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I motion the assembled Mofference that these variations be given the nicknames BigBrute and Brutezarro respectively

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Leave them to me!!

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I was always more of a Warlords Era kind of guy. The GCW sandbox is fully open, the Clone Wars tech sandbox is obsolete but not so obsolete that it's totally useless, 1990s Bantam wackiness is in full swing, and the variation in warlord states gives the party all the chaotic fun of a balkanized galaxy.

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>but how could I possibly resist the opportunity to partake in Palpatine's galaxy-spanning lels?
I know I wouldn't. If I played my cards right and didn't get murdered in the process, I could join Palp's Big Hat Brigade and carve out something post Endor. Or join the Mofference!!

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>complaining about cartoon Imps
The cartoon supervillain Imps were fucking great.

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If there was any sense Disney would be co-ordinating all their stakeholders together to maximise the effect so you've got everyone from the writers, book sales, toys, card games, legos... all the way down to the shitsville of RPG's and minis on the same page for the next financial years worth of products
You know, like an actual business!

But, I highly doubt it

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Thinking Hutt space, they just chuck all their servile species there- which by and large aren't very smart
Give them just enough of some things to stop it degenerating into complete anarchy and not enough of some others which will keep them hungry, controllable and ambitious. Every now and then when you just need some violent, not very smart people to fill up your quota of meat sacks for whatever, you just roll up and offer them a way out or 'way up' from a chimp level existence to being the biggest monkey on the block.
Course, you can turn this into a weequay, nikto special olympics with vehicles, fighting and lots of violence and televise it to Hutts for fun and profit

Interdiction fields can be varied in size and directional, they do go out to what we'd call 'extreme range' though in the rpg system and will mess some shit up too if you're caught in them.
Keep in mind too, while the wider empire is just going to do its do with armaments, there's nothing to stop people with the bucks, power and need to do some Tiger tank projects in their own backyard because of 'reasons'- these people are known as Moffs and like wizards, they have no sense of social awareness or right and wrong

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DARK GREETINGS! Gentlemen, send your forces to Exogol!

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Personally I'd like to see an Operation Werewolf type thing, with lots of 5th column insurgents made up of Compnor's former SAG kids
>Meet up on weeknights, dig up caches of explosives and boomsticks, go burn some aliums alive in the neighbouring towns

Though if we're going the whole sausage of madness 'Boys from Brazil' with a whole tribe of genetically-enhanced clones of Palpatine running around the galaxy in the hope that they'll get another one in 20-30 years

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That or just straight up buy/steal the props from Lucasfilm or Skywalker Ranch.
Go big or go budget I'm afraid.

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As host of this honorable meeting I bid you all dark greetings! All moffs please stand and introduce yourselves and update us on your business, so that we may set the agenda for this moffrence.

As of today, I am pleased to announce that our cyborg wookiee-trando hybrid warrior project has had its first success. The late Grand Moff Tarkin would be quite proud.

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How much actually gets accomplished at the average mofference?

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It still kind of creeps me out a bit that there's 'kids' running around in Iraq and Afghanistan doing some of the same shit I did nearly 20 years ago.
Not out of disrespect for their efforts, but for the fact politics has effectively sent two generations off to places that are at best kind of worthless and one is completely worthless without any kind of exit-plan or decisive end to the boots on the ground. War is literally just the failure of diplomacy and the rest just rattles along on a mix of profiteering, adventurism, patriotic feels and no one willing to admit they fucked up in the first place.
At least as a species we're pretty terrible at finishing much anyway.

Just get 5000 tons of sand and boron with no questions asked

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>What looming evil is there to defeat in the next film
The true masterminds behind Snoke and the First Order.

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Eh, I think it just looks better because NR/Alliance politics got more exposure, thus allowing viewers to see more of the fuckery going on behind the scenes there. Pellaeon and other Imps got fewer chances to take the spotlight, and thus, provided fewer opportunities for a glimpse into the post-ICW political shenanigans of the Empire's successors. If Legacy's Fel Empire is any indication, I'm sure Imps had to deal with plenty of Moff fuckery behind the scenes, too.

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Council of Moffs command squad for Legion when?

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Do you think the next big bad in Rebels will be Trioculus?

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I'm sorry, but /swg/ already has a lord.

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>The GM bids you Dark Greetings

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Trioculus and Moff Hissa.

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It's only a matter of time until someone creates R63oculus.

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