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I looked it up and am intrigued, anon.

The faction that fascinates me the most is the spire. I don't know what i'd call it but it reminds me of like a dark final fantasy aesthetic, like if the crystals were replaced with bone.

The other factions are cool but damn, the spire are the real standouts here.

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If you mean the actual models, those monsters aren't Spires, they are either the clones or the puppets they directly control.
I don't think Parabellum have released an actual Spire for the table top.

The only picture of what the Spire actually look like is picrel.
He's the guy in the chair.

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I know Imperial Fists are pretty masochistic (are they still?) but are there any chapters that will ritualistically flay/flense/flagellate/scar/mutilate themselves after supposed failure? Not like THE FLESH IS WEAK Iron Hands kind of bologna.

I'm thinking of something like a Blood Angels successor or something.

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My cock is 13 inches long erect. Dark Eldar

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