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Hope Y'all didnt mind that little Legiondump

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Most Noble Senate, Representatives of the Peoples of Earth, Servants of the Emperor, your humble spreadsheet monkey bids you greeting once again.

We captured a pair of deviants attempting to steal important military secrets (see pic). One appears to have modified himself to have pointed ears and green blood. They have been dealt with as befits all traitors to our Glorious Empire: with gleeful stabbing.

The records of our previous session can be found here: >>43779943 . I believe our archivist is also maintaining long term records in the "sup/tg/" Imperial Codex archives.

When last we met, agreement was reached on ship designs and research priorities. I tasked the Murcurinius Gulf Naval Shipyard with the construction of the new Decius class Gravitational Survey Vessels, and the Capriarius Marine Naval Shipyard with the construction of the new Scipio class Geological Survey Vessels. Each has three slipways, so we can construct a significant number of our new vessels at a time.

The desired single Turret Tracking lab could not be managed as we have such a restricted number of Leading Scientists. The Senate has already outlined its plan to deal with the deficiency of creative philosophy, and in time this should become less of a problem.

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Too true

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>Red. Red never changes.

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My brother of African descent!

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