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so, you just made a Final Fantasy XIV gunbreaker blade? That said, funny part that that design seems pretty good on it's own. The firing mechanism is close enough to the hilt that it might actually help with balance, the pistol isn't bad and not in a retarded position like the Imperial Japanese Nanbu (which was theoretically a more ergonomic design for a more modern firearm but the design made the blade's integrity highly precarious), and you're generally not exactly expected to impale someone to the hilt when you stab them, and the barrel is short enough to not compromise blade effectiveness. To top it all off, the barrel and the blade being separated means they don't compromise one another's metallurgy or wear as they're individually used. The only issues are that the pistol mechanism makes that slightly cumbersome to stow (but no worse than having a shitload of keys and sticking them in your back pocket with your wallet), the off-centering of the barrel might disrupt aiming/or if the bullet tumbles too much during firing, it could richochet off the blade. Only other issue would be holding it wrong and not firing first causing you to accidentally shot when you meant to swing.

Oh, and lastly, there are 'practical gunblades' they're called bayonets and we use them even with modern rifles.

Fun fact: because all tank classes (which is the gunbreaker's role) have one ranged attack as a sort of taunt, the Gunbreaker's is to somehow fire a shot, likely of aether, from their gunblade.

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>See this gun? Hidden in it is... more gun!

You ever see that Simpson's episode where they did Huckleberry Finn with Bart and Nelson? There was a part there that matches what you just described.

Also reminds me of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyhZkSsE40c

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No, I mean the filename says "futuristic medieval fantasy weapons" and everything about that sword doesn't look like it would need more than 18th century tech.

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*Bloodborne feel, even.

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She kind of didn't once she was restored to consciousness and realized her dad was long dead.

So, it's an axe thread then?

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well there is also this.

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This was one of the things I was planning on doing with pistols for sure. Was less sure about the more heavy weapons. The blunderbuss is honestly intended to be a secondary weapon, but I was less sure about what to give the musket.

I also do not intend to keep things stagnant in the setting. Tech will improve. More advanced versions will be invented by inquisitive wizards and tinkering gnomes, although such things would be very far down the line and would not be introduced until mid-level ranges as the equivalent of magic weapons. Something like a repeater would be akin to a legendary weapon hand crafted by a prodigal artificer using magical enchantments beyond the understanding of modern craftsmanship. For the most part, I had planned on muskets offering a good mix of melee and ranged performance, allowing a user to fire off a shot and then run in for a bayonet charge. I was actually considering giving them reach or a better bayonet.

So you think I should just drop the special loading penalty and just give it the standard, and then a potential to break on a nat 1 attack? I suppose that would work.

Honestly, the loading requirements for heavy weapons was one of the very few things I miss from 3.5, but if it doesn't add anything I can always drop it.

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guns as machines of destruction AND social status

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How effective would combined arms be?

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fuckin filenames

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