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Unending Swarm, heavily utilising gaunts, rippers and smaller bioforms.

>The skies blacken as Hive Fleet Molech descend upon a world.
>Any defenders unlucky enough to face them have but two options: kill every single tyranid, or be consumed.
>To say attacks come as waves is an understatement, more that the Tyranids come on as a tsunami of flesh, a tide rising, biting and clawing, with no rest, hesitation or halt of bodies thrown in an unstoppable constant rush.
>Eventually the defenders, no matter how dug in, prepared and supplied, are overwhelmed.
>Guns overheat and jam, simply run out of ammunition or energy, or those firing them are too tired to effectively fight.
>While the smaller beasts keep up the preassure, other bioforms attack in the distractions, ambushing, infiltrating, ramming through barriers, hammering away at range, dripping acid from the skys, blasting with warpfire...all the horror a Hive Fleet can through are still present, just hidden behind a curtain of a.million disposable bodies, leaving not a moment for defenders to spare to react to them.

Roll 1D100 for common biomorphic mutations

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totaling up your army for 2ND ED:

3 hive tyrants - around 200 each for 600 points*
3 lictors - 96 points each for 288 points*
7 zoanthropes - 120 points each for 840 points
total 1728 points

24 genestealers - 2 squads of 12 for 672 points
12 tyranid warriors - 2 squads of 6 for around 720 points
120 termagants - 5 squads of 24 for 720 points
12 hormagaunts - 1 squad of 12 for 96 points
total 2208

18 ripper swarms - 20 points each for 360 points
4 carnifexes - 199 points each for 796 points*
3 biovores - 20 points each for 60 points
12 spore mines - 10 points each for 120 points
total 1336

*=not including Biomorphs and psychic powers

the rest of the units were excluded for not being part of 2ND ED nid army
would make a mighty swarm still indeed

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[Oldnids intensifies]

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the Turkey does not forget.

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>he is a proud cuck
Then you are disgrace of Nid player, you pathetic faggot. Nids are the greatest, most powerful threat to the galaxy so you better act like it fuck to play some sissy faction like Imperial Cucks that is more your style.

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Wow man, great interpretation of the old fluff to the tabletop.
Now explain to us how this one doesn't live up to tyranid expectations

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