, weapons unaccessible, ERROR (x31857)-

Shit. Shit! You finish shoving everything worth taking into your pack (or -a- pack, at any rate; you don't remember ever owning a schoolgirl's bookbag, or attaching goofy-looking blue ogre keychains to /any/ bag), kick down the fucking door, and thunder down the stairs while screaming like the axe-wielding maniac you are. For your friends! And also for booze! But mostly for your fri-

You draw up short upon entering the kitchen. Rokko stands in front of the oven, turning to face you as you approach; immediately, you realize that she's bereft of her trademark armor and dressed in absolutely nothing but an apron.


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>[X] [ROKKO]

You tally up your priorities. Neptune can take care of herself. Probably. And you can always pick her up on the way out. Now, as for the others...

You eye the group of priests and guards clustered around Estelle. It's not just your imagination- the group's growing bigger by the second, like the Dragon Warrior's gradually taking command of the whole operation. Makes sense; between Estelle's star power, her status as a veteran and an old hero of Lowee, and the fact that big boss Blanc's off in Leanbox trying to secure Vert's help, she's probably one of the most experienced individuals in the room, despite looking like a slip of a girl in strange armor.

So what you're trying to say is, you're not going anywhere near that priestly bureaucratic clusterfuck of old farts trying to sound important. There's no way they'll take you seriously, even with Estelle's backing, and you're way too tired to enjoy beating up the elderly.

Instead, you... well, okay, you take a moment to appreciate that for once, your legs AREN'T dangling off the edge of the chair as you chug your booze. Seems like Blanc had the furniture custom-made to be a /little/ shorter- makes sense, as you're both close to the same height ,and it'd be unseemly for a goddess to look like a kid in a grown-up's chair. She's probably a little more sensitive about her height and build than you'd have thought.

Rokko doesn't look down at your approach, and she doesn't even seem to register your presence as you watch her with your dented helmet tucked underneath your arm. She just keeps standing there, staring straight ahead with a goddamn thousand-yard stare, her glowing eyes not even blinking, like she's given up on trying to even look human and wants to look like a statue instead. It's a lot easier now that she's all dolled up, repaired and flawless and picture-perfect.


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"N-No. She's come for, m-me," Rokko stutters, pulling up her ponytail as she approaches, and-

You blink. She's actually walking. Hell, you almost don't recognize the broken-down super fighting robot, cleaned up as she is; her armor's whole and undamaged, cleaned up to the point that it shines, and there's no trace of the ragged gashes and open wiring you've come to associate with Rokko. Her movements are so smooth that she looks like a human in power armor, rather than a creature of metal and synthetic flesh. You can almost fancy that you see that aura of understated power surrounding her, just like Estelle.

This must be what the Blue Bomber looked like at the height of her adventuring days, back when she was fighting fit, not a relic of the past on her last legs. Only her stutter gives her away, and- of course- her empty expression is as blank as ever, although there's a flicker of something in her dead-fish eyes when she looks down at you. Gratitude? Or surprise that you even came down so fast?

In an instant, that guarded look is back on Lee-Fi's face. "What do you mean, she's come for you? You're not going anywhere," she insists, stepping out from around Quinte. "You're staying here! Safe and sound from any more attempts on your life!"

"W-We're going on a dungeon, run," Rokko replies, cool as ever as she walks over to stand next to you. "Agreed to that after, the b-battle. Could use a few more t-treasure cubes under, my belt."


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