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If you're willing to multiclass, I can vouch for Fighter 3 (EK)/Wizard 17 (Evocation/Abjuration). The extra level in Fighter is almost exclusively for the extra hit points and weapon bond, which isn't all that useful, so you can easily drop a level in Fighter for another in Wizard, although it does give you a few extra spells I suppose. Typically you'd just grab Booming Blade and wander into melee, casting spells at close range. Whether you go Abjuration or Evocation depends on what you want to do, really. Abjuration is the tankier option, and has some nice options for protecting allies and telling other spellcasters to go home with Counterspell, but Evocation has a real nice ability to just drop Fireballs at its feet and not worry about anything else. You can wander into the middle of enemies and exclude yourself and allies from the blasts of your spells which I really liked.

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>Hero is brought to their knees before [villain or catastrophe]
>Accepts their death, confident in their success for the overall mission or something they accomplished, safety of a loved one, whatever
>Informed by gloating villain, lingering spirit of death, or other happenstance that their goal still isn't complete; their allies or family or home is still in danger
>Total reversal of feelings, goes into a final resistant rage to do as much damage as they can or stop it before going out
Bonus points if they cause some inconvenience for the villain or otherwise aid their allies with this last bout, no matter how grim the odds
Bonus bonus points if this is not apparent til later, due to them indirectly saving others later or the villain forgetting something they did and glossing it over, or even them returning injured but miraculously alive and still furious

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Faulds, cuisses and greaves. Steel dress best dress.

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