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>list building in 40k is MUCH more complicated than AoS
I dont know, primaris builds itself basically the same way as Stormcasts

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I think 40k isnt that expensive as a hobby, especially not if you paint your shit first before buying new plastic

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Manlets, because I like their convertability and interchangeability of parts, they're fun to paint, and I kinda fell in love with their generic tactical marine sculpts, they are just very cute
also I want to pay homage to them, before they inevitably become Legend'd when 10th comes

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yeh, ill try and do that to, thanks anons

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>ever considered growing up
>in a thread about futuristic toy supersoldiers and their alien friendos

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>3-5 full platoons of different guard
do you even have enough command points for that in 9th?

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