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My battle-brother.

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Thoughts on the Custodes Psychic Awakening leaks?

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Army: Custodes
IQ: The number that comes after 3

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Someone call the Custodes that guy stole a pair of their boots

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The fluff straight up says Custodes are 9ft

Or is this the retard that tries to convince everyone that Space Marines were 6.5ft and Primarchs 8ft?

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Custodes are pretty cool. I decided to build a small army to goof around with friends and have been rocking out with them since 8th dropped

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What about Kaldor Draigo and CATO SACARIUS


According to the novel they regularly kidnap daemons, chaos marines and aliens (tyranids and eldar included) and release them in cordoned/abandoned sections of the Palace to be hunted for sport.

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