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This one is cuter than the DOW 3 faced one.

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>I tell ya, outside an arbite's earshot, anyway
>Craftworlds are nifty
>I'm not sure I can really compare them to anything
>Maybe a super nice hive world?
>Not sure, never been
>But Sha'i said she was at one once
>Said it was like a monument to sin as high as the tallest mountain
>Actually that sounded kinda cool
>But craftworlds!
>I mean, I can't say the entire craftworld
>I don't see it all
>But the Howling Banshee Aspect Temple was pretty neat
>They had the training gardens
>And the training halls
>Training spires across from the training arenas
>It also had a temple to a god of murder
>He sounded pretty serious
>He was apparently trapped in a giant iron statue after his first and only defeat
>The statue had flaming eyes that followed whoever was near it
>He stared me down so I tried a staring contest
>Turns out fire doesn't blink
>And it hurts to look at
>Then we toured the Wall of Souls
>The Altar of Jain Zar
>The Eternal Vigil
>Speaking of, wraithguard are horrifying
>I could feel them staring at me with no eyes
>Also they're 3.5 meter tall murder soul robots
>Come to think of it, a lot of it was dour and serious
>Almost all of it
>But Sha'i was happy as can be, taking me around
>Never heard her talk so much and she smiled the whole time
>And at night, we got to share her bed
>Nothing crazy, because even if it was a big bed, we were in full view of the other Banshees
>Some of whom whispered that they'd cut off whatever touched her
>Some who also said they'd kill me if I didn't seal the deal
>She just curled up next to me and cuddled
>I took a bit to fall asleep
>All the Banshees were watching
>And divided into two camps
>Camp "Stick it in, Mon-key" was the larger one
>But camp "Cain won't be able to stomach the death I bring you" was much louder
>Certainly made it hard to sleep
>Sha'i shut them up by taking off her robe under the covers
>That made the other much more active, though
>Either way, it WAS a comfy bed
>And Sha'i is a comfy girl
>Was a nice night

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Is their pikachu a diminutive eldar farseer they keep as a pet and hurl at the enemy warband to make them blast off?

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After the galaxy gets ripped in half, the exodites discover that a world spirit keeps the nearby warp somewhat calmer. Not as well as a load of necron pylons, but there is a noticeable difference.

So the exodites decide to fan out to all the other maiden worlds and set things up in the hopes that enough active world spirits in a proper galactic geomantic configuration with have a cumulative effort, like the cities of the Slann in WHF did to calm the warp.

This brings them into conflict with maiden worlds conquered by other races, inhabited by various horrors, and opens up potential alliances and conflicts with other groups who either want or don't want to see this happen.

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This is fun. I'm glad I provoked you all into doing this.

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Not my fault that you're a virgin.

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who's ready to have their characters sniped by autarchs with reaper launchers and illic?

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no, their smite only does 1 dmg.

bring spirit seers

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This made me laugh harder than it should.
In any case, Nids and Chaosfags are the greatest faggots in the fandom and they deserve each other. I greatly enjoy the break from being shitposted at constantly

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Post yfw Eldar have better Commissars than Guard now without having to buy Commissars.

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>half of GW's games are FW only
>those are also their best

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The classic and best xeno army.

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>I can take a detachment of Craftworld, a detachment of Drukhari and a detachment of Harlequins and still have it be a legal army while keeping all their flavor special rules.


>I could combine them all together under a bomb ass universal special rule that lets me act out of sequence during turns.


I don't even know what to do with myself anymore.

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Just kidding. Dark Eldar was my first 40K Army ever, back in 3rd edition, so I have a soft spot for the little drug addled elves.

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>elfdar are still good

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Local single Eldar farseers in a Craftworld near you~

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>Implying BigE will screw anyone but macha

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I know that deep in heart, you love humans, macha

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Chibby eldar are qt :3

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>we all know what Eldar look like.
thas rite

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