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Yep! Look on the wiki, he is. So just hurl a shitton of healing stuff at him.

>Do the eyes granted by Bayonetta's Eyes of the World override later eye-appearance changes? If not, would they if you toggled them off and back on again?

Also I know what you mean by carrying a small bag of gems. I have a small collection in my purse and I NEVER leave my living area without them. So probably why I tend to collect jewels like you do and pick up every crystal cultivating/crafting perk I can get my hands on.

(Generic Magical Girl) #142
-Background: Conspiracy Theorist (950CP) -CONSPIRACY! I knew those lawn gnomes were evil! ...oh wait. Lizard things. Still right!
-Monster Sense (Free) -You think your crazy schemes work on me? HA! I practically have a skull wrapped in tin foil!
-Basic Elemental Zap (850CP) -They think they know dark?! I'll prove darkness isn't evil! MOONLIT NIGHT BLAAAAAST!
-Nothing To See Here (750CP) (Discount) -Just a bit of swamp gas! Reflected from Venus. And yes, this IS cosplay.
-See The Truth (600CP) (Discount) -You thought you could hide yourselves! But truth lies in shadows and it is this truth I see!
-Always On Duty (300CP) -You think you can catch me by surprise? HA! A denizen of the night is ALWAYS vigilant!
-Target Analysis (0CP) (Discount) -I know about you, Lizard Wizard! Your evil cannot stand against THE TRUTH OF YOURSELF!
-Wheels (Free) -Rollerblades! -EVILDOER! You think by being on the other side of town you can escape me? WROOOOONG.
-Magical Weapon (-100CP) -By the power of the Soulbrant, the lizards of darkness shall face the LIGHT WITHIN THE NIGHT!
-Weapon of Power (-300CP) -You think this Soulbrant is ordinary?! It is a forged weapon that only accepts the dark's true friends!
-You Must Face This War Alone (0CP)
Dice Rolls: The 'Burbs, 8 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure


You will never speak of this to anyone. Ignore the frilly witch outfit.

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(Cardcaptor Sakura) #43
-Background: Drop-In (Free) TIME TO BE A MAGE.
-Safety First (900CP) (Discount) -FUCK THIS IS AMAZING.
-Spell Sensitivity (800CP) (Discount) -Oh ho ho hooooo. Yes. Yes this is good.
-Magician (600CP) (Discount) -So I get more magical power? I love this!
-Conjoined Conjures (300CP) (Discount) -Oh... oh holy shit. This is beyond... I... wow.
-Moon Battery (-300CP) -You know. There's something about this that I enjoy. Just... something to encourage me going into moonlight.
-Addiction (-200CP) (Sweets)
-Lure of Magic (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 9 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

On one hand, MAAAAGIIIIIC. I loved this show, I loved the silly cutesy stuff that was involved, I loved the outfit designs, so the whole thing is a fun trip down nostalgia lane. Even better, I've got magic of my own and I've got the means to thrive under the moonlight, which is when the cast tends to run around and capturing Clow Cards anyway. So this is really nice for me and a good way to get involved!

...on the bad side, I'm probably going to get involved anyway because holy shit why am I feeling these feelings, THIS DOESN'T COMPUTE. How the fuck should I know how to respond to this stuff?! I've never felt them before, I've never had the mental wiring for it. What do you DO when you suddenly feel things you're not meant to feel? Ugh. Spaghetti is going to be spilled like a fucking dump truck on a regular basis and this is going to be frustrating as shit. Probably why I have the sweet addiction, to try and distract myself from those things. Thank fuck I took Metavore or I was probably going to blow up with all the sugar I was intaking. But there's going to be a lot of candy I have. I mean like, a lot. This is bullshit, I tell you.


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"What do we even do with him?" I say, nervousness in my voice. "He got out once, right? I tied him up pretty tight, but I don't think it will keep him in forever."
Or, if it's even ethical to keep him there forever.

"So you're asking what you think we should do with him?"

"I say destroy him and the card." Mom says, plainly. "I'm through trying to reform him."
"I think that's not fair to the people that Asai helped create. They should get a say in what happens to him, too." Kaori crosses her arms.

Great, I ask for expert help and get two different opinions in return.

>I agree with Mom.
>I agree with Kaori.
>I don't agree with either, I think there is still hope.
>He tried to reason with me when I was leaving earlier. He's only doing that because he's trapped.
>Maybe he just doesn't even know what to do anymore.
>We should ask other people?

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"But-" Gears are spinning in my head, I'm still not entirely sure what just happened or how that works. "-That's awful! You waited until he wasn't paying attention and did that thing you said you were going to do?"

"Yes." He says, not even bothering to rationalize it.

"Then-" My mind is still spinning, how could this happen? "LET HIM GO RIGHT NOW!"

"Mm. Let me ask him." He taps his chin, "No."

"I can't believe this! I give you one chance to leave this place alive and this is what you do?!"
"You should have known from the second I got in here that I was planning something like this. Don't act like I haven't done this before." It shrugs.


I turn around, and notice that Mom has moved.
She's in the doorway to the other room. She has only a single card out, and is peeking from around the corner.
The clown is on the other side of the doorframe.

"Masami, I think you should step away from him, very, slowly."
"Mom! What's the meaning of this?!"
"I don't know how much of the Building's power he just got, but if it's any significant amount, then we have a serious problem."

"Excellent observation, Izumi." 'Asai' points to her. "As you know, the Chairman wasn't going to let me keep my old powers, so he gave it to the building."

"Well he obviously didn't allow you to keep your FACE!" Yeah, good one! "If you call this an upgrade, you have bad news coming to you!"

"Ah that's the little girl I know." He RUBS MY HEAD, YUCK.

"That does it! If you won't give that monster back, you'll just have to stay here forever. You're too awful to let in the real world!"

>Mom, we're leaving!
>Mom, Use a card on him!
>Use one of your own cards on him!
>Just grab everyone and go.
>Stay and taunt
>Try teleporting somewhere or to someone.

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"Okay enough!" I stand up, trying to drag the building with me. He hesitates for a moment but then follows right along. It's almost like he forgot that he's a million times stronger than I am. "Just, shake hands with this.. thing here and make up your differences!"

"It's not that easy." Asai says.
"That's not easy." The building replies.

"You're asking me to accept the cowardice, the hesitation, the nervousness, fear, and indecisiveness back into myself. I've built myself into who I am by neglecting those portions; outsourcing those to him, so to speak."

"And you." The building only barely looks at Asai through the corner of whatever constitutes his 'eyes'. "The only reason I could live day-to-day is knowing that all the evil, malice, and venom was safely contained far away from me."

>Okay, okay, I get it.
>Just, try it!
>We need an outside councilor for this
>This clearly won't work.
>Maybe you two are only that way because you've been separate?

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Hold on.
Something isn't right.

Why is Asai sleeping?

Does he even NEED to sleep?
I mean.. I don't know.

Something's up. He's not here waiting for me with some little retort or jab. Nor is he here trying to scheme against me or even think of something mean to say.

Is this some kind of trick?

I lean in close to him and listen. His breathing is still steady, and his heart hasn't increased or changed pace.
So he's either really good at tricking me or he's sleeping.

That can't be right.

Oh! Wait! I forgot!

I gently tiptoe past Mom and the clown. Upstairs, I listen intently on the room which I think the monster may still be trapped.
The door still seems intact, and there's no sound coming from inside.

Is that thing asleep, too?

I speed back down the stairs, and stand over Asai.

Okay, if this is a trick, he must be waiting for the right time to scare me.
So, I'm going to scare him instead!

I bet, if I try to act on him, he'll defend himself. Then I can find out what kind of magic he has! Win/win!

I stand over him for just a second, and make sure that this isn't the right time he's chosen to act.
Nope, perfect.

With no sudden warning, my fist winds up and punches him right in the stomach!

"COUGH, OUGH, UGUH." He sputters, and wheezes.
"Uh!" Oh no! I didn't think that would work! "SORRY! I-"

Wait. Why am I apologizing. This is Asai.

>Thread Pause?/End?

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"Oh, that's another thing." Asai says, suddenly appearing behind me. "One of the great things about this world is that things don't lose strength when you make them smaller. I thought you would have known that by now, but apparently not."

So I have a super-strong, angry, tiny building running loose in the house I want my family to live in one day. Asai can't stop it, and it's far stronger than I am.
I don't know how it's possible, but I've somehow made things worse!

>Thread End

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"Ooh, is that true!?"
"I certainly feel stronger. I'll be able to fight alongside you soon enough!" Ryouta laughs.

"Can I try!?"

Ryouta stops, and he slowly looks toward the monster. The monster shrugs.
"Okay. I would like to see what happens."
The bracelet unhinges from Ryouta's arm and hands it to me. Slowly, I slip it on and move my hand toward the lever he pumped to activate it.

I find myself hesitating.
The cards are one thing, I can feel them. It's like I have a connection with every one of my cards. It's hard to mistake that connection, and I can vividly feel that warm sense of love and compassion every time I hold one in my hand.

This is different, it's just a machine. I can't feel love, compassion, or anything from it.
It feels, cold. I don't know what to make of it.
Slowly, taking one last gulp, I pull the lever on the bracelet.

Ryouta mentioned 'armor'. That's a strange way of putting it. I wonder what kind of armor he got? Was it like Belle? Was it a full set of head-to-toe suit of steel?

A suit of steel seems comfortable right about now.

"Hey!" My cheeks are red, my fists are balled. I'm not happy. "What IS this!?"

No, seriously! What is this!? There's something covering my face!
"I can't-" my hands reach up to my eyes, I can't see!

"Wow." Ryouta seems a little amazed.
"I expected no less. Impressive armor." The monster claps his hands together.

"But I can't see! There's something on my face!"

"Hold on, hold on." Ryouta approaches me, and starts trying to help me with the mask.
He pulls, and tugs, eventually my knock his arms away. Almost effortlessly, even.

"That's enough! You're pulling on my hair!"

"Well, what do you think?" The monster asks without a hint of sarcasm.

>Play around with the mask some more, find some way to see.
>Complain some more!
>This isn't helpful. You need a better plan Ryouta.
>Wait for someone else to come help.

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"N-no, no no. I can't just run away. I need to stay here and make sure that they don't come up with an even WORSE plan. Besides, there's still time to convince them that this plan is stupid."
"Aww. Well, if you insist."

"I don't get it though, Masami. You've raided Fortune more than anyone else in this room. You should be the one telling them how to do it, not the other way around!"

"Well, I don't really know about that first one, and-"
Wait a minute, she's right!

"Yeah! I should be telling them what to do. Why am I over here while they're coming up with crazy plans?! I should be coming up with crazy plans!"

I confidently march over to where Mom and the Principal are sitting. I'm about to open my mouth when I see Mom pull out her phone.
"Shh, one moment, honey."

She sets it to speakerphone and sets it down on the table. The room suddenly gets really quiet.
"Top of the morning to you, Izumi."

I feel two sets of tiny arms come up behind me and restrain my arms and my mouth.
That voice on the other end of the line is Asai. No doubt about it.

"Asai." Mom says, that coldness back in her voice. "You know why I'm calling, and you know what I want."

Some static on the other side of the line.
"I have an idea why you're calling, but I don't know what you want."
"I want you to return the child you took from my yard, Asai!"

Some more static, what is going on?
"Right, that. I'm sorry to tell you this, but Priestess took my child from my yard. Along with-"
"Put her on the phone, Asai. I am not talking any more until I know she's safe."

There's an audible click, for a second I thought he just hung up.
"W-who is this!?"
"CIRRUS!" I break out of Julie and Haruko's grasp. "Are you okay!? What happened!?"
"Masami!? W-where are you!? Are you inside this little box!?"

Oh, I forgot. She's not smart at all.
"Masami! This isn't funny anymore! I want to go home, but I don't know how!"

>"Where are you!?"
>"Are you hurt?!"
>"T-try to hide!"
>Let Mom speak

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"Hold on!" I put my hands up, waving her off. "Wait wait wait wait, We should go with Julie and Haruko! They're really strong! Plus I don't have their strength in card form anymore!"

"Oh sweetie, you're plenty strong enough!"
I don't like that sinister smile, even now.
"Besides, you have Belle. That's plenty of strength."
"Y-yeah, but. Um. What's the plan once we have Belle?"

"Well, I was going to break in, you use Cirrus' card to recall her back, then you can leave!"

I feel a heavy weight leave my chest, "Oh, that's it? Whew.. I was worried you were going to-"
"-Then I'm going to kill Asai. That's obviously going to happen."

Oh no! There it is back again!

"Uh, um, just a few more minutes. Is that okay, Mom?"
"Sweetie, every minute we wait is another minute Asai could be doing something to her. Let's go now."
"No! Wait-!"

Not thinking about any kind of follow-through, I run over and squeeze Mom tightly.
"W-wait! I'm worried about you Mom! I love you and I really don't want to see you fight Asai for real! He could really hurt you!"

She rubs my hair, I can hear her heartbeat settle down some.
"That's sweet, Masami. You're such a good girl."
"T-thank you."

"I'm still going to kill Asai, though."

That didn't do anything at all!

"Wait wait wait wait wait wai-"
Suddenly, doorbell.

"Thank you god!" I squeak before hopping over to the door. I open it to see-
-To see Julie, naked except for her panties. Why is she naked, and standing in the front yard?

"Masamiiii, Haruko pushed me out of the room and locked the window behind me!"

I grab her, and pull her inside. Just then, I see a car pull up from the road. Hopefully it's the principal and not some weird pervert.

>Stay here and stall Mom some more, with Julie's help.
>No! Follow Julie to your room and FORCE them to get dressed the right way.
>Run out and meet the principal, I'm scared!

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"Of course, I would try talking to them in the other world. That's where cards live, right?"
Kaori frowns slightly, "I don't think that's how it works."

"Close enough, right? I might be able to hear them right now even, if I just listened!"

My ears tune to the faint levels of the quietest sounds in the room. I can hear my heart beating, Kaori's heart beating-
And Julie and Haruko arguing.
"..Okay maybe that's just not the way, but no worry! I'm certain I'll be able to talk to them."

"Masami." Kaori takes that stern sisterly tone, and stands up. "If you're going to spend all day trying to play dollhouse with your cards, go right ahead. I'm going to be helping Mom while you do that. Please come back when you realize that this is a waste of time."
She huffs and storms off.

I'm left sitting alone as the chaos of an early morning rages around me.
"I wonder if it was something I said." I think to myself.

Right now, I have five cards left. Some of them came from monsters, others came from drafting. I'm not sure what a card would have to say to me, but I would like to find out.

I should ask Mom.

I stand up and walk over to her, she seems to be relaxing in a chair after a rather stressful breakfast.
"Hey Mom."
"Hello Masami, give me a few more minutes befo-"
"Um, I was wanting to ask. Would it be okay if we did the tests on my cards, instead?"

"It's not really the same that way, Masami. Asai is a full-grown monster, and your cards aren't. It was a good idea you had, though!"

"In that case, would it be possible to talk to my cards?"

"Well! I was thinking, the cards were Asai's monsters at one point. Maybe they know something about him or know some way to turn him. Do you think I can do it?"
"I don't know if it's possible, but you're welcome to try."

That wasn't very helpful.

>Off to the other world!
>Stay here and talk to someone else
>Ask Mom a few things before I go
>Hey Kaori, want to come along?

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I've seen hands glow like that before! Every time I do, it's usually preceded by a very strong, and very powerful magic-enhanced punch!
Ryouta does that, Maeda does that, I saw Kaori do it once. Now, I'm about to see Marie do it, and I'm her target!

I start to pull away, but then I remember Aiko. If I let go of Aiko now, this may be the last time I ever see her again.
My teeth clench, I'm definitely not going to let that happen. I'm not letting my friend go, even if I get hurt because of it. That's what friends do, right?

Marie's hand is coming toward me now. I know that it's moving faster than my eye can see, but it still feels like time has slowed down to a crawl. All my hands can do is grip tighter, and tighter around Aiko.


My eyes, which I had not realized were closed, open again. The strike which I was expecting never came. My face feels a peculiar shadow fall across it as my eyes adjust to the light.
Aiko's hand, which has started to glow, is gripping onto her mother's forearm. Aiko leans against her grip, almost hugging her.

Marie struggles and pulls, but for some reason cannot seem to outdo her daughter's vice grip on her arm.
Now is my chance!

Putting my back into it, I lean backwards onto Aiko's midsection. With a mighty heave, Aiko and her mother come apart. We tumble backwards onto the grass as Julie and Haruko rush to our side.
Fortunately, Julie seems to have regained her face.

"Eep!" Haruko picks up Aiko, as Julie helps me stand to my feet.

Immediately, Julie summons her sword and assumes a combat stance.
"The adults are on their way, just hold on a bit longer!" Julie, for once in a very long time, seems serious.

>Stand down! No more fighting!
>It's time to go! Grab everyone and hide in the other world, quick!
>Use a card!
>Get Aiko out of here!
>Stall some more! Defensive action now!

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"Excuse me!" I bow, "That reminds me, I saw earlier that I wanted to go look at, mind if I go look?"

"Uh, no, that's fine."
"Yeah, just don't wander off Masami." Mom seems worried. I wonder if she knows.

"Thank you!" I storm off toward the garden. I'm already thinknig of a few choice words to say.


"(No, you 'move'! This is my spot!)"

"(You're going to get us found out!) "
"(Yeah! If you and your fat dress keeptrying to hide near me.)"
"(Why you-)"

"Girls." They slowly turn around to face me.

I grab them by their ears and pull them out of the dense fauna.
"What are YOU doing here!?" I put on the meanest scary face I know how to make.

"Well, you see-"

"No excuses! How did you two even follow me, anyway!?"

"W-well." Julie puts her hands behind her back. "I sort of watched Mom's demonstration of how to travel, and then Haruko saw me, and then we kind of-"
"Okay, that's enough!" I pout, "You can't follow me around wherever I go! What's going to happen when I go to school? Or grow up?"

"Um." Haruko blanks, "I guess we would go to school and grow up with you?"
"Giiiirls." I'm still pouting.

Julie looks very guilty, "W-well, we just wanted to make sure you were okay! We thought you were going straight to Marie and-"
"This is why you two need to tell me if you're going to follow."
"It's fine, Masami! You shouldn't be going somewhere without us!" Haruko is still trying to justify the stalking.

"Haruko. Did you even ask Mom before you did this?"

Now Haruko looks really guilty, both of them look absurdly guilty.
"..Did you ask Mom anything?"
"I've been, kind of, avoiding, talking to Mom." Haruko puts her hands to her chest. "I'm sort of.. Um."

"Weren't you like, her best friend?"
"T-that's what makes it so awkward. I don't know what to say."

>We can worry about this later.
>You two head home.
>Go talk to Mom right, now.
>Both of you, keep yourselves hidden, better than you have been.

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It's clear that Aiko didn't want to get dragged into this. I don't blame her. This seems like something that is way over her head that she ma y not have known about beforehand.
That's worrying.

No no, I can't spend my time worrying, I need to think!
If I was Aiko, what kind of clue would I leave that an older person wouldn't be able to understand?
There has to be something around here that Aiko knows about that is completely a mystery to Marie.

"Haruko, did you see anything around like a laptop or a computer?"
"No, not in this room."

I'm not going to let that deter me.
I run upstairs to Aiko's room and fling her door open. Quickly, I start going through her stuff.
Her drawers have been cleaned out, most of the clothes have been taken out of them and either taken with them or dropped onto the floor. Drawers are ajar, with their contents poured onto desks and the bed.

I start going through it, piece by piece. Mirrors, little makeup kits, tiny pictures of cartoon mascots, stuffed animals, all of it is laid out onto her bed. These are the things that Aiko would know about which would be a mystery to Marie. I have to check these things out extra closely.

I rummage through the discarded mementos just as Haruko manages to catch up with me. Quickly she starts on the stuff that has been left on her dresser.

My hand scrapes across something smooth. I pull it out from under the pile and notice its rectangular shape.
It's her phone!

I turn on the screen and hold it up to the light. It's unlocked! There's a single app on the screen.
"It's her map!"
I open it up, and scroll through the saved entries.
The most recent one was from last night, almost at midnight.

It's a marker, way out in the middle of no where.

>YAY! Stick it, Asai! I found her without your help!
>Wow, that's a long way off, maybe I do need to make something to at least get me there.
>Mom can drive me, right? That's only.. maybe two hours away.. Or three.. hmm.
>Haruko, any ideas?

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Before Julie does anything else, I let Amber, my mirror card, slip over me.

Gently concentrating on the other world, I slip into it to see what is going on.
That side is surprisingly well-lit, and I can see the walls are moving. Except this time, I can tell that they're just moving back and forth, as if they're on tracks.

"Julie. I'm going to help you navigate this."
She presses on my hand.

"How are you going to do that?"
"Simple." I smile. "I'm going to use Amber to go through both worlds at once. Stay close to me."

Slowly, I start to walk through the room. My shadowy double on the other side can 'see' where the walls are going to move, and which path is the right one.
This is good! This feels like I'm making progress! Plus I'm helping!

I like helping!
Julie notices me slow down and gently nudges me to keep going.
I don't understand what the point of making us lost in this building would be. If anything, I would think Asai would want us to get out.

Maybe I really don't understand what he's trying to do.

We make our way to the end of this maze. Julie taps my shoulder.
"It's clear up ahead. I'll go forward and-"
"Julie, wait. The lights are on in the other world. I can just navigate for everyone now that I know that."
"The lights are-"

Julie thinks about what I just said for a second, before slapping her face.
"Oh my god."
"What? What's wrong!?"
"He tricked us. He tricked us with the laziest trick in the book."

You look at her, or at least what little of her you can see, with confusion.
"We're not in the real world right now Masami." Julie mumbles. "We're already in the other world. The real world is well-lit because it has lights, and this world doesn't."

"How did he do that?!"
"I don't know. But I'm worried." Julie looks back to make sure everyone is still holding on. "Because I didn't think humans could come over here. And I have no idea how to get them back to the real world."

>Offer an idea?

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We walk out onto the front lawn, and I ready my flight card.
I want to feel anger; I want to feel the fury and rage that I felt when I even SUSPECTED that Fortune had taken Mom somewhere.

I still remember that feeling, it felt like a bomb had just gone off inside of my heart. Every bit of my rage and anger had one very precise target. I had a purpose, I had a sense of justice in my heart.
Now, I don't feel anything. I know Mom is gone, I know Haruko is missing, and I know many people are in danger.
But I just feel a strange numbness inside all the same.

"Masami? Are you okay? If you would like, I will go ahead if you wish to rest."
"No!" I reply almost immediately. "If anything, you're the one that needs to rest!"
"You know I won't do that."
"Then you know I won't, either!"

My phone is ringing.
"Masami!" It's Kaori. "Don't come to Fortune!"

Wait, what?!
"Kaori! What happened?"
"We used the box, then the fighting stopped, but!" She pauses for a moment, there's lots of chatter in the background.

Then, wish a whisper, "-but then a huge bubble formed around Fortune. I think. It's something transparent, but completely solid! Just stay there with Mom and we'll figure out a way out."
"A way-"

Does that mean.
"N-no! No! No! Stuck is the wrong word!"

There's a pause.
"W-we just can't see a way out right now. We'll figure it out! Just keep yourself safe, okay?"

Oh no. No no no, that will never stand.
"Masami, I know what that silence means, promise me you won-"
I cut her off and turn off the phone.

"We're going right now!" I yell at the monster.
"What was that about?"
"Not important! All that matters is that you get me inside!"
There's that feeling again. In a way I've missed it.

>How do you want to get in?
>The roof!
>Ram the bubble as hard as you can until it breaks!
>Break it from the other world!
>I'm being too headstrong again, I should go there FIRST and investigate it

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I'm tired.

Thanks to everyone who participated, I might try for another this week since we didn't really get anywhere.

Let me know what you thought.

Good night

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"I am trying something."

I look her dead in the eyes and say it once more.
"No, I'm not trying it. Haruko is. Haruko is going to rid her of your evil!"

Her smile disappears, but remains is still a grin far larger than I think her face can support.
"You still haven't told the class how you intend to do that. Go on, why don't you let us know."

"Because I'm not going to!" I keep concentrating on the aura that's gently building up over her body. "Haruko is going to, and I believe in Haruko!"
"You really are a cute kid." That smile is still there. "Haruko is a card. Cards can't do anything."

"You're wrong!" I shout back at him. "Haruko was a living, breathing person just like you or I!"
"That's too bad, because neither of us are living or breathing." There's that smile again. "We're little more than tools for those we serve. Tools need a purpose."

"Shut up." The aura is still having problems affecting her. It's like something is blocking it.

"You remember how Magician's eyes looked when she was controlled, right? Empty and soulless, that's how she's like all the time."
I want to hit him, but I don't want to hurt Aiko's Mom.
"Our lights are on but no one's home. That is our normal."
Aiko's grabbed onto my arm now. She seems to have given up trying to rub the glowing marks off her mother.

I'm still having no progress, and fighting against his defense is beginning to tire me.
"That's why Fortune exists. It's easy to be a pawn when you're in good company."
If nothing else, I just want him to shut up!

"Haruko, please."
"Empress didn't want to join either. Look at her now. "
"I think Asai has something special planned for you and your family. I'm sure you'll find out about it soon."


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