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I wonder what your fursona looks like

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>Anon is this triggered people are interested in a game he doesn't like.

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>Tell your players these new rules
>First reaction is to say "ok so obviously we no longer need to tell you what spells we are casting, the enemy has to guess"

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You gotta understand that taking things at face value on /tg/, much like the rest of 4chan as a whole, is a fool's errand and you need to personally make judgement calls about who is telling the truth, who is shitposting, who is being hyperbolic, and who is misinformed. That's not to say that everyone on /tg/ is wrong, but realize that we're still just people.

Railroading on a base level is when a campaign more or less progresses without any real input on the player's end and their decisions don't matter. You're getting hung up on the introduction, which is more of an issue on how to start things.

>How exactly do you start individual characters with no ties and no knowledge of one another in the first place?

Personally I stopped running games where none of the PCs knew each other years ago. It's not like everyone needs to be best buds, but going in as a cohesive group solves a lot of issues and lets the party grow their backstories out a bit more.

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>Samefagging this hard.
Tumblr pls

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>Wormfag is literally so triggered the concept of people talking about the RPG gets him flustered.

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>Anon gets called out my multiple people
>Cries samefagging
>Calls others retarded.
wew there lad.

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>Standing up doesn't care about your movement left
>Yet it costs half your movement and can't be performed if you don't have any movement left

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This is some Reddit tier pseudo-intellectualism

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>Detailed worldbuilding is the same as a railroaded campaign

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>No good reason

Don't roll a 1?

Its better than the crazy shenanigans of

>Uh oh is that a 1? you crumpet you just stabbed your friend hoho

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>Namefag being retarded.
My god, what a shock.

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>get invited to the newest Changling system
>no clue what it's about, other than like fae fight against other fae and mythical monsters, while also doing things in a dream world and human area
>or some shit like that
>two other players
>we all kind of make our characters in a bubble as a lark
>one guy is a pooka heroin addict that lives in a halfway house
>another is playing inital D: the tabletop, with him being the like Irish race, dunno what they're called, and serves as a mechanic and racecar driver with the goal of making sweet cash via illegal street racing
>my character is a Sidhe with max ranks in Rememberence, max ranks in melee, and 6 strength, who, due to her "too human" negative trait, feels more at home most times hanging around normies and monster hunting in order to keep humans safe from spooks of all kinds
>GM had planned on the campaign being about dealings with a local Duke, real political stuff, but decided against it and just did a session "on the fly"
>not only did it work great, but everyone got involved, we met in-character naturally, and all of us had a moment to shine

Doing chargen blind may suck most settings, but for some reason it worked like a charm in Changeling. I'm enjoying this so far.

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That got really kinky really quick, anon. Take a breather.

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That bitch smirk

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>high fantasy game
>magical beasts every-fuckin'-where
>give players free reign in character creation
we shot "serious" campaigns in the back of the head and dumped that body in a ditch a long while ago.
"So what are you guys playing as."




>the final guy.
>a human fisherman

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>the goalposts just keep on moving
>being this much of a fag that your needlessly complex grimdark scenario can easily be stopped so you have to keep making up additional rules to justify it
>this much autism can actually be contained in a single human being

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>QM leaps to the defense of an autistic tripfag's waifu review of his quest
>Implying we're mad
When did pointing out facts make one mad?

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>Dark Souls x Rebuild of Evangelion.jpg

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I just started watching this, and Laura Bailey is a god-tier VA, but jesus she is such a bitch and lousy roleplayer.

Orion is/was a great RPer but a pretty bad player. The tension between him and the rest of the group is hard to watch, and I'm reluctantly looking forward to him leaving the show.

Matt, Sam, Travis, and Ashley are the only really good ones, and Ashley left.

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>m-muh srs bsns
>muh nofunallowed
I haven't developed a complete opinion on /qst/ yet, but you are terminal cancer. Quests have always been about memes and jokes.

The failed, desperate, would-be authors are a newer breed.

Ruby Quest was full of joke suggestions, memeposting, and disgusting furfag lewds, yet it was one of the most gripping(opinion) and successful(fact) quests to ever run.

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>All these mad shippers

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