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>tfw no Baali GF ;_;

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I know that shit will be in it, but maybe some good stuff dealing with Void Engineer`s space/time explorations, Iteration and Progenitor`s transhuman experimentation, the Syndicate and NWO conflicts and a better look at the janitor work of the Union.

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You tell me pal, I just pick the options and try to make the most overpowered build.

Didn't even read the intro in fact WHY am I picking the options?

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>Europe totally collapses financially and jolly old England seems to be the last bastion of stability
>inflation begins to runaway
>almost everyone but the rich have to be on the dole, receiving hundreds of thousands in monopoly money and a meager food ration
>as the game progresses through time money becomes progressively more worthless. the monthly payment the players receive from the dole also increases, but at a rate smaller than inflation

>revolutionary factions emerge, and engage in street fights and terrorism
>/pol/ faction, uses augmentation to get an edge
>Black Bloc faction, uses biomods to get an edge
>Salafist faction, uses peace delivery trucks to get an edge

>for the first few months the fighting is contained
>bobbies and their robots patrol the streets, enforcing strict curfew at sunset
>as inflation gets worse and worse the police presence on the streets begins to wane as the state can't afford to run the bots and bobbies

>rioting intensifies to the point where they may not be able to contain it
>players need to find a way to weather the storm, or take a hand in the civil war and try to steer the future of Britain

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>>so that the beta uprising doesn't happen

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We've had some fat NPCs in our game, but they're invariably used for comic relief. Our ST really hates fat people. (Thankfully, none of us players are fat.) I'm a bit more tolerant, because they keep making these fat people jokes and I just think it's a bit weird. Like, I think religious people are retarded, but I keep that to myself.

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>Adamantine level attacks
Wait, wouldn't that make our bones super tough in general? Since our claws are just bones?

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>It's cool

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ich habe um diese gefuehle nicht gebittet.

and not for these ones either

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>implying they aren't already working in the shadows

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>not putting everything in swimming

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>mfw last part of this thread

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