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Looked up most of them from http://www.wizardmark.com/spellinv/spells.asp or otherwise remembered them from elsewhere or some giantitp thread about weird old spells.
2e's Tome of Magic
>Ray of Ondovir
apparently from Haunted Halls of Eveningstar/Pages from the Mages.
>Solid Fog
There's more that got cropped out in the snipping, but it's an adaptation of 3.5's version
>Shadow Drain and Plowshares to Swords (and it's basic version Sticks to Spears)
seem to be homebrew that were allowed into the archive for whatever reason, citing being credited to a "Belodrim" and "Grish" respectively.
Got a whole bunch of 'em though, like Fang Fist (from 2e's Campaign Guide to Myth Drannor) that was Snakebite in 3.5 (Magic of Faerun), or Fist of Stone that's from a lot of things if the Forgotten Realms fan-wiki is to be believed, but also 2e's Tome of Magic.

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