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Wasn't D&D 4e basically the only D&D edition that actually committed to fleshing out the fey and the Feywild? They had, like, a ton of fey races in 4e (including fox hengeyokai) and tons and tons and tons of stats for fey and archfey...

Heck, 4e even had its own fey book.

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What restaurant can I take a fairy out for dinner for some of those?

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>42 terabytes of Lesbian Clown Porn

Were most of them of a certain lampad?

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In my various Planescape campaigns, before I had finally written up my own homebrew interpretation of how faeries should fit into the Great Wheel (would anyone be interested in such a thing?), I had used the Fair Folk whenever I needed magical creatures from the Prime Material Plane.

As an unfortunate side effect, I had overused them so much that it seemed like every single mortal world was populated entirely by the fae. Is this a bad thing?

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Roster of the Seelie Court in 2e Great Wheel, 3.X Great Wheel, and 5e Great Wheel:
>Caomhin, N demigod of killmoulies, food, friendship.
>Damh, CN lesser god of korreds, atomies, satyrs, song, dance.
>Eachthighern, CG lesser god of unicorns, pegasi, healing, loyalty, protection.
>Emmantiensien, CG intermediate god of treants, trees, magic.
>Fionnghuala, NG demigoddess of swanmays, communication, sorority.
>Nathair Sgiathach, CG intermediate god of fairy dragons, pseudodragons, mischief.
>Oberon, NG lesser god of hunters, animals, the supernatural world.
>Squelaiche, CN demigod of leprechauns, pixies, sprites, trickery, illusion.
>Titania, CG greater goddess of magic, beauty, the natural world.
>Verenestra, N lesser goddess of druids, nymphs, sylphs, charm, beauty.

Roster of the Unseelie Court in 2e Great Wheel, 3.X Great Wheel, and 5e Great Wheel:
>The Queen of Air and Darkness, CE intermediate goddess of magic, darkness, murder.

The Seelie Court has 6 good gods (one of which is the pantheon leader) and 4 neutral gods.

The Unseelie Court has a lone evil god, only intermediate in stature.

The Unseelie Court is weak.

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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Knight-Chandler edition

If you are asking for build advice, please mention if any third-party books are allowed, and if so, which.

Unified /pfg/ link repository:

Previous thread: >>43529506

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I am playing a character themed after light.

My character has a special power that lets them debuff a wide radius of enemies, but they need to be "carrying" a light source and the light source needs to illuminate those enemies. The power does not need me to actively wield or hold the light source, but just "carry" it.

My character would normally wield a wand in one hand and use the other arm for a buckler and an everburning torch. Note than an everburning torch is a quasi-magical item that involves no physical fire or heat whatsoever, at least in this system (*not* 3.5/PF).

We got into a fight with generic zombies in the daytime. (Superpowered zombies, but still.) The GM had us roll for initiative and threw us straight into combat, without asking us for our equipment configurations.

At one point, I tried to use my special power that required a light source, but the GM said I never declared it was out (but none of us declared we had anything out, and yet GM was fine with me having my wand and shield out, someone else having a magical rod out, etc.). I could not use the power because I did not have enough actions. I let it slide.

After the session, I pleaded my case to the GM and the group. I apparently explained it very poorly, because the end result was that the group consensus is that I am now a "rules lawyer," and that it is COMPLETELY ABSURD for anyone to be carrying a torch in broad daylight (even when it it is a torch without physical fire or heat, my character is themed after light, my character uses it for a special power, and magic wands and rods can be considered standard equipment for combat).

In fact, the way I argued it was apparently so "unreasonable" and "tiring" that the group is threatening to split apart because of it. The GM is feeling like ending the game.

How exactly can I plead my case in a better way? I do not think it is that unreasonable at all for a character to be carrying a glow-rod as part of their standard combat configuration.

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But enough about that, let's talk about fairies in different culture. For example, Lampads, companions of Hecate, the Greek titan goddess of witchcraft and crossroads.

They were a gift from Zeus for Hecate's loyalty in the Titanomachy, bearing torches and accompanying Hecate on her night-time travels and hauntings. Some accounts tell of how the light of the Lampads' torches has the power to drive one to madness.

One of these showed up in the latest touhou game, in fact.

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